Sunday, December 28, 2008

'Twas the night

Went to my cousin's house in Westchester for Christmas dinner.  It was cozy, and wee little Skippy was all over me, so I got puppy cuddles, and fur on my clothes.  :)


And then after all that coziness, today I headed out to Jersey City in a falling fog, a pervasive sea mist, dampness that goes through to the bone.

St Paul's Chapel near the PATH train to NJ at the WTC station.  A few hours later the fog had thickened so much we couldn't even see across the street.

Jason flew in from Houston and is staying with Chris in JC until the 31st, so I went to keep him company while we waited for Chris to arrive later.

I haven't seen him in exactly 4 years, so it was lovely to catch up and have a laugh face to face, I mean, we do talk regularly on the phone.  Also, as he is studying for his final flight simulator module in mid-January, we ran through the pre-flight and post takeoff checklists, with a huge poster of the cockpit draped on our laps.  Hehe, I was in the Captain's seat :)

The nothingness of sea fog

The Boardwalk in Jersey City.  It seems Manhattan and the entire Hudson River have disappeared!  You stand at the railing to look across the bay and see exactly...nothing!  It is a mist that hangs on your eyelashes.  You think you can blink it away, but it stays.

Also note the pile of frozen snow beside the lamp post, one of many dirty stubborn piles scattered across the city in random corners and in the middle of walkways.  Tomorrow, it will be rainy but even warmer than today (record 65F/19C) so surely there will be more melting.


When Chris arrived we went into Chinatown to the Malaysian restaurant with the awful service and delicious food that we stumbled upon when we went to dinner with Vera and her father in September.  

We ordered and shared, I do love sharing.  
Starters:  Indian roti with curry sauce, and fried calamari.
Mains:  Pad Thai and drunken chicken.

Jason loved the Pad Thai, which was indeed outstanding.  Now let me tell you about the drunken chicken.  Half a chicken steamed in rice wine, a ton of minced garlic, ginger, turmeric root, and I'm pretty sure the red things were goji berries (!) - it was deeeelicious, yummy, scrumptious, and I want it again soon.

Then we walked into Little Italy, which is actually being subsumed by Chinatown, for hot chocolate/coffee and pastries at the same place as last time, Cafe Roma.

It's funny, I used to do that in London, go to my favorite dim sum restaurant in Chinatown, then walk to Leicester Square for hot chocolate goodness at the Haagen Dasz Cafe.  Everyone who visited me in London did that routine - just ask Chris, and probably Vanessa too!  

Oh shoot, I forgot to take pics of the food tonight.  It's OK, Jason and Chris had me in stitches all evening.  I was laughing so hard I wanted to tell them to stop and let me breathe.  I think I had a year's worth of laughter in one go, and I'm set for more, since Jason will be here till Wednesday morning.  Usually I'm the one missing from our group, though they were all together in Houston last week.  Vanessa, we miss you!

Thank God for real, true friends.


The Moody Minstrel said...

The picture of the nativity scene couldn't help but remind me of that Mr. Bean sketch in which he plays with a nativity scene at Harrod's and a Dalek comes in and exterminates a lamb.

Ah...fog! I don't know why, but sea fog always makes me feel really sentimental. I guess it comes from having been born in a town where rain and fog dominate the scene for most of the year. I guess it's easy to forget that, being on the coast, the New York area gets the same thing.

Flighty said...

Good to see that you enjoyed yourself!
We rarely get fog here, for which I'm thankful as the damp really makes my bones ache nowadays. xx

Jo said...

So glad you had a fabulous time! That chicken sounds AMAZING! Yum!

Happy New Year, Liv! And thanks for wishing me well!

beginninghere said...

The images of fog and damp bring back lots of memories of living in Belgium. You are right—it does chill you to the bone. Your visit with friends sounds terrifically enjoyable and one you will remember a long time. Hey—I want some of that good food!!

Palm Springs Savant said...

Those little lambs (or whas it sheep) are so cute!

Incidentally, I love heavy heavy fog- except when I have to drive it in. I find it so magical!

Glo said...

A most interesting post as usual, Liv ~ which reaches out to all of the senses. Sounds like you had a terrific time, and hopefully the fog clears so you can start the new year off with a clear view ;) Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

I love curry. And, have yet to try Roti, let alone Indian Roti.

The pictures you took of the fog, are really mesmerizing. It seems kind of gloomy. But, think of it, as a cloud came to visit earth one day. Then, it's not so bad having fog.

Hope your New Years is great. :)

CafeMark said...

I miss a "foggy day in old London Town". :) Hope you are well! Happy New Year! Cafe

AmitL said...

Hi,Olivia-here's wishing you a delightful New Year..may all your wishes come true!:)
Lovely pics..specially the fog one..we've been having foggy days here as well,and,it's similar-as if all buildings further away than a few feet have disappeared.
And,grt to see u had sooo many laughs.:)