Sunday, November 04, 2007

And the nominees are

This will be quite a challenge, as too many bloggers have become inactive this year!

A few weeks ago, Beenzzz nominated me for:

(Thank you Beenzzz - I love your humour, your optimism, your strength of personality, and you have a great eye for photography.)

I have to choose only 5 gals, and most of the active female bloggers I know have already been nominated!.....grrr.....

1. Um Naief
2. Guyana Gyal
3. Planethalder
4. Nikkipolani
5. Jahooni

I enjoy reading your funny, warm, entertaining, sophisticated, informative posts, and seeing the beautiful images you share. When you don't blog, I miss you! Keep up the good work, girls!


This weekend, Lotus and ML made nominations for this award, and I was a nominee:

About the award: This award is for the bloggers who: effortlessly weave their way in and out of the blogosphere, leaving friendly trails and smiles, happily making new friends along the way. They don’t limit their visits to only the rich and successful, but spend some time to say hello to new blogs as well. They are the ones who engage others in meaningful conversations, refusing to let it end at a mere hello - all the while fostering a sense of closeness and friendship.

(Lotus, thank you for opening our eyes to little known corners of the world, the people in them, and the lives they lead.
ML, you're one of the bright sparks who keep optimism and laughter alive in this blogosphere.)

I nominate:

1. Moody Minstrel
2. Um Naief
3. Nikkipolani
4. LB
5. Amit

You are faithful, regular readers, who are often the first to comment. Between us, we have developed a pleasant dialogue, thereby creating a wonderful little blog neighbourhood.

Thank you Blogger Girls and Blog Schmoozers for putting up with my recent long rants, offering advice, making me laugh, nagging and supporting me. Without you guys, I would have retired from the blogosphere long ago. I promise to return to form really soon.

Finally, I hope none of you named on this page quit for a loooong time yet. :)


L B said...

lemme try to be first again!! Thank you for the nomination! *proud**proud* :-) You are so articulate! I wanna hug ya! Can? Can, yes? HUGS..

Christopher said...

And I nominate myself...oh Livvie, I am a supportive blogger and dedicated friend...I've had to save you from 20 disasterous marriages, some god awful relationships...and what about that wonderful summer in St. Tropez? Oh yes, I remember it well. My my my my, just when I think my Tiara is getting a little too tight, you come and clock me up side the head with your Jimmy Choo stilleto! (wink! I just love being a terror!)

Oh it does snow in Portland, but not as much as it did when I lived in Boise, Idaho. I'm not really a fan of snow, but the "foothills" that surround that mormon fishbowl of a city that stands for "city of trees" in french, in the winter get blanketed (thank god!) in snow and remain so until just about the end of spring...It was the only time I could look at those baby shit brown foothills, was during winter. Obviously someone like me just doesn't sit well with earth tones. I blame that spring I once spent in Arizona, on a cosmetic freelance assignment in a department store for being my saving grace. I was saved by the grace of Estee Lauder and MAC, from having to look at terracotta houses with rock beds and cactus (shudder) and lets not forget the post traumatic stress disorder I am suffering from, as a result of seeing my first scorpion (when you live in the desert in that part of the USA if you leave your shoes outside you have to shake them out, because those damn things love hiding in shoes) so nonetheless I need trees, grass, and technicolour eyeshadows to maintain some sense of reality (which for me, leaves me wondering what that means anyways...)

Well, now that I see where you and I stand with one another I am going on a mad shopping spree and am going to plunge myself into debt and group therepy, because I am feeling a lack of love from you (dabs eyes and clutches pearls) Oh Livvie, what happened to us?



Beenzzz said...

Congratulations on the blog awards! Also, congrats to those you named as well! :)

Selba said...

Woohooo... congrats to the 5 gals and 5 boys :D

Planethalder said...

Thank you Olivia! You've made my morning :-)

The Moody Minstrel said...

Nope. Not quitting. Not even! :-D

Thanks for the nomination...and for putting up with my "schmoozing"!

Word verification:
Never will I leave this sphere for good
(Unless the claws of fate drag me away).
Amazing that our blog connection should
Go on like this, enduring day by day.
Perchance, m'lady, to behold
The truth of blogging, good as gold!

( it the Vivaldi playing in the background?)

ML said...

Congratulations, girl! You deserve both awards and MORE!

daffy said...

Hey! Congrats and many thanks for your help today. :o) xx

MattJ said...

I can't believe that I wasn't nominated - I am nothing if not a burning ray of optimistic summer sunshine and happiness! :p hehehe!

Sorry about the absence, things are a bit mental at work and I pretty much just veg when i get home lately! When I have a shiny new macbook all that will change of course :p

Um Naief said...

me schmoozing?!!!! never!! ;)

thank you my dear for the nominations... it's a first! altho my blog hasn't been the most interesting as of late...

Sonrisa said...

Hey! Just a little visit. I liked your post about being in your twenties again...I am 21 and I honestly like being just where I am. Saying that... good times will happen for you again, mate. So, I guess I should change your link to this blog now?

Flighty said...

Congratulations on your well deserved awards. It's nice to see that in turn you've nominated Nikki for both of these, which are equally well deserved. xx

Lotus Reads said...

Olivia, what lovely tributes to your blogger friends. You are so generous in words and spirit. Enjoy the awards and thank you for sharing the love!

Olivia said...

LB - I like hugs :)


Christopher! I think I need to add extra nominees - but only if you promise to blog more than twice a year!!!
Give me my Jimmy Choos back please and I'll give you back your tiara ;)

Thanks for describing Portland and Arizona. I didn't know Boise was a mormon city.

In Tx we used to shake our shoes out in case of brown recluse spiders.

Kissy, can I come shopping with you? xoxox


Planethalder - if so, then it is more than I had hoped for :)


Minstrel - you're a great neighbour, and thanks for your diverting verses. Sharp is the brain that creates them.


Matt - you ray of sunshine. Since you got on Facebook, I thought you'd given up the blogs.


Um Naief - much better to be a rocking blogger girl, right?
Now now, how can you say your son is not interesting? ;)


Sonrisa - well hello! Glad you found me. I didn't expect to give up on P27, so I think I neglected to write a farewell post there...
This has been my real blog home for nearly 3 years now!


Lotus - that compliment just warmed my heart, thank you!


And thanks to the rest of you for popping by to comment!

There are some more of you taht need adding too, forget the 5 person limit...

MattJ said...

No, it's just reduced becase delete a lot lol! I write stuff then determine whether it is just plain whining, repeating things I've already said on several occasions, fnny whining or something that I find amusing. A lot of stuff doesn't make the cut anymore, which given the lwo quality of what does make it you should be grateful! lol!

There will be some things on the technoblog soon as I get the Mac as I intend to document my first full mac experience lol! Also podcast plans are in motion (that is going to be a disaster!)

Jahooni said...

oops I just pee'd my pants! ;-)

AmitL said...

Hi,'re so right-many of the regular bloggers I knew have also become inactive this year..

Congrats on your nomination.:)

And,thanks for nominating me for the other award.:)Always a pleasure to read your posts.As they say'the proverbial bright spot in the morning',or,whenever I read it/them.

And, here's wishing you a long innings in the blogosphere.