Friday, June 01, 2007

Silly exchange

This sort of exchange irritates and frustrates me. The essence of it trickles down into every facet of the organisation. Despite the early rant, I am in a good mood today :))

(Boss - 5pm Wednesday)
Hi there, just checking if IT responded to the email you sent? I know A**** is away until next week and really don't want to leave it switched on until then! So if you could make sure someone has a look at it that would be great...

(Me - a few minutes later)
I asked, they logged it, I asked again, and then they called, but they haven't been up yet...
I will ask again tomorrow though.

(Boss - 8.38pm Wednesday night)
Thanks, if you could pursue that would be helpful

(Boss - 8.39pm Wednesday night)
sorry, just thought that it would probably be worth having a look at it in the morning before getting in touch with them again in case its turned itself off! (though they might still need to check it anyway I guess).

[Turns out it was a general network problem and everyone else had the same issue.]

Now why is it a gay guy can shower me with compliments an hour after meeting me the way no straight man ever has? (I was at a going-home party for a gay Aussie friend of mine.) If he were straight I would think he wanted to marry me right there. Should have seen his face when I said I was single. Scandalised, it was. Said the men were blind. :) He is Spanish. He said, "Go to Spain, they will loooove you there."

We texted today, he said he would love to get to know me better - keeps saying I have a lovely soul (so does he) - so we may meet up again soon for a drink or a meal.


My lunch today was wonderful. Have you ever eaten food that made you feel like you had been blessed? There is a tiny Japanese sushi bar nearby on a modest market street full of cafes and sandwich bars and the like. You would totally miss it if you didn't spot the menu just inside the doorway because the restaurant itself is downstairs. The staff are adorable in their Japanese way, always smiling and sweet.

The last time I was there, I had been feeling down but after my miso soup, mixed sushi (maki and nigiri) platter, and a delicate hot sweet mochi (daifuku), my tum was happyyyyyy. And so was I.

Today I was already pretty chipper, owing to my growing collection of good experiences, which is why after I ate there I felt not merely happy but blessed.
I ate the yummiest wakame salad ever, a plate of warm octopus doughballs (takoyaki), and a plate of tasty softshell crab maki (rolled) sushi. The flavours are all so distinct, the ingredients so fresh and perfect. I am never going to a chain sushi restaurant again!

The wakame salad, with seaweed, cucumber and beansprouts was in the most sublime dressing, just the right sweet and tart because the vinegar was balanced by sprinkled sesame and sesame puree (yum!) which lent a fine toasty-nutty flavour to the mix. I wanted to drink it afterwards.

The takoyaki, well, you have to like octopus because it is a warm ball of fried seasoned loose dough and there is a piece of octopus in the centre. The next to last ball contained a nice row of tentacles. These balls are sprinkled with takoyaki sauce and shredded bonito (smoky flying fish flakes). Very comfy food that and I am amazed I managed all 6.

Finally, my 4 softshell crab maki sushi were most delicious, with the texture and flavour making a harmonious blend. I love the way the fish roe rolled on the outside pops in the mouth.

I was too full for mochi :(


And tonight, I am off to a BBQ at the US Embassy, yep yep!


The Moody Minstrel said...

It's interesting (and strangely refreshing) to hear you talk so grandly about food that is no more unusual for me here than fish and chips are probably for you (though sushi is definitely a lot more expensive!). I guess I really need to appreciate what I have more than I do. Sounds like a nice, little feast, m'lady.

Virus in the network?

Aw, I haven't done one of these for a while (like this rum & Coke I'm drinking), so here goes:

So sad the man who's blessed with open eyes,
And sees you just for what you really are,
Unhappily is drawn to other guys.
So very near, and yet so sadly far.
Rejoice in friendship, as you should.
Maybe not perfect, but still good.

Um Naief said...

hmmmm... maybe you'll meet some interesting types at the embassy. here's to hoping.

i really love gay guys. some of my best friends have been. there's something about not having to worry about one of them stabbing you in the back and they're so honest. i miss that.

i agree w/ what your spanish friend is saying though. i think you should try another continent... who knows what could happen.

happy weekend to you!

Dan said...

Now why is it a gay guy can shower me with compliments an hour after meeting me the way no straight man ever has?

Olivia, if you try really hard, maybe you can convert him? :)

I'm just saying!

Olivia said...

Minstrel - you need to remember your first few japanese meals ever, back when you used to think about the experience.

Mind you, I still think about the flavours in my favourite fish n chips...


Um Naief - ooh, who I met? I am not sure how to blog about it...!

Never mind another continent, I was tempted to go back to America! Feel free to slap me, though, I flipping forgot to give me his number. Well, I didn't know how to wake him up! Oh, and before you start it's NOT what you think....!!!


Dan - nah, I wouldn't want to. He's nice as he is, this one.

AmitL said...

Hi,Olivia..LOL at the non-essence filled exchange of words..I often wring my hands in frustration at such dialogues..did you count how many hours were spent totally,on the dialogues?And,here also, it's usually IT causing such tete-a-tetes. *grin* at ur comment on the gay guy,and,Dan's comment,and,your reply,too.:)

Olivia said...

Amit - haha, I like how you come over here and have so much fun! :P

programmer craig said...

You know, I've never been to a US embassy in my life. Even when I was in the Marines, I wasn't selected for Embassy duty, which is just as well since it's supposedly pretty boring... but you are the second person I've run into in the last week who has been to a US embassy event! I'm starting to feel deprived, here! They should invite Americans to events at US embassies once in a while!

So, who did you meet? Come on, you can blog about it :)

Having gay (male) friends isn't so cool, for a heterosexual guy. It's really not that flattering to get propositioned. At least it wasn't for me! I understand what you mean, though. I've had friends that were gay women in the past, and they feel free to say things that no heterosexual woman would, because it would send the wrong signals, I think.

Anonymous said...

bosses! they never know what's going on.
Gotta love a gay man!!! I would check out Barcelona!!
Yummy sushi. It is a good comfort food.
ah, you are hob nobbing!!!!
miss you, dear.

Nabeel said...

hmm, interesting question. Let me tell you why .. straight men are more cautious. Cautious of the fact that if he showers you with praise, you might think he is hitting on you or flirting (even if he;s not) .. and that might offend you. Hence they are cautious. A homosexual man of course has a different stance. But I am sure you are all that he said in praise.

The Moody Minstrel said...

Having gay (male) friends isn't so cool, for a heterosexual guy. It's really not that flattering to get propositioned.

I had a (male) friend in high school who was openly homosexual. However, he understood clearly that I and the other guys in our circle of friends were NOT gay, so there was no problem. It was basically a "you got your way, I got mine" sort of thing, and it never really bothered us (or at least didn't bother us enough to matter).

Unfortunately, the guy was always being harassed, often cruelly, by fellow students who apparently had a psychological need to defend their masculinity. It never seemed to shake him, but it did bother the rest of us. A lot. However, we knew we were outnumbered and outgunned, and he always told us it wasn't worth it to try to defend him. One of my other (straight) friends did anyway, which naturally only served to make US targets. (Luckily nothing serious ever came of it, however.)

Anonymous said...

Why does the gay guy shower the straight girl with compliements?

Why does a dog lick his bollocks?

They do so because they can!

Simple as that....

[it's me, bubble]

AmitL said...

Hi,Olivia...indeed..:)U got it right...great fun.:)

Olivia said...

You guys, that was a rhetorical question...seriously I didn't need to ask why, it just sounded better phrased that way.


Craig - welcome, finally, to my blog!
I knew I could blog about it but not being used to having real escapades to talk about I was not sure how to keep it with the even tenor of my blog.


VANESSA! HELLO YOU! How was Camp Allen? I wish I had spent more time there!

Well, i never saw sushi as a comfort food. I have to be in a special mood for sushi.
chicken fried steak and mashed potato, now that's comfort.


Nabeel - see my first comment, but thanks for the thought put into your answer.


Minstrel - that's amazing that you had gay friends at school - you are a few years older than I, but even for today's youngsters it's tricky, and even though many of the ones I know have gay friends.

I cannot make sense on this paragraph despite rewriting it...but maybe you get my drift. I am feeling really sleepy.


Anony - ah there you are, as succinct and concise as ever.


programmer craig said...

Craig - welcome, finally, to my blog!

Thanks! I've been reading your blog a long time, though, Olivia! I've even showed it to other people... I just don't usually comment :)

Olivia said...

Aha! So it was mention of the Embassy alone that brought you out of the shadows! Well, I am glad, and thank you for showing it to other people. I am flattered :)