Thursday, September 13, 2007


I need to write a blog and do the two tags from Jahooni and Planethalder, but I am too tired.

You would not believe how hard this week has been with the art dealer.
I've spent a day assembling boxes and packing filing at an office, and not felt this tired.
Automaton is the word of the week.
No breaks, not enough food, a permanent headache, it's relentless.
Would you ever agree to work for someone who can go 8+ hours without stopping or eating or drinking one molecule?
It's not like public health is at stake here, or there's an immediate issue of national security!

Also have you ever heard of putting a kitchen sink and counter in a bathroom the size of a box? Naaaasty...Just as well I haven't had time for a cuppa tea. If I have to take instructions while I am in the loo, I will not be surprised.

So, might hear from me tomorrow, let's hope. Soooo glad it's Friday.

P.S. Are you surprised that I opted for the lesser of two evils and asked to temp long-term for the boring co? Will keep you updated.


Planethalder said...

What kind of art do they deal in?

ML said...

8+ hours without food or drink? Holy hell, but I don't think that's a good thing.

Rebecca said...

Relax over the weekend, it is sunny right now!!
How's the new place?

Katja said...

Oh gosh, did you? I'll probably see you there then!

Beenzzz said...

Sounds like you had a hard week! I hope things calm down a bit.

Jahooni said...

I've been waiting.... ;-)

What do you do?? work that is?

AmitL said...

Hi,Olivia...well,TGIF(Thank God...),indeed,I'd say..LOL at the kitchen sink and counter in a box sized bathroom...I guess you're learning that 'such things also happen'.:)Good luck at temp-long-term-boring-co..update on that awaited.And,have three cuppas tea on Sat-Sun,to make up.Think of me smiling away while u drink it..hehe.

Um Naief said...

you know, i used to work for a woman that was like this. she'd go non-stop until 9 or 10 at night and expect me to do the same. i did it for a while, but it grows very tiresome and you lose all sense of self, i found. she was a total workaholic! but... she also knew how to have a good time, which, sadly, not many ppl knew.

you sound tired, obviously, but a permanent/long term temp job is good... but i hope it gets better in the sense that you have time for yourself for an hour or so a day.

Olivia said...

Planethalder - fine and contemporary.


ML - Nope, nope...I eat non-stop when I get home, and last night I slept for 10 hours.


Rebecca - heyyy long time no see. I did relax a great deal today! Lovely weather indeed. It will rain on Monday, to coincide with my mood going back there.

The new place is ok thanks.


Katja - hehe, you sound surprised!


Beenzzz - oh no, this is the way it is! I told the consultant I won't be taking it permanent.


Jahooni - I am a temp, as your sis well knows, but at the moment I am temping as PA for an art dealer.


Amit - only had two cups today, but am sort of craving another...also, you can't have tea without cookies!


Um Naief - you hit the nail on the head in the first sentence. Indeed, you do not exist as a person in that sort of work. I can understand working hard, but food, food, I need food, and to go to the loo!
And no, it won't get better. Discussion with such people is fruitless.

Anonymous said...

hikes, that's like working in a chinese factory 100 years ago......
Maybe that's why so many people's a good excuse to get out of the building....
Good thing you didn't take this job, you'd be asking for mental and physical torture.....