Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The way they live...or not

I was in a briefing today with a consultant who had such a bad lisp that he sounded like he'd just eaten a few crackers and really needed a drink. And my opinion was asked whether to use the word "optimum" or "optimal" in an interview question.


During dinner tonight, I numbed my brain by watching a programme about the over-demonstrative marriages of Bennifer 2, Spederline, Tom-Kat, and the like. It went on to do another episode on celeb pre-nup agreements.

Check this out for an idea:

Ivana Trump got only $2 million a year after her divorce from Donald Trump.
only two million a year

Well, I suppose she needs more because probably just her clothes, hair and makeup cost that much each year.

How would you live if you had 2 mil a year?


What's more, look at the names of Donald's wives:

Go on, who is the odd one out???


I read somewhere that there is a high suicide rate amongst employees of the Disney theme park ride "It's a Small World".

I don't blame them. I was at Disney when it was under construction in 1983, and they were already playing the tune, and even then I was annoyed by it.


M. said...

This post made me LOL. Keen observations!

I'd be happy with just $1M a year, but if you're used to that type of lifestyle you'd always find more to spend on.

I think the 3rd wife is "Melania." Odd one out would be Marla Maples because she's not of Eastern European persuasion. (BTW did you know Marla's cousin is Heather Locklear?) But they're all odd, period, for marrying Mr. Major Combover.


Mikeachim said...

>>"How would you live if you had 2 mil a year?"
Half the fun of having money is the freedom from worry....
And I'm highly averse to Stuff. Nothing wrong with spending money, as long as it's on something useful, as in 'regularly used'.
You know, like a speedboat. Or a stretch limo. Yes.
Hold on....
Methinks the lady has not answered her own question.
How would you spend £2 mill a year, Arty?

Anonymous said...

With two million dollars, I would invest it after paying off my school loans. I could just use the interest off of that money. I would stay in school, of course. I want my PhD more than anything, so yeah. Funny you asked that question. I have been daydreaming about being sickingly rich for a few days now. I have a long plan already made haha. What about you, Olivia? How would you use the money? I would also buy a house and a new car, of course. but only after investing it, since the more I invest, the more interest I will receive.

wow, such an intersting factoid in regards to Disney suicides. I totally understand why they do it, though! That repetitive music!!! and all those monos around them.

emiel said...

Hi Olivia,
Happy World Blog Day today!
I gave you a link today.
Greetings from Belgium

Olivia said...

Mers - well spotted. Marla is from Georgia.
Related to Heather Locklear? Yes I see the resemblance, and not just that they're both blonde, or worth it!

LOL! Major Combover :P

Mike - a stretch limo? Nasty!
I will answer the question at the end.

Mem - you smart girl.

What I would do with 2 mil:

Invest it and also live off the interest (4% = 80,000), after buying myself a decent house and a lovely car.

All I would really want to do is supplement my income and have access to the simple luxuries I enjoy, plus regular manicures, pedicures, massages, and haircuts. My holidays will be no more exciting than they are now, only I won't count costs.

And I would STILL avoid like the plague: Prada, Gucci, Versace, Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, et al. I have more understated tastes, no offense to those of you who own any.

The British Horse Society said...

How funny! A few years ago I worked for a consultant with a terrible lisp. He seemed like a nice guy at first but turned out to be a horrible man and sacked me in the nastiest possible way, for no absolutely no reason (he then had the security codes changed so I could not get back into the office to pick up my stuff). Beware!

Leilouta said...

"How would you live if you had 2 mil a year?"

At the beach :)

Jia Li said...

I am back!


Blogger huh...I might venture over here as well, now that I wish to make a vlog

Jia Li said...

Olivia said...

Horse Society - Well hello! Interesting visitor we have here...

I doubt this guy is mean - he doesn't seem to belong to the world of finance - he looks like a displaced Classics professor, even down to the corduroy jacket and the slight stutter!


Leilouta - which beach???


Jia Li - I have missed you, you were around a lot last night.
You should have never left Blogger in the first place! You move blogs like a true traveller!

The Moody Minstrel said...

How would you live if you had 2 mil a year?

In constant fear of my life.

The suicide rate at "It's a Small World" doesn't surprise me, but it does make me wonder why my daughter is always so determined to get me to take her on that ride whenever we visit Disneyland.

tooners said...

oh, i could think of lots of ways to live on 2 mil a year! just the thought .... ok... i'm back. :)

ppl commit suicide on the ride "it's a small world"! hmmmmm...ok, if i had to listen to that theme song i might get a little shaky myself... but quitting would be a better alternative... don't ya think!! i actually always loved that ride... but now that i'm thinking about it, it was the best way to cool off in the summer heat! :)

Leilouta said...

Any beach :)

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