Friday, June 15, 2007

Donnnn Giovaaaaaaannniiiiii

By the way, 12 June was the day we emigrated to the US 18 years ago. It's funny that my parents never remember. I always have to remind them.


So OK, I have not been blogging. No time!

On Wednesday, Capt America picked me up at work early and we reached Covent Garden in time to snag seats on a restaurant terrace with good views of the big screen. The Royal Opera House was putting on a live screening of its production of Mozart's Don Giovanni (it is CA's fave opera, and one of my preferred because I love Mozart).

Tell you what, don't ever eat smoked salmon with just lemon and black pepper again. He made a champion choice ordering a starter: to the above, add finely chopped red onion, capers, and rocket (arugula) leaves. Very yum.

A bottle of fruity chablis followed by two floral-berry rose wines kept us from being kicked out on the two hour time limit. We stayed for 5 hours and ate steak and duck breast, a brownie with ice cream, and hot chocolate.

How was the performance? I liked watching it outdoors, as I could hum along whereas in the stuffy confines of the opera house, silence is the order for the audience! The bit where Don Giovanni is consigned to hell is still my favourite part. I love the minor key, I really do.

During the last hour it started to rain and I had the umbrella gallantly held above my head. By the end though, the weather was right back to normal and as we are really good walkers, we marched from Covent Garden to Marble Arch. It is too easy.


AmitL said...

Hi, time to blog,since Capt. America entered the picture,I see.:)Reg. the foodie advice-well,I'm a pure veggie,so,wouldn't know about smoked salmon.Grin....incidentally,today'sa special day for me..was reminded of it,when I read about ur emigrating to the US 18 yrs ago...let's see,might be I'll blog about it tomorrow.

Um Naief said...

aaahhhh, what a wonderful date! and how romantic that it started to rain and you guys had an umbrella. i just wanna reach thru the screen and give you a huge hug!

MattJ said...

Amitl - one of the few vegetarians who acknowledges that fish isn't a root vegetable? lol!

I see, you neglect your loyal followers just because Mr American Man (for that is his REAL name!) has been on the scene eh? Well good for you! I really wanted to go and watch that opera thing but I only found out about a few days before hand and I had already arranged to go to S'oton to watch robin ince! grrrr!

Olivia said...

Amit - hehe.
I'll come by later and check out your blog.


Um Naief - well I do take note of the weather forecast :P
He did tease me for having a pleated umbrella, though.


Matt - hahaha. You really are going on the comedy circuit aren't you???

The Moody Minstrel said...

It all sounds very impressive, m'lady, but did the opera end with the stage set falling apart and a screaming stage hand dangling from a curtain cable?

I'm sorry, but after seeing the movie Amadeus that image is just too firmly fixed in my mind, kind of like The Who or The Smashing Pumpkins trashing their equipment after a performance. Such pseudo-nihilistic destruction has nothing whatever to do with the performance itself, but it just doesn't seem complete without it.

Olivia said...

Minstrel - no screaming or falling stage sets. There was an ensemble of twirling fiends but that was about it.

Actually, to tell you the truth, I can't remember any more than that...Maybe I will ask him if he remembers the rest...

ML said...

What a lovely evening! I love smoked salmon with all the fixins you listed.

Glad you had a great time :)

Olivia said...

ML - "all the fixins"? That's so Texan :)