Thursday, November 08, 2007

New Rooms

Last week I had a dream about being in a house that I was living in, and one day I suddenly discovered extra bedrooms and bathrooms. I've had this dream before, maybe a couple or three times. Being in transition as I am at the moment, I thought perhaps they meant something, so I looked it up on a few dream interpretation sites and look what I found:

Room or rooms in a dream usually stand for certain
characteristics of the dreamer. Finding new rooms, or building one may
symbolize assuming new roles; developing your personality and
establishing emotional maturity.

It may also signal the need of grieving period; coming
out of depression; readiness for new relationships.

Also...usually when you feel an aspect of your life is opening up...


Apart from this, I had some great ideas for posts this week, but they've all disappeared into the ether...


Sonrisa said...

When I was little, I remember having a dream like that about finding an extra staircase and rooms in my nan's old house. I love dreams like that...I feel all adventurous. I think it's time for me to update my blogging habits as well....I feel I've lost direction somewhat.

nikkipolani said...

Hmmm, I must look up what bicycles mean. The interpretation of your rooms dream seems to fit. Does it feel like it fits to you?

amillionpieces said...

Or, or, or...

Perhaps you just really want to find extra rooms in your house one day.

Forgive me, I guess I'm a literalist ;)

Beenzzz said...

"A baby with a football sized head can pass through a woman's ....." HAHA! That line cracked me up.

A little while ago I was having dreams about extra rooms in the house. One time it was this very lavish art museum. Very interesting!

The Moody Minstrel said...

What a bizarre coincidence! My new American coworker was just explaining "Family Guy" to me today, since I'd had no idea what it was.

(That's what I get for being isolated from the richness of my native culture since I'm trapped in these islands.)

Hmm. What does your book say about dreaming that you keep going back to places you used to live and find they're no longer recognizable?

(Did I already answer that question earlier in this comment?)

Word verification:
Quick thinking is what is required
Unless you are simply too tired.
Question all that you dream;
Use your head, vent some steam,
For your subconscious self is all wired.

ccl said...

Wow, you look stunning in black, Artie! Hope the new temping job is going ok. Mark (cafeconleche)

Christopher said...

Darling you look lovely in your photo...tell me, if you were to have endless amounts of money to build your dream house, what would it be like? Would there be a theme? What would your garden be like and the decor?

Olivia said...

Sonrisa - Did the staircase take you anywhere? Have you ever tried to go back to sleep to finish an interrupted dream?


Nikki - Yes, it fits very well!


Pete - Personally, I find too many rooms confusing, though nooks and crannies are wonderful.


Beenzzz - Are you a fan of Family Guy? I love it.

Did your dreams precede a positive life development? The idea of the art museum sounds intriguing.


Minstrel - I am sorry you can't see FG over there. It's priceless stuff, much funnier IMO than The Simpsons.


Mark - so glad you explained CCL, I didn't know it was you last time!

The temping is going alright, steadily and boringly, thanks for asking.


Kissyfur - your question inspired my next post! I did once blog about architectural styles I like, but I can't find it. I shall have to do a second post, so thanks for the inspiration. Then of course, it will be your turn, but I've made this into a meme.

Lulwa said...

You look lovely :) I love what you were wearing!

Sonrisa said...

Arty, I can't say I have tried to finish a dream. The staircase took me to more rooms, and it was fun discovering what was inside them.

Um Naief said...
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Um Naief said...

i like this dream. i've had dreams where i found an attic full of clothes... everything and most will be new.

sometimes i wonder if it's from stress... seeing that there are clothes everywhere and when i wake i'm terribly disappointed. ;)

you look great. your hair's growing out and it looks fabulous.

AmitL said...

Hi,Olivia...don't you just love such lovely dreams?I do.:)And, you know,since it's recurring,maybe it'll come true.

Great to see the interpretation-an aspect of live opening