Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Small updates

Just thought I'd slap together a blog before I leave the office, as when I go home I will be shredding shredding shredding, and filling black bin bags with rubbish/clothes to give away, and filling suitcases with things. I aim to have all things tucked away by the 13th because that is when a prospective new "guest" will come to look at my room and I want it looking its best so that she will want to move in and not run away waving her arms in the air :)


And to think, when I started this post I had no idea what to write.


Ooh, if you haven't been following the saga from the previous post, I will be texting somebody my number tonight. I have never chased anyone's number before, so...I don't know where that burst of proactivity came from.
Fingers crossed, ok?


I enjoyed a wonderful Japanese lunch again, of wakame salad, takoyaki, and shrimp tempura maki sushi. They were happy to see me again. Next time I will try a different combination. Keep up, people, I have blogged about this place before...


After lunch, I stopped in the discount bookshop and bought 4 heavy books. PLEASE make me stop buying books. Since working in this area I must have bought at least mother will kill me if we haven't enough space. You see, we might ask Dad to ship out the other half of my library...oh the horror, the horror...


Tomorrow I am going to a big dinner event at Taratai, one of those Pan Asian restaurants that was opened amidst fanfare with big names in attendance. Apparently their motif is the lotus and the menu is taken from destinations along the old Silk Trail. How romantic. I suppose I will be blogging about that next.


L B said...

I liked the way you described your prospective guest running away, waving her arms in the air! *Big Grin* It must be something in our nature to worry this way, eh?

Memoria said...

Have you found a house yet?

Dan said...

Olivia, I'm crossing my fingers for you ... even though you don't need me to! Hugs!

Olivia said...

LB - hehe, I did actually have an image in my head of her doing that :)


Memoria - yes, didn't I say? It's the modern flat!


Dan - it was amazingly easy, I guess I am not used to this...Tell you next time :)

Selba said...

*crossing finger for Olivia*

Have you read "Conversation with God" by Neale Donald Walsch? A friend has recommended it to me. He said it's a really great book to read. So far, I haven't found it in Jakarta's book stores.

Leilouta said...

I did that a few weeks ago and my closet is still full. I couldn’t believe the stuff I found. Some clothes that were never worn and are now completely out of style. I don’t even know why I bought some of them: the strangest item was a big shirt with holes on the shoulders. What was I thinking??? You should take pictures of the stuff you plan on giving away :)

The Moody Minstrel said...

Okay, let's see...

I don't know, m'lady. It might be more fun to hide a camera and video them as they run away waving their arms.
Having no idea is a matter of perspective.
Fingers crossed. I'll cross all the pens and pencils on my desk, too, just for good measure.
I wish I could introduce you to the wonders of kaiten sushi.
What, you mean you still read books??!? You mean there are still people in the world who read books??!? (I'm only saying this because I keep not getting around to reading the ever-growing pile of books in my own home. ;-))
Someone should open a pan world restaurant. "Would you like a nice blue stilton with your patai kimchee on black rye?"

programmer craig said...

Good for you taking the initiative with R!

My fingers are crossed, and I'm hoping you aren't disappointed :)

MattJ said...

You're nothing but a shameless harlot! hehehe!

I really need to try japanese food properly, it's one of those things I keep meaning to do. May seema silly question - is there much non-rice based choice? (My companion of choice doesn't eat rice)

If not, I'll take a good book and read by myself over lunch lol! What's your current read about? I loved the play on words in the title! I need rescuing because I have been reduced to reading utter trash at the moment! (I am saving Linda Smith for my Italy trip)

By now mr American Man should have been in touch and at the very least paid for lunch! He should be trying to snap you up, if not text him and tell hiom to work harder! :D

Olivia said...

Selby - ok, no need to cross fingers now, it's all fine :)

Does Amazon ship to Indonesia? You could try getting the book there...


Leilouta - hey, good to see you back! I had a laugh trying to imagine a shirt with holes on the shoulders. 1990s?
You always DO want to see my clothes, missie ;)


Minstrel - no more finger/pen/pencil/chopstick crossing needed, unless you are also ensuring for Friday evening too! ;)

I haven't yet had kaiten sushi before, methinks.

And a pan world restaurant? Critics just call those places "confused". Too many menu items for the customers' own good, etc.


Craig - it is a cute story, maybe I should blog it before maintaining radio silence ;)


Matt - a shameless harlot in what context???

I have not forgotten that your lunch partner does not like rice. When will you see her again?
There is a lot of rice in japanese food, otherwise there are noodles, and're a bit screwed if you want Asian food and no rice...

You may just have to treat her to Italian or French again.

I am losing patience with the Fete Worse Than Death book - it's too laddish, and I have a feeling you would enjoy it. Will need to send it to you very soon!

Re: Mr American Man (I shall have to think of a suitable moniker) - yes I have been snapped up :)

MattJ said...

hey! have I gone mad or has one of your posts vanished?!

MattJ said...

hmmm. If it's more Bryson than Tony HAwk (comedian not the skate boarder!) then I will enjoy it but if its, like you say, laddish I am likely to find it contrived and irritating. I read 'Round Ireland with a fridge' and about half way through I really started to dislike Tony Hawk lol!

Um Naief said...

your japanese place sounds quite delish!

i was recently out and bought 3 heavy books myself.... and, this time, i've actually already started one, and to my surprise, i think it's gonna be a real pleaser.

i love your adventures.... they take me away to faraway places.... and then gently float me back down into this hard chair! ;)