Thursday, November 16, 2006

Small points

I wrote this on Sunday night in case I didn't have time to blog this week, which was certainly the case:

I have an issue with the Daniel Craig's new James Bond. Suave but powerful under the surface, yes. Slightly craggy, ok. But tall, blonde and handsome? No. Whether he proves to be a good Bond or not, the look precedes the reputation - in real life, I mean. In the Bond films it is the other way around!

Furthermore, the Guinness Book of World Records confirmed that 7 rolls (of the Aston Martin) is a record. But I watched how they set up that stunt. The Aston was too solid to roll with a spin or even on road bumps, so they had to install a hydraulic pipe that shot out of the chassis on the driver's side. So this seven roll thing is cheating because each time it rolled it bounced off the pipe!

I tell you, it's scandalous, the number of luxury cars they demolish in action sequences!


Hm, I have forgotten my other rant. But I am pre-writing this blog on Sunday night in case I have no time during the week. I can just come in and hit "Publish"!

And despite feeling bad about not writing enough educational posts (that review in the previous post called my little asides educational!) here I am yet again not doing it. I guess it is because I can't spend an afternoon doing research...

So, here we stick to the recent fashion fare/fair:

Behold, my new watch. Or rather, timepiece. It is Swiss, and the Swiss don't make watches, they make timepieces.

Image hosted by

Thursday addition:

I ordered my new laptop this week. It is the HP dv9042ea, 42 not 22 so it must be a better version than the one in the earlier post.


Have a great weekend everyone.


Oliver said...

Hi Olivia,

I like the watch. Funnily enough, I have just found my watch after looking for it for 24 years! I 'lost' it in the Silhouette Club in Hull in 1982 and said I would never wear another watch - a vow I have kept. (It had been given to me by my German grandmother on my sixth birthday).

I did not find it despite looking everywhere for it. But now it has turned up in an old box. It had a smashed face so I have taken it in to be repaired. Like you, soon I shall be wearing a watch again.... Oliver (of Oliver's Poetry Garret)

Jia Li said...

good weekend liv

kirsten namskau said...

That's a beautiful timepiece, Olivia

Anonymous said...

Sigh...I've never been into James Bond since Sean Connery left. There'll be no other to replace him in my book.

Love the watch! Have a wonderful weekend.

The Moody Minstrel said...

Hmmm...first you criticize the new James Bond film because they cheated when they rolled the Aston Martin (I'd rather not see that...too painful...) and then you cheat with your blog post by pre-writing it! such a lonely word...
Everyone is so {*SMACK*}

OUCH! Sorry...

Leilouta said...

Nice watch Olivia. I have trouble buying watches and jewelry. I don’t know what to go for. I am sure you’ll be a great help if I ask :P
My mission for the next few weeks is to buy winter boots, a watch, and those new fashionable stockings. I’ve looked at a lot of boots but nothing has attracted me so far.

tooners said...

funny that we did a similar post about Bond! :) i loved the movie. i was like you and wasn't sure about him being a Bond in the beginning but he exceeded all of my expectations. he's really good in the role, much better than many others in times past. see the movie and tell me what you think. i've heard that it's doing quite well in the UK.

the timepiece is very nice. i love new watches. haven't had one in a long time, but the good thing about quality watches is that they last forever, it seems.

you know, another thing about the car rolling... thankfully it's the only time you see such in this movie. there's action but it's not like in times previous. too much action for my blood in the latest James Bond flicks, but this one had just the right amount.

congrats on the new computer! so... are you loving it? nothing like new laptops. i want one... would love to get one for xmas, matter of fact, so we shall see.