Sunday, April 24, 2005


My cousin Michelle and her hubby Tony - the ones with the twins if you follow my photos - also have a 4-yr old son, Zack.

Having too much in his mind, I wish I could keep a collection of his sayings. Mich sometimes remembers to write them down, when she's not pacifying those babies!

After his birthday party in March, he was bopping a balloon around the living room and it got close to one of the babies. Someone told him to be careful, as he wouldn't want to hurt the twins. He said, No he didn't want to hurt them - and he didn't want to hurt their feelings either. Awww.

Today I heard the coolest one. They were all driving up to a holiday in Centerparcs, when the voice of Zack came from the back of the minivan: "Daddy, why do we have to be here?"
Tony replied, "Where, at Centerparcs?"
Zack said, "No, in life."

[My jaw drops.]