Thursday, August 30, 2007

Je suis bleue

I stuffed 580 envelopes today. It only took a couple of hours and then I was back to usual admin, but I think too much when I perform monotonous tasks like this. My mind runs into all sorts of thoughts.

Nearly 600 envelopes...!
I did not spend tens of thousands of dollars on my degrees for this!


Took a nifty personality test the other day. Voila, my results:


Blues are composed and observant. Others trust them to see the whole
picture, and respect their judgement as a result. They are reflective,
and proud of the difference their mind can make. Thriving on the
challenge of new experiences, they push themselves to learn new skills
and take pride in what they do.

In the [...] these kind of people are relied upon as calm and
purposeful thinkers in vital behind the scenes roles as much as in
action. And in a world of increasing complexity they are needed more
than ever.


Your View of Your Life Now

You and your friends like to hang out together enjoying good food and
conversation. You respect each other's opinion - they are probably the
first port of call when you need advice. It seems that you are happy to
take control, you enjoy making decisions and discover new things.
Exercise to you is about much more than pounding on a treadmill. You
have a holistic approach to health and your well-being, and are more
comfortable with alternative forms of exercise that fit in with your
lifestyle. When you can you catch up with your nearest and dearest. You
love to talk and your friends mean a lot to you - you will always go to
them for advice. Given your choices you seem to appreciate creativity
or are even creative yourself. You have a distinctive view of the world
that you want to capture, you benefit from having a sharp and
discerning eye. You like the security of day-to-day routine, whilst
working in an environment that challenges and interests you. Ambition
is what drives you, and there are many paths you could take.

Your View of Your Future

Being free to explore the world is the freedom you appreciate most. You
are not ready to settle in one spot just yet - you want to go see and
experience as many cultures as you can. Spirituality is an essential
part of your character, you have a strong sense of morals and look for
guidance when you are in difficult situations. You can see yourself
reaching great heights. With a little perseverance and determination,
you’ll get there. You learn best by discovering things for yourself.
You like to be able to share knowledge, and get the results together.
You like to live life in the fast lane, and are always up for a
challenge. You fill your free time with risk-taking and excitement.
Satisfaction comes from being part of something distinctive and
innovative. Employers would value your dedication and passion for your
work. You are a high achiever and tend not to settle for second place.
You push yourself to be the best. In the next few years you'd like to
be on your way up. You've got a lot to offer and you look forward to
gaining some recognition. It’s good to know you can rely on the
unconditional love your best friend gives you. You can trust them to
lend a listening ear and support when you need it. Everyone sees you as
cool, calm and serene. Your balanced character is definitely an
attraction. There’s a part of you that’s keen to escape to un-chartered
territory. The mystery of the unknown is appealing to you, and with
your inquisitive nature, who knows where your next adventure will lead


Planethalder said...

Can you bring your iPod into wor, O?

Katja said...

I was on envelope-stuffing duty yesterday. Not as many as you, but it still leaves one's mind free to think about other things. I had quite a productive afternoon after all of that, writing covering letters to send out with my CV and photo. Seems like letting my mind wander made it easier to come up with the right things to say to people, so the envelope-stuffing was probably a blessing in disguise.

ML said...

Sometimes work like that is welcomed so I can space out for a bit.

Olivia said...

Planethalder - into war or into work? :P
Haven't got one, I put my music on my nifty phone.


Katja - Indeed, I came to a couple of decisions meanwhile! It lets the brain work on its own, rather like when you sleep.


ML - Do you really space out, or do you also do some thinking?

Anonymous said...
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Olivia said...

Oh good lord, it took forever and a half to scroll to the bottom of that spam comment, even at top speed!

Lotus Reads said...

I love personality would you agree with this particular analysis? It does sound a lot like you, I think!