Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Not neglecting you

Very odd. Someone in France Googled these two words: gilgamesh olivia. I doubt that those two words have been placed together before.

Do you ever wonder sometimes...?
Who is out there looking for what, and did they mean to find you? And if not, then what?


Oh, and the Queen's state visit to America. Interesting that the last time she visited, G H W Bush was president, and now she has chosen to visit his son. Not the next president next year or the year after, but this one.


At work I helped run an event on Tuesday at the Royal National Theatre hosted by an artist having a conversation with a government minister's secretary about art and climate change. Hope I don't get googled for this one. Then today it was an international project board, but my attention wandered throughout, even though I had to take notes. I found myself looking at the features and accents and matching them with the names on the list that I hadn't caught at the beginning. People from the offices oop north were very different from we southerners - and everyone in the room was British, and 90% were white.

So by today I am tired. It was interested to see that of all the sandwiches made to feed 55 people at the Theatre event, not one slice of white bread was to be found. All brown. The sandwiches at the meeting today were only white flour because they were soft Italian buns.

The rest of this week ought to be quiet, but fortunately we got the two events out of the way as the rest of this week will rain. It started when I was on my way back to the national office from the meeting today at the London office. It's a good space, but something annoyed me. Every entry and exit door could only be opened by pressing a big metal plate in the wall. Disability accessibility. This org is very PC and have taken it to the max in this building, which is in a very nice modernised warehouse, so you get brick arches set at random in walls. The office I am in, the same doors just open automatically.

There was a puzzling feature in the meeting room we used. Under a skylight, painted on the white wall in big colourful letters were the words:

search all over the building
dressed as

Then followed the names of 5 notables, one of whom was Salvador Dali. I have forgotten the rest, though only one was unfamiliar.
And below each name hung a costume on a hanger, looking much like what each might have been found wearing.
Dali's was a purple silk jacket over an embroidered floral waistcoat. I could very easily see him and his little moustachio in it. I am pretty sure another was Ernest Hemingway because I remember a woollen cable fisherman's jumper under an oiled canvas coat.


Oh, what I did on Saturday, the only decent day out of the whole 3-day weekend: Went to Woodland Wonders, the country fair at Kew Gardens.

Katja blogged about it here.

Maybe I will tell you about it tomorrow...but here is a teaser:


L B said...

Pretty cool falcon, or hawk?.. Pretty cool, nevertheless.. I just realised that I am as long in here as you are at mine, but maybe because I just woke up? LOL.. I am sure it makes more sense if I am reading this at lunchtime, or in the evening..

Anonymous said...

That bird is scary. Those beady eyes. Eep!

thethinker said...

Great picture, but kind of creepy. It feels like he's looking right through me.

Beenzzz said...

Cool bird. Yes, it is odd about the Queen's visit. I think she makes George W. very nervous. They have been making fun of this visit all week on the news.

Anonymous said...

what a cool bird, love his eyes

Jia who is tired and has two hours of digital imaging...yeah! ooh boo hoo...want sleep

AmitL said...

Ha ha..Olivia, I also often wonder how such unusual links bring people to my blog,too.(Wrote a post on that some time back)...awaiting a report on the county fair..and,a grinnable look at the interview u mentioned last time.:)

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Excellent falcon picture, Olivia.

Olivia said...

LB - Or kestrel, I think.
You here me there what?


Amy - haha, no I think he is stepping forward with his wing out as if to say, "Pleasure to meet you, and what's your name?"


Thethinker - welcome! I was amazed that right as I stood there behind the camera, he looked at me.


Beenzzz - I need to read some of those articles. I saw a clip of the speeches where she winked at him.


Jia Li - you need to rest your eyes with all that work you do.


Amit - you mean the interview on the street? I thought I described that already...


Jean-Luc Picard - welcome. He was the best starship captain, I think.
Glad you like the photo.

L B said...

oops!! Typo!! I meant *lost*, not *long*!! LOL, sorry!

Olivia said...

LB - Ah, I thought you were commenting on the length of my visits!

Nabeel said...

wow @ picture .. thats such an awesome shot .. looks like he's just looking at you and all puzzled and well curious.

And well .. people google the most weird things .. and the important thing is that your post/site showing up when the search term is relevant to you.

AmitL said...

Hi,Olivia,nee,not the street interview,the Job interview.:)

Tania said...

i thought the queen's visit to the u.s. was interesting, and i was a bit surprised she was so sassy and teased the way she did.

the bread situation is rather interesting. i think a lot of ppl are going to brown nowadays, but as i sit and think about it, i'm wondering if you were making a parallel between the bread and the ppl attending....hmmmm.

so.. what is the difference between the southern folk and the northern folk?