Monday, September 24, 2007

Tomorrow, NYC

Today, I passed through Paris, Delhi, Brisbane, Scotland...

Not in this particular order (as my cousin Alyssa made sure I pointed out), and all in Ontario.


Here in southern Ontario I finally have my summer tan. It's about 80F here in the day, that's about 27C.

The day I arrived (Thurs) I went bug hunting with the kids - we saw a cicada that couldn't fly, and worms, ants, wasps, and ladybugs.

And I put my goddaughter to sleep in her fancy Jeep stroller by walking her up and down the street in front of the house.

That evening, I went with Alyssa and her cousin Emily (who likes to say she's mine too) to Montana's, one of those bar and cookhouse type places where you get handmade burgers, bbq ribs, jalapeno poppers, tortilla wraps, steak and shrimps, etc. I had hot n spicy chicken wings, in a yummy crispy cornflour batter.

Saturday was just food shopping for Sunday, as my aunt was hosting 40 people at home after the Christening.
Sunday was another glorious day with an indescribably blue sky.

Today, Monday, was supposed to be a big one. Early afternoon, a trip to the cemetery for the one year anniversary of Jada's dad's passing; a scenic drive with my uncle in his MG; a shopping trip with Alyssa; a night at the movie with my aunt.

But we only managed the first bit, which took all day as one of the cars broke down on the side of the road about 45 minutes from home, and while we waited for rescue the sun went down. It was about a 2 hour trip each way, so it was those long Canadian roads that ate up our day!

And so, tomorrow I fly out to NYC.

I leave you with a couple of pics of my short visit to Ontario, though actually some of the best are on my phonecam [and I couldn't transfer them to the computer, so you have to wait till I get back to London]:

A hibiscus on my aunt's deck

Jada is a girlie girl

She is such a doll!


Jahooni said...

SHE IS BEAUTIFUL.... like a little angel. Glad that you are having a nice time....
Relax and enjoy.

liv said...

what a fantastically gorgeous baby!

safe travels, my fellow olivia!

Cafe said...

You're enjoying the last of the Canadian summer I see ! We had tornadoes here this week in the UK!

The Moody Minstrel said...

How lovely! And the flower isn't bad, either!

Happy trails!

nikkipolani said...

Definitely a sweet-faced girl :-)
After our unusual September rain over the weekend, we're back to the 80s as well. Such a lovely time to be outside.

Beenzzz said...

She is such a cute baby. The photo of the flower is awesome too!

diyadear said...

she is very cute... i stumbled upon ur blog by chance. loved the template.. :) good work n have a nice trip to all those beautiful places!!

ML said...

A jeep stroller? I love that!

Those pictures are beautiful. What a beautiful baby!

Christopher said...

Well're a poop for being able to travel! I will be writing more soon, I miss you!

AmitL said...

Hi,Olivia....soo nice to read ur updates...will be back tomorrow for more reading.:)

AmitL said...

Hi,Olivia....soo nice to read ur updates...will be back tomorrow for more reading.:)

MattJ said...

hey liv!

hope you're having a fab time! Nice ankle biter! :D

Tell me, are you blogging from your mobile or a pc? I am playing around with the new toy and trying to work out if i can upload driect to blogger! :D It does everything else! (except, you know, have a battery life beyond one day :p)

Olivia said...

Oh wow! I haven't been to my blog since blogging!


Jahooni - oh she is such an angel, and thanks. Her mom was with me as I blogged but I think she should come back and read these lovely comments.


Liv - welcome back fellow O. Hehe, "fantastically gorgeous" made me giggle!


Cafe - it got a bit chilly last night in NYC so looks like all is returning to normal.

Surely it is not hot enough in the UK for tornadoes. My mother put the heating on last night.


Minstrel - Happy traaaaiiiillllls to youuuuuu.....untillll we meeeet agaiiiiiiin...

Bet you thought I was too young to know that one...


Nikki - :) She is a darling.

I had to wear a light sweater last night :(
How is it on your side of the country?


Beenzzz - thank you :) I couldn't figure out why my images were so vivid until I realised I hadn't seen such bright sunshine since I got my camera 3 years ago!


Diyadear - welcome to my blog, and thanks for commenting.

I think I transposed my existing blog into that template about 3 years ago, and boy was it tricky. Not doing it again for a long time.


ML - gosh, the tires on that thing are real, and the feeback from the sidewalk feels great!

Thank you, she is beautiful, and has such lovely things I wish I were a baby again...!


Kissy - boooo, the west coast is just too far for me this time around!


Amit - glad you enjoyed the read. Glad you enjoyed the read. :P


Matt - loving New York!

I am blogging from my cousin's ace computer, and I am sure you'd want to hear about it. It's got terabytes of storage, gigs of memory, and the internet is almost instant, so I don't have to wait for it to do anything at all...however I don't think it has bluetooth so I can't transfer my phonecam pics :(

Um Naief said...

what a beautiful little girl!! she is definitely a little china doll!

gosh, it makes me want a little girl. how sweet it would be to have one!

i see now why you're so smitten... i am too and i'm just seeing her pic.

sorry for not being around much, but when i came here tonight, i was thrilled to hear that you're in canada, about to go to NYC and that you're there w/ your goddaughter.

MattJ said...

You should buy an amusingly named Dongle! they are only about a tenner then you can be all blue toother up :p

Looks like my Toronto trip is postponed until the summer, so the downside is i won't see a snowy Canada, on the plus side I won't be at Niagara falls at -10! lol!

Come back soon!

kate said...

What a little sweetheart ... it sounds as if you had fun while visiting in Ontario. The Hibiscus is beautiful ...

Olivia said...

Um Naief - ooh, don't let Naief hear you! :o

I haven't been around much either, so we're even now...!


Matt - I have been using dongles since the 80s, and from day one I've wanted to know who named them!

Is the wedding also postponed???


Kate - thank you and welcome back to my blog - I think you've been here before.

AmitL said...

LOL..Olivia...that was a nice reply to my duplicate comment.hahaha.*notes down idea for future reference*

shooting star said...

wat a lovel flower!!..and a cute baby!!

Lotus Reads said...

You were in my province and I didn't even know?????!!!!!!! Are you coming back by any chance?

p.s. What a cutie patootie Jade is!