Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Le soleil brillait

We had a rare sunny afternoon today - isn't it amazing how, when the sun comes out you can see everything?
After reading a book about St John's Wood last month, I couldn't help but notice all the lovely little architectural details on the houses. That's how bright the sun was today. Passing down Acacia Avenue, I suddenly felt the good intentions of the architects.
This is such an interesting neighbourhood that I gawk while walking along the same street every day!


Jia Li said...


Rebecca said...

Although then you step out and you are cheated: it is still coooold!
(And I think the a/c is on in my office. Hmmmm).

Rebecca said...

Le soleil ne brille plus. Domage. Moi je chaaaante, dans la pluiiiiie!

Anonymous said...

SUN????? We have got too much of it, everyday, all day.... Sometimes, it feels like an outdoor oven, especially when the breeze is hot(but not always the case). And forgert the AC, that's a luxury here.
I have realized that when you have the sun, you want some coolness and when you got the coolness, you want the sun. We always want the opposite....I guess I'll appreciate this heat the day that i am freezing.
Sending you some hot sun over....