Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Good turn

I went to work today :)

Got a call to go in to a venture capital company on St James's Square. I always, without fail, get sent to Mayfair/Piccadilly/St James's...Shouldn't complain eh?

They wanted me to type up a looong proposal for a turbine generator wind farm. Whenever you type long official documents, you always know you'll come across something to make you laugh. It was all I could do not to snort out loud.
Anyone want to guess?

"...when this project winds up."


I had a lovely sunny lunch on a park bench in the square, exchanging quick texts with my cousin James. These twenty-somethings. He says he has plans every night, when all he wants to do is sleep.
So why doesn't he just sleep???
He's a financial advisor, which can't be a fun job to do when you're yawning.

Finance seems to be the most accepting field. My cousin studied history and has been in finance for the past couple of years.
Even my best friend who studied medicine did his own stint in a pin-stripe suit.


So you know I showed you the bathroom at the hotel in Verona. This serviced office I was in today was lush! It felt like a resort, with nice plush chairs scattered around the lounge in small meeting configurations with Japanese screens.

It's one of those former posh townhouses that belonged to noble families with country seats. They'd come to London for the Season (winter, when there was nothing to do in the country) where their daughters would "come out" into society. The most privileged might even be presented at Court. St James's Court it was back then...Sorry, I am rambling, but this always happens when I have been in St J. Square.

What I meant to say was, the crown mouldings and Georgian colour schemes were preserved on the ceilings. Overall, though the working spaces were very modern, the ceilings were totally left in the past. The office I worked in looks like it may have been the Music Room and there were even two chandeliers - the mouldings of instruments were similar to those in the same room from Norfolk House at the V&A Museum, though no gold was in sight: it was all white, yellow and Wedgwood blue. By the way, Norfolk House was only a couple of doors down, looking very rebuilt.

The bathroom was like a hotel loo, there was even a shower room next door. It was the first "public toilet" I nearly sat on. The room was wood panelled, with granite counters, Molton Brown soap and lotion, and little flannel hand towels you throw in a laundry bin.

Geez, even at my members club they give us paper towels!!! (Which by the way, I will not be rejoining as I have discovered other things to do (secret for now). I know, no more descriptions of piano recitals and opera evenings and guinea fowl and foie gras....Oh shut up I might change my mind...nope...I must be resolved.)

Rebecca and Rox, if you want to go, you have to do it before October, ok? I still want to take you.


That is all. I am typed out.


Prerona said...

nice to see u chirpy again :)
the office sounds cool!
curious abt the "secret for now" :D

tooners said...

yes, you sound very chipper and it's good! the office sounds nice and the bathroom sounds beautiful. the privileged and their lifestyles... ahhhh... if only!

i'm interested about the "secret" too!! :)

gosh, if only we could eat outdoors here! sounds wonderful!

Roxandra said...

Wow that does sound great. I love Molton Brown. I have some but I tend to not use it and just look at it lovingly LOL. I cannot believe you want to quit your club it always sounded so great! I am really curious what could be better than this? Thank you for the invite though :o)

Rebecca said...


September some time. I leave Saturday for my two weeks in the jungle, but let's discuss for something in September, we're back the last week of August

Olivia said...

Prerona and Tooners - yes, when I spoke with my Mum on the phone last night, she mentioned how happy and balanced I sounded.

Tooners - imagine working in that office and going to that loo whenever you wanted, and making tea in a brushed steel and black granite kitchen!

The secret for now, is just that. I haven't joined yet - but it's going to be more fun!

Rox - I could always join again when I am older. They were excited about having me around, though because they're in the process of admitting members even younger than I!
I don't go there often enough to warrant the membership.

Rebecca - OK, I look forward to it :)

Jia Li said...

hmmm secret

panda_eyed said...

Mmm I like luxurious bathrooms and expensive products. Completely unnecessary but makes you feel pampered.
Ohh, it's the work summer party tomorrow and I'm stuck for what to wear.. :(

Olivia said...

JL - :P

Panda - well-being is essential, though...!

Summer party...is it indoors? Don't wear too much black, there will be enough of that in the winter. In fact, it may be one of the last smart summer outfits you will wear this year, so make the most of it. The weather seems to be changing this week.

Rebecca said...

In case I don't manage to visit here before I leave (if I leave, given the situation), then have a good two weeks and definitely nudge me again when I get back for this! 2 weeks at the beach are likely to distract me.

And chin up!

Olivia said...

Rebecca - oh yea, I have since found out what that situation is.
Hopefully it will be over in a couple of days.

I will nudge you when you come back, and thanks bellissima.