Wednesday, October 03, 2007

From the Big Apple

Am falling asleep at the moment, but wanted to pop in and say I will be back in London in a couple of days.

I am loving every minute in NYC. Have done sooo much, in fact everything I meant to do. It is one spectacular city - the place and the people; one adjective will have to suffice for now. It can be anything to anyone, I think.

Oh, wait till you see the photos! It is a city of great detail and there is beauty even in the corners.

Ciao xxx


L B said...

oh, lucky you! I miss NYC!!!!!!

The Moody Minstrel said...

What, you mean New Yorkers AREN'T the epitome of rudeness and impatience? ;-)

But seriously, haven't you heard:

- The smallest increment of time known to science is the time between the light turning green and the New Yorker behind you honking his horn.

- Have you ever heard a New York echo?

"Shut the **** up!"

(I hope y'all realize I have a smile on...and now I'm waiting for the Oregon jokes, if anyone has ever bothered making any.)

amillionpieces said...

Hello you! Have fun! x

cafe said...

Lucky old you! Never mind, you'll be back in Blighty soon (tee hee!!)

Olivia said...

LB - when was the last time you were here?


Minstrel - Nope. One of my European friends agrees that Londoners are more aggressive.

The light turning green phenomenon happens more in London. In NYC, they actually wait for you to cross.

It's a much quieter, more well-behaved city. Amazingly enough. AND this is my opinion while staying with a cousin in The Bronx.


Pete - hello you too! All the fun will be over tomorrow :(


Cafe - bleh! :P

AmitL said...

Oh,lucky lady..Olivia,someday,I hope to be able to say the same thing.Would luv to visit NYC..seem so much of it in our Indian movies,and,in Bollywood movies,too,and also,in the serial'Friends'.:)

Have fun.

The Moody Minstrel said...

Guess I'd better go there and find out for myself. I suppose I owe it to all the (not very many) New Yorkers I've met, who were all great people.

Um Naief said...

wow, wow, wow... can't wait to see the photos. have never been there myself, but have always wanted to go.

glad you're having such a good time. can't wait to hear all about your experiences/journeys.

smiles to you!

MattJ said...

Minstrel - I've not been to New York yet but I would be very surprised if there is more pent up agrression there than London lol! From talking to people who've been to NY, I think the difference is this:

NY: 'Come on! Get F*** outta my way, i got places to be!'

Londoner: 'Not only am I going to get to where I want to be in as quick a time as possible, I'm going to make life as difficult as possible for everyone around me whilst I do so. Because I am from London, and you are all wankers'

or words to that effect ;)

Liv - get blogging slacker!

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ML said...

Are you back yet? I want to see some photos! :)

jia said...

hey libby,
I havn't read this for a long time. but I must say nice piccs my dear