Thursday, June 21, 2007

Idle chatter

One week left at this job. I did a handover briefing yesterday. Now working on archiving stuff. Nevertheless I was so bored today, I felt queasy. Has that ever happened to you?

Oh, and bad news. I didn't get the coin department job. Ugh.

I have said "ugh" a lot today. This job is turning me into a neo-troglodyte.

The weekend will be great, though. I am going off to see the old gang in Reading. We haven't seen each other in months, since Diva was very (and is still quite) ill with her pregnancy and the M.E. But she will put a brave face on and do the BBQ she has been looking forward to for so many weeks.

American Boy worked very late a couple of days this week and to make up for it wanted to get us both out of the office as early as 3pm today so we could paint the town red; is currently trying, but has not succeeded so far. The demands of serving one's country...

Though tomorrow, there is a double date with his friend and wife, planned since last week.

Oh look, something popped into my Inbox...some more artists applications. That will kill some time. Must be off.


L B said...

I do enjoy your idle chatter, more than you realise, you know? *grin* and *hugs*

MattJ said...

pffft! How dull! Not like my rock 'n' roll lifestyle! 3 days in Staines on a training course learning things I already know followed by tent shopping on Saturday! ;p

The double date sounds like it will be fun! meeting his friends eh?.....

Right, i hope you appreciate that - I just used up my annual reserve of optimism on you, it'll take at least another 6 months to squeeze another drop out of my bitter and dead heart! :p

ML said...

Sorry you didn't get the job :(

I enjoy your idle chatter as well :)

Um Naief said...

i also so enjoy your idle chatter... i love it.

i hope that you're enjoying your double date. sounds like the american is standing proud and tall.... i'm glad to hear it.

enjoy your fun weekend. how's everything going w/ getting ready for the move? have you packed everything? excited? ur mom excited?

Ricercar said...

yes it has! but not in a while :)