Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Umm and Ahh...

It's been a few days since I last wrote. That signifies something negative. At the moment, some particularly beautiful classical music is on my radio, thus balancing my mood out somewhat and detaching me a little from my melancholy.

Yesterday, for the first time ever, I described myself as having "died a thousand deaths". I think the Fig is gone (mentioned a couple of times despite my policy of silence).

And so on to a proper blog here while the music soothes my troubled soul. Monday at the picture library was tough but not as bad as it could have been. It was just me and the boss. The other 3 employees were not in, and when Elbie (the boss) went to lunch I had the office alone. Then, today everyone was in, but I had just as much work which is why I didn't find Monday so hard.
Monday I dealt with lots of graphics and captions. Today I was invoicing and my hands were Paper Cut Central.
Since starting there, everyone has eaten at their desks but I made a point of going out to lunch so that I don't get drained (hey, they're only giving me a tenner a day). Rather nicely, after I took off lunch the first day, Elbie has made a point of sending me out each day.
Today was jaw-dropping because we had two cool breaks:
-1- After the mid-morning snack and cuppa tea, I was still flagging and really muddling myself up. E. came back and asked if I'd gone to my usual lunch and I said, no I was stuck. So she said, Alright, everyone go off to lunch (at 2pm mind you). So Sara, Anne and I went! Poor Anne has just broken up with her bf of 3 yrs.
-2- About 4.30, E. said she didn't want us all getting drained, and why don't we girls go for a walk round together to post the letters and drop off the recycling. So we did. Eeenteresting.

Then her husband came round to get in the way. He's written a lot of books about classical music, and he started the library in 1996. It's in the basement flat of a house in SJW, and it seems they live upstairs.

Hm. It seems I have written about work. I promised myself I wouldn't, but you can't really help it when that's what you do all day! I won't say anything out of turn then.

For once I've omitted to Google something. But good grief, look what it just turned up:
The Lebrecht Weekly Index - weekly columns
Norman Lebrecht's Official Site
I wonder if I've heard his programme on Radio 3.

Well the music stopped working and I've hit a slump. Another time then.


Rebecca said...

Go shopping, now! And buy something outrageous and fabulous!

rebecca said...

Hey I just saw your comment on my page. Definitely time for the Duncan Hines! Best cure to anything, really, chocolate! And perhaps a night at Tiger Tiger, ha ha! Why not, get dressed up and hit the night, eh?!

All the best hon.

Anonymous said...

Chocalate is a good idea but please be careful not too much of it, then you might be dealing with a stomach ache.....
Your employer sounds nice, at least she seems to be aware of a need of balance in the workplace.
Men, they come and they go....don't be sad!!!!