Saturday, November 11, 2006

External attention!

Well, guess who got a pretty good rating on Soapbox Jury?

Yes, my blog has been rated a 7/10 by this site. I have no idea how I was found or why I was reviewed. Only thing is, why oh why did I have to get reviewed after slacking off on my educational posts and only a few days after I considered writing another one?

You can read my review here.

Perhaps you can leave feeback there, if you like :)


And now I have forgotten all the things I have been storing up to share with you!


I had a long day today. Went to see some old friends, so went to Richmond where Christopher of the previous post picked me up. There were hoards of people making their way home from the Lord Mayor's Show, and globs more on their way to the rugby in Twickenham, so he and I got stuck in quite a bit of traffic.

Chris's Mum (Joy) had laid on a generous spread of food, with the feature being chicken in coriander, ginger, lemongrass, garlic, spring onion. Yum and surprisingly tender. We drank claret with that, followed by some of the Eiswein I had brought along. It was amazingly full-bodied, ever so fruity, really desserty, and possibly even more fun for the tastebuds than Muscat. Dessert was a nice blackberry and apple pie, with cream. I had seconds...and then a cuppa tea :)

Joy and I chatted about how Chris and I were born. Part of the time I spoke on behalf of my mother - she and J met in the maternity ward at Queen Charlotte's Hospital. I was born in April at 27 weeks, Christopher in July at 25 weeks.

Then, brainiacs as we were, during the conversation about London, we got out the map. In the one about holidays, we got out the stonking great world Atlas.
Eventually, that led to Chris getting out his laptop and us spending the next hour AT LEAST, going all over the world in Google Maps, exploring all the places we've visited or lived in. We found the Sphinx in Eypt and we could even see the people walking between the pyramids, and the shadows they cast...!

Then we had more tea with cheese, fruits, and crackers. After that, Chris did the boy thing and watched TV while Joy and I talked more seriously - she and my mother both went through divorce ordeals within the past 4 years, so there was a lot to say. It is amazing: after you think you have gotten over something, you find that wounds will open in a moment, at a word.


I left there at nearly 10, and Chris dropped me off at the station. The District line took me to Westminster - so far so good, apart from the lights flickering and a hydraulic sound every time we pulled out of a station. At Westminster I made my way to the Jubilee line. A few seconds before the train arrived, the lights went out over one half of the platform. Then the train pulled in. I stood at the door ready to enter when it opened and a girl stood within ready to step out. Suddenly there was an announcement that, due to an emergency situation, the station was now closed and all passengers were asked to leave. The girl and I frowned perplexedly at each other and then the train pulled out immediately, with an air of abandoning us to our fates. We were all herded out, and I reached the surface in time to hear Big Ben strike 10.30 pm.

I got on a bus to Oxford Circus where I expected to walk to Bond Street, but then the driver announced that particular bus would be terminating at Piccadilly. There is no end to the joys of London Transport. I walked, briskly, to Green Park and then I was home without incident at a quarter to midnight.

Hot chocolate and dark choc cherry liqueurs rule!


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this post for some was almost like a story from a fictional, adventure book haha. It was very engaging. The food you ate sounds delicious, especially the chicken.

Since I may never have the opportunity to 'speak' to you on the messenger again, I just thought I would tell you that I have lost 70 pounds!!! I'm happy about that. I still have a long way to go, but I am closer than I was yesterday haha.

I sincerely hope you are well.

Anonymous said...

google earth rocks

Anonymous said...

sorry that one was me, jia...hehe, forgot to sign in

The Moody Minstrel said...

Well, Olivia, I guess you are now an officially-recognized world-class blogger!

We are not worthy!
We are not worthy!

Oops...I almost forgot...

Quaint floral header, lavender,
You know this woman's no pretender.
Readers say, "Only seven?
Underrated, by Heaven!"
"Girl, you go!" Signed, moody comment sender.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Nice review, Olivia.

Hey, this is so true, 'after you think you have gotten over something, you find that wounds will open in a moment...'

Someone told me, the fires might burn low, but they're always there. I guess the key is to know how to keep them low.

My bro. visiting, tells me some wild tales about public transport in England...had me rolling with laugh.

pete said...

Nice review, Olivia! we like! Obviously though, any blog that says Hot Chocolate rules is an automatic 10/10 in my book ;)

You have a great blog, hope more people get to read it thanks to the review. You are absurdly clever though, it's *so* unfair. :P

Olivia said...

Memoria, you should try that recipe, it was steamed in foil, you know!

I opened MSN Messenger for a while today and remembered right away why I have to keep it closed: it makes my computer hang and hang and hang. Grrrr.

Within the next two weeks I hope to have a new laptop, then look out for me, ok?


Jia Li - yes, but I tried it here and of course couldn't process it...


Minstrel - hehe, I know why I rarely call you Moody. It's because if I am ever down, I can't help but smile when I read your poems!

Domo arigato, Moody-san *bow*


G-Gyal - thank you chica.

And I like your idea of keeping the fires burning low...

OK, you keep laughing at your bro's stories, coz when it happens here, it sure ain't funny! :P

Olivia said...

Darnit Pete, once again you sneak in a comment while I'm writing responses!

Anyhoo, thank you. Yes, where would we be without hot chocolate, or tea for that matter?

But "absurdly clever"??? I mean, look who's talking about being clever! *ahem*

The Moody Minstrel said...

Dou itashimashite!

By the way, whatever was up with that station? Did you ever find out?

AmitL said...

Wow..what an honour,'s wishing u many more blog(ac)colades in future. ....Re. the train incident..can imagine everyone's happens only too often in India,especially with security measures being what they are.What was the reason for the evacuation,did you find out?

Olivia at Work said...

Minstrel - yes they said it was a local power grid failure.
By the time I got to my home station, I still heard the announcement that Westminster station was closed.

And this morning, guess what? Severe delays on the Central line due to a signal failure at North Acton station.

I heard the other day that not even Madrid has this many problems, but then London Underground is sooo olllld - they keep hiking prices, and then we don't know where the money goes.

I ought to blog about this, might get a higher rating next time, hehe!

Amit - thank you!
We had slogged aaalll the way down into the depths of the earth, and then we had to trudge alll the way back up. Took ages. If there was a fire we would have never got out.

See my reply to Minstrel for more.

Jia Li said...

too bad, Google earth is the best. When I get my PC Laptop I will upload it. This summer I will get another PC, because I am a Mac addict and not everyone in the industry has a mac, so PC is nice to have as well, plus a new digital SLR for my photography course.

I'm working, so am saving up for the new hardware I need, plus the mini tabletop paper cutter, I so want it.

Lucien Modo said...

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about transit troubles. Just this morning I rode the bus in to downtown and it dropped me off outside the West End! That's on the opposite side of downtown. Quite a hike to the office, especially since it was so windy and so early!!!

Olivia said...

JL - sounds like you are becoming a confirmed techie!

Luna - that's the thing about buses, if you miss your stop, that's that!

tooners said...

i love Google Earth. you know, they banned it here in bahrain for a while. the royals didn't like the locals seeing all their land... or so the rumor.

i love dark chocolate... so much! i haven't had any really good choc. in so long. i crave choc. now and could eat handfulls, but i don't.

did you feel safe on the streets at that hour? i've always found it somewhat quiet on the streets in london that late at night, altho we were once told that it wasn't safe. i've been reading this blog of a london cab driver and he talks a lot about the probs there w/ the youth throwing bricks, eggs and whatnot at the cabs. he's already had several windows busted out.... do you get that in your neck of the woods?

Anonymous said...

indeedy...its my teachers main goal...last night me ans Sean had a conversation abouts Fonts.

again blogger will not let me sign on-jia

Olivia at Work said...

Tooners - do you eat ANY dark choc at all? You should, it is good for you. Not in handfuls, but you know...

No, I don't feel safe at those hours. One time, I caught the last train after midnight.

But we single girls in London have no choice but to go where we have to go and walk alone. The streets are much, much safer than they were when my mother used to get flashed in the 70s. This is because the British public are the most surveilled people on earth. We get on a camera about 300 times per day. Any part of any incident can be traced at some point.

I bet that taxi driver is in Brixton or Hackney. Brixton is where the shootings are, and Hackney is the worst place in the UK to live in.

My borough, Westminster, varies from top to bottom, but encompasses some of the most exclusive neighbourhoods in London.

I'm in one, but having said that, I was mugged once practically outside my front gate.


Jia Li - how are Sean and Petra?

You could sign in as Other and type your name in the Name box like I am now.

Rox said...

Well done Olivia!

Anonymous said...

hi bubble,

Now, isn't this the most beautiful thing on four wheels??

I will concede, it's even prettier than the pocket rocket. Since I have been a very good boy this year do you think Santa will bring me one???

Olivia said...

Thanks Rox!


Anonychap - Oh. My. God. It's got a dry sump lubrication system!

I jest.

It's absolutely delectable, but I doubt Santa will bring you one this year. I reserve comment on whether you were good or not, but look, you can't touch one until Q2 of next year, and imagine the waiting list.

You want to see them then, come over to SJW, they'll be cluttering the roads.

pete said...

Olivia, don't be silly now, my blog never knows quite what to say as it has readers like yourself who insist on being cleverer. Fiend.

Anonymous said...

dry sump lubrication is terribly important when you are cornering fast. It ensures that the engine is properly lubricated and cooled, so that your engine does not go bang, boom!

Sarcasm duly noted though...

kirsten namskau said...

You have a very beautiful blogg and good entertaining. I like your tulips.

Olivia at Work said...

Pete - did you just call me a fiend? I thought that was James W's favourite word...


Anon - me, do sarcasm? I don't do sarcasm, not me...

Aren't you impressed? It means I read the specs!

Speaking of shiny new fast things, I ordered my new laptop...I know you're a bit swamped at the moment, so never mind, but thanks for the offer.


Kirsten - welcome and thank you for visiting. I am glad you like it :)

Anonymous said...

Look at you and your bad famous self! lol! Good to see there are people out there successfully separating the Wheat from the matt! (see what I did there?).

London transport is indeed a joy, if I manage to geta direct line to Leatherhead on a Sunday I immediately sacrifice a goat and start burning bushels of herbs in thanks.

Google Earth FTW!!

Anonymous said...

"It is amazing: after you think you have gotten over something, you find that wounds will open in a moment, at a word."

WOW. that hit me like a ton of bricks! Well said!

I love reading about your adventures. I particularly like it when you describe what you ate :)