Thursday, October 19, 2006

Lost Umbrella...

Today at House of Fraser I bought a summer dress, four cute warm tops, and a pair of shoes for under 100 pounds.
255 down to 99, can you beat that?

Coincidentally, everything was French except for one top which was Danish, and the shoes. They were Carvela, but that is apparently under the Kurt Geiger umbrella. I have just learned he is Austrian but based in London. Now that is my brain cell used for the day.

The dress was siiiiiii francaiiiiiis! Cripes, now you are going to ask me for a piccie.

It was funny though, I put it on and all I could think of was summer in Paris and when I checked the label it even said made in France. That was the best deal, it was 60 originally, then half price which I reluctantly relented on, but at the counter as she scanned and folded, the conversation went like this:
"And this is 12."
"12 pounds. I know, it's nice to be surprised at the till."

But patience mes amis, today you have the earrings and the shoes:

All the buttons I wore on Wednesday

I love buttons!
Speaking of steals, that satin-lined velvet jacket was a steal last year from 98 down to 48 then 25, and at the till, 22.50!

The Gibraltar glass earrings from Mum that you've all been asking to see

I lost the paper but I gathered that in a special process the glass is bombarded with mineral molecules. Here you see a golden pink, if I turn they will be any colours you want them to be...
Guess how much?*

The pointy new Carvelas with my clumpy old Kenneth Coles

I couldn't bear to part with them, but I never thought I would ever find that deep red again. And lo and behold! Plus I can actually wear the new ones with skirts and they even make trousers more feminine. Still, not letting go of the KCs until the hairline cracks start peeling or something! Seven years on, they are still the only shoes that get the "nice shoes" comment out of random people.

What colour would you say they are?

And the only reason I went to the shop was to reclaim an umbrella I had left at the Biotherm counter the day before.**

Look at the time, I'm off to bed!

* earrings 10 euros
** Finally found a foundation and powder that control my oily skin.


merserene said...

*drool* over your red shoes! I LOVE deep red shoes. I'd say they're blood red, crimson, or maroon (trying to think of my Crayola colors here). Colorful shoes make me happy.

Beautiful earrings. :)

I haven't paid full price for clothes in a long time. I once got a Banana Republic cashmere dress for $25 that was marked down from $225. Just 2 days ago I got 2 pairs of big dangly earrings and a jeweled headband for a total of $7.56. I think the clerk made a mistake...

Bargain shopping is such great therapy!

Buttons said...

oh i love all of your shopping!! what was the dress like? you know it's not summer right?! ;)

the earings are wonderful. please ask your mum to get me some next time she is there!

Olivia at Work said...

Mers - hehe, I got those happy feet then, I am wearing the old red shoes today. Great for rain...

Blimey, I didn't know Banana Republic was that expensive. I must say, you got a few topping deals there.

Buying clothes, shoes and handbags full price makes me feel guilty, although I am quite happy to pay out for electronics, gadgets, watches and other accessories.


Buttons - yes, but prior experience informs me that we are likely to have another summer next year! ;)

My Mum didn't think much of Spain and said little about Gibraltar apart from the fact that she thinks that's where all the red phone booths went.
First time she was in Spain, she was very sick, but that is probably because she didn't realise she was going to have a baby (me). The second time (this time) she said there were too many English people and Germans and too much silly development.

She would have preferred to do the cultural thing, but my aunt always hangs out at the resorts.

Buttons said...

well i hope it rains all summer. WAIT no i don't
i take it back...

The Moody Minstrel said...

Let that be a lesson to you, Olivia. Umbrellas are Agents of Evil(TM), and they can get you into all kinds of trouble. They do it to you every time; they use their insidious telepathic powers to trick you into leaving them behind, thinking you've innocently forgotten them, and then...when you go back to retrieve them...they brainwash you into doing something even worse!

Either that or they just suddenly disappear when you need them most, leaving you all soggy while they are no doubt hiding away somewhere having a good laugh at your expense.

Yes, umbrellas are evil. That's why I never use them unless it's a raging downpour. (A cold now and then isn't such a bad thing.)

Anyway, those are cool-looking earrings! Something good did come out of Gibraltar, I'd say!

Olivia said...

Buttons - ha! Painted yourself into a corner there.

Hey, did you go to the blinks on Wednesday to see Frog?


Minstrel - true, I can take quite a bit of rain before I open my brolly, which means I carry it more than use it.
Can never believe my eyes when I see ladies under an umbrella when I just counted all 5 raindrops in the sky!

Oh, and I forgot to blog that when I got my brolly back, I felt so happy, I said, "Hello, Umbrella!"

merserene said...

Electronics are a different story! I wouldn't trust ones that have been discounted.

BTW, I forgot to ask - what is this new foundation/powder that controls oily skin? Inquiring minds want to know.

Buttons said...

i didn't no. i didn't know it was going on and i had all sorts of arrangements :(

the next one though for sure

Jia Li said...

I so want your shoes, and today I have a interview at Tim Hortons...job is good...need money for skating

Jia Li said...

forgot, go to my blog, jvlog

I posted party pics

Jia Li said...

I start tomorrow, 9 to 3...I will be pt, 16 hours a week


Olivia said...

Mers - Biotherm matte foundation powder! Good coverage, yet so light I forgot I was wearing it this morning and wiped my hand over half my face when something fell in my eye.
And by lunchtime I wasn't blinding everyone with my shinyness.

PS You are right about the electronics, they're either former display, obsolete, or damaged.


Jia Li - can I call you the Doughnut Girl now?

Jia Li said...

sigh- if you want, be we serve more coffee, how about double double girl

Jia Li said...

almost forgot- wll work on combo skin? maybe I should try that out, using Rimmel at the mo

Olivia at Work said...

Jia Li - double double girl? Nah, has not the same ring to it. My mum has a theory that Tim's is enslaving the entire Canadian population with the double double.

About the makeup, of course. Most oily people have to make do with make up that is actually for combo...

Anonymous said...

I love your red shoes. They are beautiful.

And so many buttons! Very lovely.

Olivia said...

Thank you Tabitha!

Jia Li said...

really, hmmm

off to skating- wrk tomorrow...:)

its nice to have wrk

dawn said...

Aren't You Fashionable? Came here through Guyana Gal. I love that vest you are wearing under the jacket. I love layering. Just bought some thin, tops from Old Navy here in the States to layer under jackets and such. Bye. dawn

merserene said...

I haven't come across anything that controls shine, except maybe my blotting papers. *sigh* Perhaps I'll have to check out Biotherm, though I dislike wearing foundation powder/powder foundation, as it seems next to impossible to match my skin tone.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Tres, tres jolis, jolies...whichever...drool.

You remind me of a pal, she now lives in England...we call her Twine.

tooners said...

love the shoes. i have a couple pair of KCs... i like them, but my feet tend to hurt, unless i wear them a lot. i have a pair just like your old ones, but they're black. i love them and i've had them for about as long as you and i continue to wear them. i always get nice compliments on them too.

the earrings are pretty. is this the pair you lost one of? i hate losing earrings... it really gets to me and drives me insane. i go around trying to find it, unless i know it was someplace outside the house, and then i just get mad at myself! ;)

Olivia said...

Dawn - I hope layering never goes out of fashion, it makes winter more fun!


Mers - I hope you find something that works at Biotherm. How about Clinique? Have we had this conversation before?


Guyana - Twine? Does she collect string? Do tell.


Tooners - yet another thing we have in common! I like the fact that you get compliments on them too. Means they are nice shoes!

No thankfully they are not the ones I lost. They were gold teardrops with a gold ball in the bottom.