Monday, August 28, 2006

Long-promised photos

What I wore to the wedding:

One of the prettiest tops I have ever owned!

The general look without suitably modest coverings for Indian event.

After Sunny's sleepover, ready to shoot back to London for the wedding. Amy, Sunny, Diva, me. (phonecam)

The bride encrusted:

And I remember her when she was a wee thing.


The view from my office window:

Every time I look up, I see St Paul's Cathedral across the street. (phonecam)

I must stop myself from capturing it in all its moods!

As the rains roll in. (phonecam)

Coming up next time, the wedding videos of dancing and music.


We finish up with a drool, you know who you are:

Pizza made from very stale pitta bread drizzled with a good amount of extra virgin olive oil, sprinkled with herbs de Provence and capers. Topped with sliced tomatoes, torn up slices of lightly smoked processed cheese, and rather oldish Prosciutto di Parma (Parma ham), and with a final dash of Texas chili seasoning. Hehe! Forgot to add the pickled garlic so left it on the side.


Mikeachim said...

Oh. My. God.
I'm horried. At:
(a) you, and
(b) me, for salivating.

Olivia said...

Mike - welcome, another refugee from 20six :)

"Horried" that a Yorkshire word? Or did you misspell "worried"?

Mikeachim said...

Haha. I misspelt 'horrified'.
Thank god it didn't come out as 'Hornified' or something similarly socially marginalising.....
I'm not sure I'd be able to show my face in here again.
eg. "Oh yes, you're the guy who gets horny when he sees Pizza, yes?" :)

Mikeachim said...

Actually, I should add, in those pictures you're definitely looking kinda hot....
What do you mean, "get out"? But, but Arty - we go back such a long way, and....
OK OK, I'm going.
*slams door*

Olivia said...

LOL Oh, I guess you were too busy drooling to pay attention.

Hehe, this might be the first time we have 20six style dialogue on Blogger.
You always have me saying, "Get out!" in them!

Come back soon, though!

Mikeachim said...

I'm back.
Wadayamean, "get out again!"?
I know, I know. I'm always doing the [outrageous comment] [pretending to be dismissed] [pretending to leave in a huff] thing. I'm starting to sound like a stuck record.
But, for the (stuck) record, you do look rather winsome in those photos.
YES YES YES don't even say it, I'm going.
*storms out, door slams*

Anonymous said...

Texas chili seasoning???? hahaha too funny! I totally did not expect to read that ingredient on such a delectable dish! YUM!

You look as beautiful as usual on your pics. I love that top, especially without the covering. I just love Indian weddings! I wish I could go to one instead of just watching them on Bollywood movies haha.

Anonymous said...

I didnt know that we were both INFJs! I knew we had similar MB Types, but wow. There is a definite difference b/w us though, but we are eeringly similar in many ways...

thanks for leaving a comment...I'm still trying to figure it out...I want to change the layout (hehehe)

Olivia said...

Mike - that was quick. I think the first time I ever heard that word (winsome) applied to me was thanks to you.

I may never, ever shed the "innocence" and "naivete" thing. *sigh*
And hey, any of you who try to make me feel better about it, it really is a hindrance.

Memoria - the seasoning just gave an interesting kick-twist to the overall flavour.

I will be putting up the videos soon and I know you will love them!

Oh yes, and we are both only children. But you're more of one than I am. :P

Mikeachim said...

1. Cheerful; merry; gay; light-hearted.
2. Causing joy or pleasure; agreeable; pleasant.

Aye, sounds about right. :)
'Innocence' and 'naivete' thing?
1. Lack of worldliness or sophistication; naiveté.
Doesn't sound like you at all, actually. You live and work in the capital. You don't get much more sophisticated and worldly in this country than being a Londoner.
I rest my case.

M. said...

Pretty top, beautiful person, droolicious pizza, gorgeous view from the office. You're really making people green with envy!

Do only children tend to be INFJs or something?


Anonymous said...

I'm more of an only child than you are? haha What are you implying with that assertion? Are you saying that I have a spoiled behavior more advanced than yours? Well, I declare! haha

MechanicalCrowds said...

I've had pizza in Italy that looks just like that!

I liked the top.

tooners said...

first off, the pizza looks delish! yum... did you make it? i'm assuming so. where do you find the recipes or do you do whatever comes to mind?

i LOVE the top!!! so pretty. perfect w/ the pink linen pants. so, w/ indian weddings, you cover up? do the weddings have both men and women in the same halls/rooms and such? i like that they're modest. that's nice.

the bride looks fabulous. i can't imagine wearing all of that though. must be hot and heavy.

the pics are great. plz send some of those beautiful storm clouds my way! last night while out and about, we were passing this house and i saw some flicking lights and thought it was lightening ... then i bounced back to reality. :( but hey, they will soon come. just a few more months and the glorious rain will be here. :)

MattJ said...

Lovin the top Liv, and the Pizza looks the don (glad you included some chili hehe!)

Great pics from your phone cam, mine are always lame! I took some at Twickenham on Saturday that have come out rubbish. No fear though, soon as my memory card comes my shiny new cam will be in action!

I suggest we start a bidding war for who she takes as a guest to the next indian wedding, it's not fair! I'm a growing boy and need feeding!

Granted, I am growing sideways, but growing nonetheless ;)

Prerona said...

could not see the pictures :(

The Moody Minstrel said...

Let's I scrolled down, looking at the pictures, my reactions were as follows and in the following order:

#1 - Beautiful in white and pink!
#2 - Still beautifulin white and pink! Must you cover it up?
#3 - Possibly dangerous, probably naughty, definitely colorful, and still somehow beautiful!
#4 - Definitely not a "wee thing" any more, and definitely beautiful in red and silver!
#5 - When I was in London I went near it but never near enough! Beautiful under blue and next to green!
#6 - Now gray but still green and beautiful!
#7 - AAAAAAAHHHH!!!!! WHATHEHELARYUDOINGTUME???!? That is one wicked-looking pizza! I thought you and your friends looked somehow diabolical, but THAT is FIENDISH!!! You are CRUEL!!! (Time to get an air duster and a towel...)

Thank you for your attention.

panda_eyed said...

Liv, can you help me? I really want to change my blogger template - to something that not everybloggy has. Did you make your own? I'm a bit rubbish with html. I know I can find some free ones, but they're rather crap.. Does anyone have any suggestions..? Peas.. Fankyou..

Olivia said...

Mike - compare my definition:

Main Entry: win·some
Pronunciation: 'win(t)-s&m
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English winsum, from Old English wynsum, from wynn joy; akin to Old High German wunna joy, Latin venus desire

1 : generally pleasing and engaging often because of a childlike charm and innocence (a winsome smile)


Leilouta said...

Oh Olivia...What a pretty top!!! Where did you get it from? And did it cost you a fortune? :)
I am making pizza tonight!

Olivia said...

Mers - it may be the last time. I have no time now to wander about and come back to tell you stories of London...!

As to the INFJ correlation to only children, I don't know.


Memoria - any input on that?
And YES you are the prima donna of only children! Now go and sulk over it.
Nah. *hugs*


Mechanicalcrowds - really! Where? Usually the pizza I've had in Italy looked Mine could be called "rustica". Hehe.


Tooners - yes I made it up completely out of what I had in the fridge, I was a bit hard up that day. I am glad, too.
I've discovered that when I invent recipes they tend to have a Mediterranean flair, so it must be strong in my blood.

About the bride, could you imagine your shoulders and back aching after a day in that outfit?

We need this rain! We haven't had any since winter really. We are having a drought in England. Yeah I know, don't look at the green trees around St Pauls. No really, they banned hosepipes and all the grass went brown. We have had droughts here for years.


Matt - ner nerner ner ner! What's your phone?

You can bid all you want, but I have no more Indian weddings to go to. Next up will be an English one, followed by a GREEK ONE! YESSSSSSS!!!!!!


Prerona - oh that sucks, why doesn't your ISP like Flickr?
So does the Flickr website not work either?
I hope you can watch YouTube...


Minstrel - hahahahahahaaaa, what a laugh I had!
BTW, tis not white, tis antique cream. *ahem*

Oh why oh why did you not go inside St Paul's? In the evenings and on Sunday afternoons, you can attend Evensong for free and at the end the organ rumbles a pure wall of sound up the aisles.

I am guessing you don't get many of these ingredients in Japan?


Pandy - oh dear, oh dear. I changed my template once using a template from a blog accessories site. My html is only very basic and for the boxes and stuff I jiggled about with the numbers till it looked ok.
It was hard, and I never want to do it again. It was kind of worth it, though. I wouldn't know what to tell you to do because I basically followed my nose! Sorrieeeeeee! It was a bit like this:

"Look Ma, no hands!"
*falls off bike*

Olivia said...

Leilouta - ah, once again you sneak in while i am doing a giant comment :P

I got that top at River Island and it cost me 39 pounds which is nowhere near a fortune here, but it's nearly $90! I never liked that shop and never went in, I don't know why I did that time. I haven't even been back since.

The pic of the pizza was kind of for you. I was thinking of your Tunisian pizzas when I put it up.

Olivia said...

Sorry, I meant nearly $80 not 90 :P

Anonymous said...

Um, any input on what??? I'm confused.

and I think that I will just be single while I'm in Austin, which is fine, since I'm studying...but one does get lonely at times.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to the pic of your pizza, I caved and bought a yummy calzone today. thanks a lot, Oliv! hahaha ;)

Olivia said...

Mem - I meant, any input on Merserene's comment about only children being INFJs.

Oh yes, don't tell me about single and lonely...
Those couples kissing on the escalator, make me want to, oh, I don't know.

Sorrie about the pizza...

Shreemoyee said...

What part of India wedding was it?