Wednesday, October 25, 2006

poesie impromptu

Three poems long hidden away on my dusty old Motime blog, so neglected that although I have wanted to share them all summer, I wasn't bothered to go and get them! I can only write poems when I have an overflow of emotion or heartache.


1) Written during recovery from disappointment - I will never forget the day I first had that feeling...


As I watched summer breezes play among the leaves
I realised
I wanted him

I never wanted anyone before
Stirrings of first desire
An aching deep inside

Like leaves under an autumn frost
It died a slow and painful death

(February 2006)


2) The initial lashing out after said disappointment...


modern mercenary emotional pirates
unforgiving hearts of stone
marching on and on
unbending, unyielding, un...

(October 2005)


3) And this one I ran across I know not where, while still feeling low . Thank you Mary, you speak for us all:

He knows not that the dead are thine

The weapon that you fought with was a word,
And with that word you stabbed me to the heart.
Not once but twice you did it, for the sword
Made no blood start.

They have not tried you for your life. You go
Strong in such innocence as men will boast.
They have not buried me. They do not know
Life from its ghost.

--Mary Coleridge


The Moody Minstrel said...


I am struck speechless as your words send memories of similar feelings coursing through my sinews.

Maybe my looming trip to Kyoto tomorrow is just sending me into a bout of always...

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I like those poems. I think you've captured how every person feels at one time or another.

Jia Li said...

wow, I wish I could write like that

ML said...

I really like the poems! Every word just captures the right emotion instantly. Lovely!

Guyana-Gyal said...

Now I'm going to go digging into my bookshelf for poetry...

Jia Li said...

I thought you might like this commemt from my lit teacher after my last essay, I am too discriptive.

hmmmm, never been known as disriptive....haloween week is soon, also me tired. Can' sleep, must stay away. arrrrrhg...I mean arrrgh. yeah, that's it. Arrgh!

I got the 11pm to 7 am shift tomorrow, but have three hours of Typography in the stay uplate, wake up at 6 bus at 7:40 school at 8 class from 8.30 to 11.30 home, sleep....wake up, eat, go to work...come home sleep, wake up do another 11 to 7 shift and sunday off.

wrk weekends only. no biggy.


but piccies of next week....of course I wll send to u

Olivia at Work said...

Thanks y'all. I wanted to comment last night, but blogger was down.


Moody - I look forward to reading about the trip. Why does Kyoto make you sentimental?


Tabitha - and we are never immune...


ML - it is kind of cathartic, kind of.


Guyana - do you have a favourite poet?


Jia Li - how can someone be too descriptive? Anyway I know you aren't - you're Newfie!

I don't get it, you work on weekends but have class too?

Jen said...

Bwaha, Olivia! I posted something! Two things, even. It's certainly nothing lovely and poetic, but that's what we have you for!

By the way, not only is your poetry lovely, but it's quite brave of you to put it out there.

Leilouta said...

Oh Olivia, your poetry, your choice of clothes, earrings and red shoes are just so romantic and dreamy. I would fall hard for you if I was a man :)

Olivia said...

Jen - as you see, I waited a long time and was still sort of hesitant to post it.
I am going to read your posts now!


Leilouta - Oh I did so laugh at your comment, thank you so much!

pete said...

You're good with words Olivia, it's sad that is was lashing out and may hold bad memories for you, but that middle one is really something.

Jia Li said...

I wrk friday night, and have three hours of classes in the morning... so I sleep when I come home...then go to wrk

sunday is my catchup day.


know of any paper companies? I need some paper samples, I have found some paper companies here and am going to recieve some paper samples thing they are free!!! hehehe.

paper can make or break a design

Anonymous said...

wow, really those are good...
first one put a lump in my throat.
I couldn't write poetry if my life depended on it, I envy people who can.

tooners said...

i so love poetry. i have some really sad poems from years ago.... i tend to write when i'm sad or depressed.

these are very nice.... i can read the pain in your words....

Olivia said...

Pete - thanks. Do you get the middle one? It is about the unceasing mercilessness of dating.


Jia Li - no, sorry I don't know about any paper companies...but you seem to have found some good deals anyway.


Chris - wow, thanks :)
I am impressed it had that effect on you.


Tooners - you too? Odd situation, where I miss writing poems but don't want to experience the pain which produces them!

tooners said...

hmmmm... now, let me tell you, i feel EXACTLY the same way! i miss writing too but don't want to experience the pain.

my younger sis doesn't understand me in that she gets mad that i don't write "happy" poems... don't get me wrong, i've written some, but my best is from deep sadness and longing.

Olivia at Work said...

Ahhhh...Tooners...poor us ;)