Monday, December 22, 2008

In the wee hours

Yesterday, 4.18 AM

Tumble, crash, thud, and I was out of bed in a flash with my heart racing!

Alone in the house, for a moment I had to remind myself that my roomie had told me the place wasn't haunted and I didn't need the nightlight.

I couldn't face it at that hour, so I left it till the next day, picked up the smashed baubles and rehung the good ones, by which time roomie was back home so she vacuumed up the pine needles.  While she was doing so the tree fell again - on top of her.  We adjusted the base as best we could and it's standing once more, albeit with more lopsided decorations.


Selba said...

Uh Oh.... how could it happen? I can imagine that it must be creepy the first when you heard the xmas tree felt.

nikkipolani said...

oh! That's the sort of thing I would expect at MY house!! But perhaps the tree knew you were planning to leave it...

Glo said...

When in the wee hours there arose such a clatter,
Liv sprang from her bed to see what was the matter.
Away to the parlour she flew like a flash,
and saw that her tree had keeled over and crashed!

Aww ~ Liv, that must have scared the living daylights out of you! So sorry to see your su-pine tree! I hope none of your favorite decorations smashed! Did water get all over the wood floor or carpet as well? I don't think any of the Christmas tree stands work that well. I know a lady who screwed a hook into the wall, and she always ties a string around the tree and attaches it to the hook as extra measure after experiencing a similar situation. Hope the tree stays upright now!

Jo said...

That's too bad! Here's a trick to keep the tree upright that I learned from my dad: Screw a hook into the ceiling and twist a wire coathanger around the thickest part of the topmost of the tree and then secure the wire to the hook in the ceiling. Then make final adjustments to the base of the tree so that the load is distributed on the base but it is aligned by the hook in the ceiling!

Hope that makes sense!

Pete said...

Yikes! Sorry to see that, hope you get more stability now!

Very Merry Christmas to you, Olivia! xx

Jo said...

OK, just went back and read Glo's comment. Awesome. I especially love "su-pine." Bravo!

Olivia said...

Selby - yes, I was so glad I hadn't watched Ju-On that evening!


Nikki - what, disorder in your house? I suppose with cats around there are unexpected twists. Oh, and ouch about the last bit!


Glo - Brava! You always turn out the best little verses.

Oooh, and su-pine? Good one, hehehe!

Yes, there was water on the wood floor. I've never had a problem with falling trees before.


Jo - it does make sense, but we only have a stepstool and can't reach our ceilings. As the tree is fine now and it's nearly Xmas, we're not doing anything. We might have tied it to the curtain tiebacks, but haven't bothered.


Pete - all is well now, thanks :)

Merry Christmas to you too, Pete. xx

Olivia said...

Oh hey, Jo! How does Glo rhyme so often?

meimei said...

oh noes, poor tree, poor you. That crash would of been crazy.

meimei said...

I mean it would of scared me too

Flighty said...

You can't even blame the cat! I hope that it's all okay now.
Have an enjoyable, and relaxing, time! xx

MattJ said...

I'm really sorry but a Christmas tree falling on top of someone will never not be funny.

You're glad to have me back - I can tell.

The Moody Minstrel said...

O Christmas tree, o Chris...

Oh, Christmas tree!!!!!

Why does that picture seem so sadly metaphorical right now?

AmitL said...

*hides a grin* must have been scary for you when the sound of the tree falling came.And,even scarier for your roomie when it fell on top of her..but,imagining the scene is,err*grins again*..Merry Christmas and thanks for bringing the smile of the day with this post.

MattJ said...

I think you should name your tree Gojira and force your roomie to shout 'AIIEEEEEEEE!' whenever she goes into the room in honour of your tree's stompiness.

Olivia said...

Mich - you and the cat and the dog!


Flighty - what about the 100-year old ghost cat? xx


Matt - it's ok, you can laugh, at least that'll be one extra minute of non-Matt grumpiness :P


Amit - she said "Ouch!" when it fell on her, probably because the pine needles were boring into her back!

beginninghere said...

Glad you weren't hurt. Have had that happen to us before. I am sure the sound of it crashing was a jolt!