Monday, April 04, 2005


Between the new Casanova series on BBC and the Overheard in New York site, I haven't taken a proper breath in hours!

Disdainful man: Casanova, you have the look of a peasant about you. What do you do? What is your profession?
Casanova: I'm a spy. I spy things. For instance, over there's a canal. I spied it. Ooop, spied it again...!

As you can see, it's completely modern in spirit and dialogue but the costumes and settings are authentic. Some interesting effects too. It could be called a pretty farcical romp, and a bit silly at times, but still....anything for a laugh these days, my new motto.
Throughout is the sort of phrasing that would make you guffaw in spite of yourself, or perhaps choke on a mouthful of tea. They were a bit wicked back then, weren't they?

Casanova to dodgy Castrato: I hear you're from Bologna. Good singing. You reached those one-fifth notes like......oh go on, you're a girl, aren't you?

I am sooo glad I got cheered up by this. Because if I'd written this blog in the afternoon, I would have had a proper rant. I was feeling distinctly disappointed, let-down, frustrated, and dejected about everything and by everyone. Well...I still am...a bit...but it doesn't smart as much as it did earlier.

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Rebecca said...

BTW, I keep forgetting to reply but we'll be at the B-day bash! We may have some friends in town, but we'll certainly stop in for a drink!! I'll email you soon.