Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Wednesday Wonders

On Sunday morning as I was waking up, I had the distinct impression that it was actually Tuesday, and that I should have finished an assignment that would be due on Wednesday. Probably because I had been sleeping facing my bookshelf with all the art books on it...

I haven't been a student for nearly 3 years now. It was a familiar feeling, but I don't know where it came from. It has just occurred to me that perhaps I anticipated an email I got on Monday for an interview on Wednesday afternoon, for something requiring a little knowledge...time for me to brush up on some terms, eh?


I have been looking at properties and it is a mighty tiring business. So many listings, so many areas, so many estate agents. So many fine lines between an area that feels good and one that doesn't...


So I was in another Porsche today, black this time. Surely a lettings agent doesn't make all his potential clients get into it to drive them from the office to the property - he nearly had to come over and get me out - and then dropped me back off at the station. It is good exercise. It's so low, he said extra low. It was like sitting on the floor grazing your bum on the road.

Also, I had to guard my facial expressions (I know, I am particularly expressive) because he read them and replied as if I had actually said something - and spent not enough time looking at the road. And then when we parted he squeezed my hand too hard. Oh yea, squeezed not shook. I think I will have a small bruise tomorrow where his thumb went.


Went to a coveted interview today at one of the auction houses. Ahem. I never know how well I do but I left feeling somewhat unhappy. They liked the fact that I am a bit of a perfectionist, with attention to detail, analytical, and in possession of a psychology degree, but...I didn't get to say as much as I would have liked because the director of a related department who sat in on the interview did most of the talking. The specialist who interviewed me seemed a bit shy, but studied my CV in detail whilst his older colleague waxed loquacious. They didn't even ask about my interest in the objects in question, so I got that in myself, though they did ask if I was interested in learning about them...But they also asked if I have a drivers license; as I have a US one I don't think they were too put off by it, but that could count against me despite my willingness to convert it.

Plus I was the first person they saw, is that a good or a bad thing?

I will let you know in two weeks or so what they decided...fingers and toes and eyes crossed!


OOH guess who I saw opposite the Houses of Parliament yesterday?

Laurence Llewlyn-Bowen, the style and fashion guru and interior designer (whom some of you may originally know from Changing Rooms) - and his wife Jackie. The reason I spotted them is because they were standng at the side of the road and she was tying a scarf over her hair.
He is known for his trademark visible cuffs - the pair seen in the pic above are subdued. When he was first on the scene they were very frilly, as were his neck ruffs. He was like Lord Byron leaping off a horse. But yesterday I don't think I saw any cuffs...


The other day I heard complaints that the global warming debate is just a British ploy to force the rest of the world to talk about the weather.


So yes. It's positively chilly here for May. Or maybe it's as it should be, and the past few springs have been so warm that this feels cold. Grey, drizzly, breezy. Fairly mild, but still not good enough though the sun when it does break through the clouds is surprisingly warm (ah there's the greenhouse effect). We are two and a half weeks away from June...

'Night all.


AmitL said...

Hi,Olivia...seems like u have a sixth sense..anticipating emails,finishing assignments,etc.:)Oh,ah..u're looking at properties-buy/rent??How're rates over there?I hear they're way too high,compared to most of the world.Grin at the guy who squeezed ur hand too much.(Some people do have that habit).Lastly,u at an auction house?Wow..can imagine u saying 'Do I hear a bid for.....?'And, 'going going gone'..Bang.:)

Selba said...

*crossing fingers*

Hope you get the job :)

Um Naief said...

Good luck w/ the job... and as far as it being good or bad... it just depends, I think. Sometimes when they don't ask you anything, it isn't a positive, but it could be that they were so impressed that they just wanted to tell you all about the job and such... I hope the latter is the case.

The guy squeezing your hand.. I don't like that, especially when they hold the shake until it's uncomfortable, and then hold on a little longer when they're pulling their hand away... creepy!!

This guy from the TV... he looks a bit weird to me. And... a bit gay. I was somewhat surprised when you mentioned his wife.

The only time I dream about school is when I'm stressed then I have total stress dreams of forgetting classes and such.

Olivia at work said...

Amit - looking at properties to rent - my mother will be joining me here before the end of summer.

Haha, that's funny, no I wouldn't be auctioneering, just the stuff that goes on to prepare for it.


Selba - thank you! x


Um...Naief - seriously when I read your message in my Inbox I ran over to your site to tell you that there was someone using the same name as your son! Then found it was you.

Olivia again said...

Tooners - P.S. About the job interview, I was their first so they were finding their feet. Also, apart from the older guy talking too much, the younger one was a bit of a shy academic.

LOL @the hand shake.

Laurence L-B is not gay, I thought he was when I used to see him on Changing Rooms, but if you think about it, he is a Regency gentleman.

If the men between of various historical eras were to be transported to our day, I think we would find them highly effeminate. What about the fops of the late 18th century with their powdered wigs, false beauty spots, floral waistcoats, and tights. The only people who do that now are gays...Elton John did it!

Um Naief said...

olivia, you know, the guys here in this part of the world are highly effeminate. i think because they are pampered so much. the boys want for nothing here... when they're small. even when they're old enough to eat by themselves, mothers still act like they can't use their arms. and then you also have all the ppl who do everything for everyone here...

when i first came here, i thought most of the men were gay...

i thought this guy you had the picture of was gay at first as well.

yeah, decided to change my name....

The Moody Minstrel said...

Olivia, your comment about men of earlier historical eras seeming more effeminate than men of today brings up an interesting point. Perhaps it is proof that DEVO was spot on when they said mankind was DE-volving rather than evolving, i.e. we're more like apes now than we were a couple of centuries ago.

So much for culture and civilization.


Beenzzz said...

Interviews can be very trying. I'm sure you did very well though!

ML said...

Good luck, Olivia!

I can relate to the handshake thing. I had to shake some guy's hand yesterday at another agency, and I think he tried to break my hand. Jerk!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Olivia said...

Um Naief - when my mother was young she thought lots of Italian men were gay too. More mamas boys, anyway!


Minstrel - I am wracking my brain. Why does DEVO sound familiar???

Anyway, no I don't think they are devolving. I think they are finding a compromise between the fops of the 18th century and the macho types of the 20th century, but will take a few more generations before shedding the chauvinism of the 19th century.

So a masculine man of the 21st century probably knows how to pick out a dress or a pair of earrings for his girlfriend, but at the same time train for a marathon or go bungee jumping or start a new business.

We ask a lot of our men these days it seems...and we have confused them because we want them to open doors for us but feminism has emasculated them to such an extent that they are afraid to give a compliment and they have forgotten how to take the initiative.


Beenzzz - thank you for the vote of confidence :)
I hope your are right, and of course you will all know if it turns out well.


ML - ooh. The last time my hand was squeezed it was with a group of friends, albeit he was the scary Slovak...