Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Habemus Papam!

I'm not a Catholic, but at the sound of those words and the bells in Rome, I came out all in goosebumps!
Cool, I wrote that just as the BBC reporter said there is a very medieval, goosepimply atmosphere in the Piazza S. Pietro.

Cardinal Ratzinger - Benedict XVI - appears to be a controversial choice. The first German in 1,000 years, and not just German but Jewish. I don't know what he stands for and surely will be learning in the days to come, but I admire the fact that a Jewish convert to the Church can eventually become its head.

Please forgive the comparison, but wouldn't that be like Schwarzenegger becoming the President of the United States?


I was in the old neighbourhood today!
Elbie sent me to the London Library in St James's Square to drop off some books and pick some up.
Of course I walked past all the old familiar galleries and CHRISTIE'S (shiver of delight) and it was all I could do not to go in and see what was on view. It looks as if the offices are expanding into the upper floors of the old Education half of the building, too bad the lovely staircase downstairs is still unused. Every time I visit St James's and King Streets, something has changed.

I was tempted to drop in to the very interesting Arts Club on Dover Street - have been meaning to for ages, but I was on work time and will leave it for another day. Does anyone know anyone there???

Forget this sunshine - what with the cold breezes and the rain showers, when I came home and turned on the news the first thing I saw was Rome bathed in late afternoon sunlight, and yet again my heart longed to be there...*sigh*

It's funny how, since leaving Christie's, I have felt the need to keep feeding my eyes. At work, between projects I take down an old book and flip through it. Today I spotted a 1948 publication called "The Best of Aubrey Beardsley".
This morning, Sara was scanning an engraving after Moreau. What looked like a Loge at the theatre during the ancien regime. A courtesan being presented to two gentlemen? She was all curled and flounced. They were powdered and simpering.
Yesterday, I walked to the end of St John's Wood High Street by the churchyard, to the antiques dealer. Since moving here, I have never seen that place open. Yesterday I went in 5 minutes before closing and got chatting with the proprietor. It had been a hard day at work, and I really needed to see some antiques. They have lots of tiny things that I would love to handle one of these days.

Been a long time since I shared any pics with you. Will remedy that in a minute...


Jia Li said...

yes, it is interesting that Ratzinger is a convert and now is the Pope. And it was an interesting comp, Arnold(who may- one never knows) becoming Pres and a Jewish Covert becoming Pope.

Anonymous said...

I read that this Pope is very conservative and that many were very unhappy. On the other hand, many believed he will do a great job. I guess, we will see....

Anonymous said...

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