Saturday, June 09, 2007

Tightened Policy

Now on a need to know basis... :P

So. On Friday evening we went for a drink, got lost, had another drink, got lost again, had dinner, and another drink, and walked across half of London (I love how interconnected this city is) on the way home. Drink is such a silly word when you say it too often. But I have learned that a G&T is best if made with Bombay Sapphire and 3 pieces of lime, and that the London bar staff need special instructions on this...

Saturday it was a trip to Richmond for fish n chips. We walked a couple of miles along the river, chilled in the park, went to a biergarten and had a nice meat and cheese platter, travelled back into town, got lost, and then saw Ocean's 13 which was very retro-modern, sophisticated, and surprisingly funny in parts.

1) Getting lost can be fun if it's with someone you like.
2) Taxis are helpful for becoming rapidly unlost, though.
3) Especially if you've both left your maps at home.
4) Being picked up and dropped off at my door is the way it should be done. It is a particularly American habit that would never catch on here for reasons I don't need to specify.

Sunday...take a guess? He came by for lunch and ice cream at a French cafe in my neighbourhood before reluctantly going to a work function nearby, and then texting from there to say it was boring and that he'd MUCH rather be spending time with me. That was such a lovely thing to say.

Much packing I got done this weekend! And my Americanisms are coming back. I ought to try some of 'em out on y'all sometime. ;)


Selba said...

Conclusion.... when you had a drink - you got lost - and if you had another drink - got lost again, Hehehe.... *j/k*

Sounds you've had a great time!!! That's cool!!! :)

AmitL said...

Hi,Olivia...things seem to be proceeding very nicely,indeed.:)Grin at 'taxis are helpful for becoming rapidly unlost'.And,hey,y'know,y'all oughta try out some of them Americanisms on us one of these days,y'know.:)Cheers.Hapy packing.

AmitL said...

And,hey,ur feel the same way about books,but,they threaten to dislodge us from the house,so I reduced buying them lately...thought I'd first finish each and every one that I already have.:)

Variant E said...

Stumbled on your blog from I don't know where. Made me think of London. Haven't been there in a few years now. I once spent 9 days in Nov there and it didn't rain. Amazing.

MattJ said...

Excellent work, you sly minx lol!

I have to defend at least some British men here though!. I think there is another way of looking at the door to door service.

Far from thoughtless and ungallant, you'll probably find it often stems from a fear of scaring you off - it's certainly the case with me. If I have only just met someone that night and the only experience they have of me is those few hours, I am fairly certain she won't want me to know where she lives at least until she has a fair idea that I am not some freakish weirdo. (hehe, makes a change me defending the Brits and not you defending the yanks eh?! lol! - thought normally i am happy to assault the world :p)

Anyways, that aside ! It sounds like things are going swimmingly

MattJ said...

damit! didn't finish writing! lol.

....Anyways, that aside ! It sounds like things are going swimmingly and mr american man (lower case is very kitsch and cool right now :p) sounds very much up your street! He is very lucky too, because you know all the best eaty places! hehe.

Olivia said...

Selba - haha, I hadn't thought of it that way. You make it sound like we got lost coz of the drinks, when actually we had a drink because we were lost!


Amit - LOL I will, I will.
This packing is hard!
I need to actually finish reading my books too, before I buy anymore. But you know how it is when you see one that looks interesting and you know you may never see it again, or even remember to look it up later.


Variant E - welcome to my blog, and permit me to dispel a myth. We have had too many gloriously sunny days in London this year, and not enough rain. Only about a week since the year started.


Matt - your viewpoint is exactly what I was thinking of when I said I wasn't going to specify...
So you see, I was diplomatic and didn't criticise the British approach outright.

I mean heck, our neighbours in Houston used to come in the back door and then say hello - it bears no comparison to what is done here.

MattJ said...

Oh and at the risk of being accused of spamming due to response volume I have a hot G&T tip! You are absolutely rigth about Bombay, I always have a bottle in thought right now it;s a pain as I don't have a freezer (grrrr!). however, for you normal people that do have freezers - Chop up some lime wedges and freeze them, then use them as ice cubes in G&T - luverrly.

The Moody Minstrel said...

Bombay sapphire...3 pieces of lime...(scribbles in notebook).

And to think the last time I spent any time with Brits all they did the whole time was raz on me for my Americanishness.

Here's hoping you get lost again soon.

MattJ said...

Ah right! yeah I had the same thing back home in Wales 'Liv - even now it's the same - I can only remember one time ever in my life where my mum's back door was locked when iwas in my mid-teens and I was so shocked that it took me about 15 minutes to comprehend what was going on lol! Of course, I then climbed in through the wide open front room window. She's a clever woman lol! i can't remember the last time someone actually knocked on the door.... but then that's there, not in London lol!

Olivia said...

There you go again. Don't apologise for commenting more than once!

I shall have to pass this hot tip on to mr american man for next time.

Oh and I found that the quinine in the tonic gives you weird dreams.
I've had it before and not noticed, though.
He said that when they gave them quinine for malaria in the mideast they'd have dreams too.


Minstrel - hehe, raz on you? I had forgotten that one!

Americanness, ok, but Americanishness sounds German :P


Matt - lol that is funny, being surprised at a locked door :)

ML said...

I've been trying to leave comments on your posts, but they're not publishing!

Sounds like you had a wonderful time! What fun :)

Lotus Reads said...

WOW,sounds like you had a great time on the weekend, Olivia, yeay!!! What did you think of "Ocean's 13"? Have you seen the previous two? I'm so glad you're enjoying the company of the American...way to go!

Olivia said...

ML - that's odd. I am glad you succeeded, though, wondered where you were!


Lotus - I liked the movie, it was very suave, but I'd have to see it again without my hand being held as that is distracting, plus I nearly fell asleep, the premium seats were so comfy.

pink jellybaby said...

sounds like things are going pretty well! i'm not surprised you were missing out on Ugly B!!! x

The Moody Minstrel said...

Americanness, ok, but Americanishness sounds German :P

I can't help it. I majored in German in college, and I have yet to sweat it out of my system. ;-)

lunaliar said...

Now that sounds like a good time! Getting lost with someone interesting is so fun!

About dropping at the door: In America, most people who go out on dates are picked up by car at their house because we don't have pedestrian-friendly cities in most parts. Picking up and dropping at the door is more out of necessity than convenience since many Americans (uppercase, sorry Matt!) own cars.

I'm not a fan of tonic (quinine is so bitter and gross!) but vodka and soda with lime is great, too! I'll try extra lime next time (and that rhymes!)!

I'm procrastinating with the packing, too. I'm trying to imagine that we're not really moving b/c it's all happening so frickin' fast!

Anywho, sorry for the long comment!

Lotus Reads said...

You know, I did want to add that you couldn't have possibly concentrated on the movie very much...glad you confirmed it! ;)

Lotus Reads said...

I meant couldn't possibly have...sheesh