Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Before I say goodnight

Hi hi

At nearly 9.30, it is probably past my bedtime as I hope to leave for the airport around, what, 6.30am? Or even earlier...

When I travel I always need about an hour or more to get ready, fit in a light breakfast, and run around throwing in last minute bits n bobs. Why can you never think of those things earlier, even if you make a list???


When I left the art dealer's office this evening, I had that feeling - you all know it - a sudden sensation of freedom, of a weight lifted from the shoulders, free-as-a-bird. Something you only feel at the end of final exams in high school and university. Yes, you do know what I mean!

I think he hopes to see me there again in future. I didn't say NO, but didn't say YES either. Truthfully, I wouldn't mind taking on the database as a project part time, but I don't want to sit in that little office from morning till night as a PA. I need people around me. Speaking of which, I hear the boring co is interviewing 3 other candidates for the temp to perm role. Disappointing, as they had offered me the perm role outright and I didn't turn them down outright...and they knew last week that I was still

Seems a door closed that I thought had opened.

Also seems I am a bit middling in my responses lately, doesn't it?


OK, well I don't know when I will next be able to blog. Possibly not too long, actually, as my cousins wake up late and so I may have some extra hours mid-morning for emails and blogs and *ahem* Facebook

Still, I will miss you all. It's not the same when you're not in your own living room, on your own laptop, or your own time...But I will be sure to take pics of my godddaughter and fall colours in Ontario if there are any, and also loads of Manhattan!

Ciao ciao!


Jahooni said...

We will miss you too while you are gone...

remember "one door closed is another door opened, or however that goes!"

Planethalder said...

Have fun O. Can't wait to see the photos!

nikkipolani said...

Hope you have a fabulous time, Liv!

Selba said...

Enjoy your trip!!! :)

Anonymous said...


I get my shiney new toy on Saturday. You can audition as a Bond girl if you like!!

AmitL said...

Hi,Olivia..well,nice that you gave up that job...I can imagine how boring it must have seemed..(I feel the one interesting job is purchasing for a contracting co-hehe..since I'm in it)...something different everyday.)Or, how about advertising and thinking up jingles?Have a nice trip.Keep us posted.

Olivia said...

Jahooni - I'm not that gone :) I can go online every day!

Close enough, when one door closes another one opens.


Planethalder - oops haven't taken any yet!


Nikki - already been bug hunting!


Selba - thanks!


Anon - When I come back, I'll hunt up one of my slick outfits and give you a call.


Amit - it takes all kinds to make a world, hey?

cafe said...

All the best Arty. I'm now at
so my P27 cafeconleche site will now die a slow death...

Um Naief said...

so you're addicted to facebook? for some reason, i thought it was going down for good... i guess i heard wrong.

you're like me... running around last minute throwing things in for the travel. i do that all the time.. always wondering why i didn't do it beforehand.

glad you're having a good time there.