Friday, December 05, 2008

Odd n Ends

THE PUPPY, or Craig Ferguson's monologues

Last month, 3 days after the election, I was watching Craig Ferguson's Late Late Show on CBS.

He does a great opening monologue and the big topic of that week was "What dog will the Obamas choose?"

So Craig weighed in with:

The Obamas say they won't buy a puppy, they will rescue one. Now, when Barack Obama says he will rescue a puppy he doesn't mean he will just take it from the pound, he means he will take it from a burning building using his superpower of Hope. I don't know why Barack Obama is going to rescue a puppy. Many people think he could just make a puppy out of moonbeams and angel farts.
Here is a sample of the usual:


THE POET, or the East Village flaneur

No more than 16, he was so typical of the more artsy parts of this city.  A skinny kid with the clear skin, angular features and long legs that so often foreshadow a career in modeling. Lounging against the subway doors in his skinny jeans, retro sneakers, floppy sandy hair.  The cream pages of his leather journal filled with delicate handwriting. After a couple of stops created seats, he sat beside me counting his couplets and I glimpsed two lines:
Oh my love, my love, my love
Why do I (something something something) at your feet (etc.)

A delay on the N train held us at the platform and I could sense him watching people, taking in the details, noticing the world around him, and fidgeting because he was too cramped to express his creativity.  For a moment, he reminded me of me.  When the empty R train arrived, we both ran for it and he sat opposite me, scribbling away in his journal and flipping his hair until his stop came and he loped off.


Um Naief said...

sometimes i like to sit and just watch ppl.... sneak a peak into their lives... in a tiny way.

Anonymous said...

I like the description of your fellow train passenger. I could almost see him.

I like the quote about the rescue puppy :-)

BTW, "9/80" (and I'm very late to replying to you - sorry!) is the name assigned to our alternate work schedule. I work 9 days (80hrs) and get the 10th off.

Olivia said...

Um Naief - and doing so is the easiest thing in a big city.


Nikki - you work 9 consecutive days and have only one day off? No weekends, no two days in a row?

CafeMark said...

Another interesting post. You should be writing articles for a UK paper you know! Take care, Mark

Anonymous said...

Crai Ferguson eh?
That brings back dormant memories from the 80's. He used to be on television here way back in the 80's, then suddenly disappeared from the screen. Now and then I used to wonder what had happened to him. I guess he hopped across the water. Is he popular? Has he still retained his brogue? (Internet connection now back, but no sound. If it's not one thing it's another.)

Mr B said...

Ah...the last comment was from me. I forgot what buttons to hit at the end. Cocked it up I'm afraid. Sorry about that. I hope not to do the same now, or this will become a lengthy process!

The Moody Minstrel said...

Jay Leno with a burr? Why can't we get quality programming like that here?

Considering you have the eye of an artist and the soul of a poet, have you ever considered taking along a notepad and/or sketchbook with you just in case inspiration hits?

Anonymous said...

Sim and I found a book of poems he'd written as an angst-ridden teen and they were so funny! It's just comical how we think we know the world at that age, I know I thought I really knew everything, but it's only with age do you realise that there aren't enough years in existence for us to ever know that much and that life is always going to be continual learning for the rest of our days. Oh look at me all philosophical! Let's put that straight. Tits, bums and willies! There we go ;o) Love lots! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Sorry that wasn't clear - 9 days over a period of 2 weeks. So, yes, I get weekends off, but I work 5 days/week one week and 4 days/week the next week.