Saturday, May 12, 2007

Freaky Friday

Bloody hell. Have you ever posted a personals ad online? And depending on the site, got absolutely nothing except on the first day or two when you turn up at the top of the new members list, or a flood of everything the opposite of what you asked for? Including some pretty naff-looking guys, despite their well-written responses. Or one-liners like Joey's "How you doin'?". Or a reply in text-speak from someone who calls himself educated, u no wot i mn. Or barely legible English.

I don't think they actually read my ad...Probably zero in on one phrase, one word, or just the pic.

So what happens to all the smartly turned out cuties I pass in the street?


And have you noticed I'm not averse to discussing the obstacle course of dating now? Some people dedicate their entire blog to it. I'd never do that to you. It would not be cool.


Have you also noticed how in old spy thrillers, the baddies conveniently have no peripheral vision so the goodies can get away with doing stuff in it?

Saturday Update:

So, a day after the ad posting plus a second slightly different one, these are the results:

1) foreigners with barely a smattering of English probably playing a numbers game as they send out a few terrible lines with their phone number and a photo that looks like it was taken in 1983 - either that or some overly sentimental claptrap
2) a copy and paste of their own personals ad, rather than an email to ME
3) a photo with merely the line: if u like this mail me bak
4) old guys who look old
5) English guys with barely a smattering of English
6) more guys playing the numbers game who have sent the same cut and paste reply to both my ads, probably not even realising they replied to the first one
7) one who said it's a shame he was in another country but would think of me when playing with himself
8) hate mail for anything or everything I've said


Oh, and I never hear back from the ones I am really interested in. This is not new, it has been happening for years, and it happens whether I am on my best behaviour or just being myself.

I cannot tell you how fed up I am of the world and everyone in it.


L B said...

Awww, don't give up just yet. There's still some good somewhere in the big, big world, that's trying to make us believe it's getting smaller.

LOL@ Saturday's Update #7!!

Selba said...

Like LB said, don't give up! If a personals ad doesn't work maybe try another way.

Like the old saying, "There are many leads to Rome."


AmitL said...

Hi,Olivia...hey,don't give up just yet..see the humour in the situation...grin at 'old guys who look old',and,'a copy paste of their personal ads'.I guess that's one of the drawbacks of technology...people don't want to spend time seriously doing something...simply copy paste,and wait and see what develops...whatever happened to the good ole pen-n-paper,I wonder?:)Good luck in future searches.

The Moody Minstrel said...

I'd respond to your personals ad if I thought it would make you feel better, m'lady, but I'm afraid I'd probably wind up in one of those categories you listed...

(There's also the problem of my being happily "taken", but that's beside the point.)

I'd e-mail you a hug or a pat on the back of reassurance if I could. Sheesh...and I thought I had trouble with the dating game...and I'm not even attractive!

Olivia said...

Albie - *sigh* ok.


Selba - :)
You mean, all roads lead to Rome...


Amit - thanks for making me smile :)
It's too bad that guys I have met through family or friends end up being more psycho than the ones I've met from online! Some enough so that my friends decided NOT to introduce me to them after all. So some lucky escapes there, it seems.


Minstrel - aw bless! Come on, your wife found you attractive enough to marry!

Hug or pat on the back gratefully received, thank you.

Selba said...

Hahaha.... oops, I just translating my indonesian to english directly: "Banyak jalan menuju ke Roma."
So it supposed to be, "All roads lead to Rome"?
Okiedokie will keep that in my mind :D

MattJ said...

Hey 'Liv! I know what you mean about the online dating scene lol! I make a point of writing emails about people's profiles, but I have the problem of looking like a classic Geek - something that I am perfectly happy with but doesn't lend itself to swooning women ;) Especailly as I seem incapable of not gurning in photos! hehe.

The only email I got was from a random Pole who, and I quote 'would like to manufacture family'. Okaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Tania said...

i know a few ppl who met online and got married... so i know it can work. i agree w/ everyone... don't give up.

i read another girl's blog that's from london and she met a guy when she least expected it.... so you never know what's around the corner.

Lotus Reads said...

Sorry you're having such a trying time with the personals, Olivia. The E-Harmony commercials broadcast on Canadian television every 30 mins or so will have you believing that getting a date on a personal site is as quick as 1-2-3, but I know it can't possibly be. Hang in there, hope you meet your knight in shining armour soon!

Chris in MB said...

"7) one who said it's a shame he was in another country but would think of me when playing with himself"

OMG, but that was me!
So that's not an effective line??? :D

(LOL, sorry... I simply couldn't resist)