Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Last May Bank Holiday [updated]

I started this blog two days ago on Blogger and saved it, only Blogger decided not to save it after all *sigh*

So I am here at work, and starting again - on Yahoo.


Only...what did I say?

After a glorious warm May, our second bank holiday of the month turned out to be rainy and cold, as cold as February. All I wanted to do was hibernate, but I got out and started the weekend with a cozy birthday bash with Adie and two of her uni friends.

Sunday it rained like nobody's business and I stayed in and did laundry. Monday I was supposed to go to dinner at a friend's house, but they were just back from holiday and had caught a cold. What's new?


Jojo in Australia, who has been reading my blog for over two years and seen all my ups and downs, insisted that I tell you this:
British men are all lame for not going out with Olivia.
He says, "Come to Perth, you won't be single for long."
Isn't it funny how only the people I know tell me these things, and the people I am trying to date just don't get it?

By the way, if anyone is looking for a curly-haired lad with a cheeky smile, ask for Jojo :)


And then I got a wonderful e-mail from my Dad, who rediscovers my blog every few months:


I have been wandering around your Blog.

Absolutely fascinating the way you describe simple things and events with such illumination and enthusiasm.

I know one thing about my baby: she exudes love and caring in all she does....which makes her Daddy very proud, because love is 'the essence' of the universe.

The astrophysicists are welcome to seek the 'absolute truth', 'The Theory of Everything' and 'The Grand Unification Theory', but I am convinced that the ultimate common denominator will NOT be a waveform, particle, string or worm, but an emotion called "LOVE".

It's been around so long they can't see it.

Praise from Dad is like manna from heaven and I am grinning like a fool even now.

I don't know how he found it after this length of time, but the post he is referring to is either this one from March 2006:

I can follow the Volcano post!

Or this one from March 2005:

Snow and castles and the universe

Both posts show a side of me that hasn't been seen on this blog for many months, a facet I have neglected of late, but something my father nurtured in me from an early age. When you click on the links, be brave, be brave :)



After everyone's lovely comments, I called Dad this afternoon to tell him I love him, and of course he did that wonderful laugh of his and I said I missed him and he said he'd come visit before he end of the year (Yay! To see mum and me in our apartment?) - and he said he didn't know I had blogged about those theories I mentioned. He was recalling a conversation he and I once had on the long drive between Houston and Dallas, about string theory. (I vaguely recalled it, and I don't remember when it was, but I know it was the first time I heard of it! I mean, goodness...the first time he introduced me to parallel universes, I was definitely under 10. I love how he never underestimated what I could understand.)


AmitL said...

Hi,Olivia...a big smile at Jojo's comment,apparently quite true(Now,don't suspect the word'apparently'.haha)..What was really sweet was ur Dad's comment on your nice that he reads it!(But,can't imagine u grinning 'like a fool'..hehe)Will chk out the two posts u mentioned,now..and,glad u found a house,finally,just as I'd predicted(A place where you went twice).

The Moody Minstrel said...

Superstring theory, the Big Bang, the Ages of the Universe, and Glamis Castle.

M'lady, you are a neverending fountain of amazing surprises!

I might add that your father sounds like a great guy.

L B said...

That was such a nice note from your Dad! Truly fascinating and endearingly lovely!

Dan said...

What a sweet e-mail from Dad! And what a sweet thing to say about receiving e-mails from Dad! :)

Hugs and love.

amillionpieces said...

I like your Daddy, that's really nice, and I love his view on the universe. I'm glad you get to share happiness with your family in that way! x

Olivia said...

Amit - hehe. I wonder if Jojo has read it yet.

How about grinning like a Cheshire cat then?


Minstrel - Hey wasn't that quote about Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother a good one though?

I love my Dad, in fact after reading everyone's comments I called him and told him as much.

Needless to say, he was chuffed.


LB - he couldn't believe that some girls don't have daddies like him! LOL


Dan - *big grins*
You're so sweet when you come over here!
Do you have kids?


Pete - hehe, cute. Ah, you know the phrase "God is love"? I could have done a logical thing and said to him, If God is love, and the ultimate common denominator of the universe is Love, then God is the ultimate common denominator, the absolute truth.

What is that, a syllogism?

Selba said...

So happy for you :)

Hope you will having a good time when your dad is visiting you and your mom!

The Moody Minstrel said...

And now parallel universes...

Just out of curiosity, m'lady, have you ever read any of Michael Moorcock's Elric series?

Olivia said...

Selba - haha, you don't know my Dad. He might forget that spur of the moment promise he made! It is my job to remind him.


Minstrel - no, I have not. It sounds like fantasy/sci fi...

Thick. said...

I'm off to your part of the world soon. I could use a companion for a drink or even dinner.....

Lotus Reads said...

hi, Olivia!

Wow,you have a really cool dad! So glad he's going to visit you before the end of the year and wonderful that your mom will be there, too. Great times ahead!

And Amen to what Jojo says, if these guys couldn't see what a cool person you are, they're not worth your time!

Guyana-Gyal said...

Jojo is right. And so is your dad! I sensed that caring soul from day one.

Dan said...

No, we don't have kids Olivia. Why do you ask?

jojo said...


you actually posted it :D haha

go on your msn more often liv :p

Olivia said...

Thick. - How flattering...


Lotus - thanks :)
What Jojo said was confirmed, YET AGAIN, this time by a gorgeous (gay) Spaniard yesterday at a friend's going away party. Hehe!


Guyana-Gyal - oh how sweet! The Spaniard (see Lotus comment) said a soul like mine is rare.


Dan - I wondered if anyone else was on the receiving end of your generous nature.


Jojo! Hey!
The time difference, laddie. When I come home from work, you be abed. I work now, remember?

Did you like my little promo for you? Not sure I have any female readers in your part of the world though.

AmitL said...

Ah,cheshire cat is more,err,dignified.:)

Um Naief said...

you know olivia, this is the most beautiful post. the letter from your father truly touches my heart.

i love that your father discussed such interesting topics w/ you at such a young age. now i can see why you are so incredibly intelligent and fascinating.

i so loved how he was descriptive in what he said... which shows a true love and caring nature.

i still think you should take a vacay in france.... or greece. never know who'd cross your path.

jojo said...

hehe oh yes quite good methinks

and what time do you get home huh?

Olivia said...

Um Naief - thank you :)
It solidifies all those things I was saying on your blog some months back about family affection and closeness, remember?

Um...the Greek and Italian men are such players! I was thinking the other day that I haven't heard that word in a long time. I wonder if it is because we are used to such behaviour now and it is not so stigmatised...


Jojo - haha, you are funny. Still wrong time!

Anonymous said...

I feel like your dad. I get busy and loose track of your blog and then a few months later, i try to catch up.