Monday, August 14, 2006

Topsy Turvy Chinkie Blink

I have nothing to post about. Well, that's not true, but I didn't do anything. Went to my aunt's for dinner yesterday.

I was at a Chinese restaurant earlier this summer and I kept the chopstick sheath because it was so amusing. Printed on the front were the words exactly in this fashion:

Welcome to Chinese Restaurant.
please try your nice Chinese Food with Chopsticks
the traditional and typical of Chinese glorious history.
and cultural
Hehe. Hm, been a while since I had Chinese...


I'm still reading the Saki (H.H. Munro) volume, haven't touched the Freud in a while, and yesterday in the Tube I started on blink by Malcolm Gladwell, the newish book about following your intuition, which is often more reliable than empirical research or constant questioning - which is our modern habit.

The first example given was very appealing to me: a supposed 6th century BC Greek kouros acquired on loan by the Getty prior to purchase. Over a year of intensive testing and research is carried out. All the specialists brought in to evaluate it, within two seconds of seeing it, had an "intuitive repulsion".

The original researchers wanted the kouros to be authentic.
Further testing in Athens proved the statue to be a fake - surface oxidisation by potato mold.

In every situation, we all experience the initial two-second impression. Usually it is right, but rarely do we listen.


This next section demands a little patience, but if you want to see something you have never seen before, go to this website. Keep clicking on the red seals. Then click on the Boutique link in the drop-down menu.

Check out ALL the pics especially number 10, and try not to fall over in your seat. I nearly did! And yes, that is what it really is like.

V&R Milano

I'd love to know what you think :)


Memoria said...

First of all, we are definitely friends for life....i cannot believe you mentioned the chopsticks thing. Still not certain of the reasoning behind my disbelief? haha Well, just yesterday or the day prior, I had purchased Chinese food and read the sheath. I usually dont read them, but something compelled me to read it. Well, I saw the very thing you wrote in your blog, and I laughed and reread the message on my sheath. I funny, they made it a universal statement for all Chinese restaurants...but it sounds funny, all the same. Too crazy that you mentioned it today. or that you took out the time to just even write about it haha.

Anyway, I agree about the two second intuition statement. I guess that is why most hypotheses are supported in studies (well, as long as the researchers do not change their hypotheses based on the findings). I am going through the same thing with my current study (not the changing it based on findings but comparing my intuition with the findings).

I went to the V&R site...crazy designs! I would love to have that in my home or in one of my rooms. The upside down feature is freaky yet beautiful. Very exquisite and elegant. I can definitely see you living or working in an environment like that.

Olivia said...

Memoria - of course ;)

hahaha, well they must be from the same factory in China!

I actually kept the package for weeks until I found a day when I had nothing to blog, like today, when I could fit it in.

Your second, you really sound like a graduate-level psychologist there...! I am so proud of you.

Funny thing about the upside down rooms: -
Astronauts talk about similar disorientation in space. In gravity you know the door is here and the wall is here. In space, you enter the same room and everything might be upside down. When the eye and the brain disagree to this extent, the body reacts by being sick.

I hope that doesn't happen in the pretty boutique. I bet employees start out quite wobbly.

Robin said...

Nice blog.

haha,, I always tot I have nothing to blog about .

but yet, I am able to fill my post everyday..


tooners said...

V&R have a very interesting site.. and I can only imagine what it must be like to work in a place like that. Would take a bit to get used to that or at least for me. Interesting marketing scheme though!

and the quote of the day... so very true!

Roxandra said...

Cool shop! But I do imagine the staff being a bit nauseous at first. And the clients. Which might not be such a good strategy after all :oP

Olivia said...

Robin - welcome. There is always something to blog about.

Tooners - I wonder why they did it! I'd love to visit, but I was so close to Milan only last month.

Rox - yes, wouldn't that be a negative association?

The Moody Minstrel said...

Those glorious Chinese...
All your chopsticks are belong to us.

I usually tell my students that, when answering a problem on a exam, the first idea that pops into their mind is probably right. The problems come when they start trying to use their heads. Unfortunately, since the Japanese education system is strictly exam-oriented, the kids quickly learn not to use their heads and STAY that way!

You know what I think? I think either V or R said, "Let's turn the fashion industry on its head," and someone took it a bit too literally.

Olivia said...

Oh Minstrel, why didn't I think of it before?
Have you ever been to

I used to spend hours having a good giggle there. LOL, I typed "habing" by mistake - good Freudian slip there.

Did you see the pic of Viktor & Rolf? I bet they were wicked enough to do it on purpose!