Saturday, November 17, 2007

Sunday Diversion

Just in case I don't blog for the rest of the week, I'll catch you up and give you a look ahead.


Since last Thursday I have been battling a cold or something. After I got my flu shot a couple of weeks ago, the nurse said that my immune system would be so active working on the vaccine that anything else I might catch over the next couple of weeks would be shorter/less severe.

Not sure I believe her though: Since the initial telltale internal buzzing I feel before coming down with upper respiratory infections, I have had mild sinusitis, though I think the thing waited for this weekend to settle in properly. Friday night the sore throat started, and I was so very unwell on Saturday with one of the nastiest headaches I've ever had. Hopefully I'll be up to going to work on Monday. I mean, 9 days and, as far as I can tell, a couple more to go, is just ridiculous.


This coming Thursday, my mother and I will be celebrating Thanksgiving by going to Christopher's American Grill in Covent Garden. I will be sure to share the experience with you afterwards, as the menu looks exquisite, and it's not limited to turkey...


The Swiss Re (affectionately known as the Gherkin) near my office in Aldgate

One day, I noticed a distinct colour scheme going on

Just before tucking in one night, noticed the wonderful play of light and texture on my bed


L B said...

I hope you will feel much much better very soon.. Yeah, 9 days of that was bad.. Have a very good week ahead, Olivia.

The Moody Minstrel said...

Your fazzer was a hamstair,
And your spicy winter pick-me-up smelt of eldairberries!

Do take care of that cold, m'lady!

Um Naief said...

i hope you're starting to feel better. i have something as well, and naief has been sick for weeks now, only finding out day before yesterday that he has pneumonia. he's getting better, thankfully.

i love the color scheme... funny how our creative our mind is even when we aren't thinking about it... or maybe how we're drawn to certain colors, as you are obviously.

are these your bed linens? quite beautiful if so. i'd love to have something like that, but w/ cats, such doesn't last long and i hate snags in things!!

Selba said...

Get well soon... flu isn't fun at all especially during winter.

I see your hand cream is made from fig and cherry? Waaaah... I'm wondering how it smells, nice?

Btw, until today, I haven't tried fresh fig which I really want to. Can't find it here in Asia.

Olivia said...

LB - I have sort of lost my voice now.
You have a good week too.


Minstrel - And I fart in your gennerrrrallll direction!


Um Naief - I read about that, which is why I asked about the flu season in Bahrain. Good to hear Naief is improving - and are you?

I was happy taking that photo, as it meant that I was beginning to see the world around me again.

yep, that's my bed :)


Selby - the fig and cherry smells so delicate, not at all like fruits. Figs are lovely to eat, I wish you could try some. Turkish black figs are best. One day you will come to Europe, ok?

Olivia said...

Selby - PS. Not fair for you, actually, because you don't get figs out there and yet we get all the SE Asian produce in the market!!!

Flighty said...

Sorry to see that you're not feeling so good. The weather doesn't help much either! I hope that you get well soon and enjoy your evening out on Thursday.
Take care and hugs. xx

nikkipolani said...

So sorry about the cold. I gave up taking flu shots about 10 years ago and seemed to have fared about the same as the friends who got shots.

Looking forward to reading your post after Thursday.

Olivia said...

Flighty - thanks, I can't wait to tell you all about it.


Nikki - iiit iiis nottt the fluuu!
Whenever I skip the shot, I get the flu. Anyway, this is probably a head cold. It's amazing what can be stored up there.

Anonymous said...

oh dear, I am sorry. I thought my sore throat was bad but I only stayed home for two days.

I hope you get better very very very soon.


Olivia said...

V - oh, I went to work all the other days but only today I am home. Tomorrow I will be much much better.

Katja said...

Ah! I've been meaning for days to ask you what the delicious smell was - fig and cherry hand cream, evidently. Yum.

Hope you're feeling better having had a day off x

Olivia said...

Katja - Indeed, it's not a silly fruity smell, it's well balanced and gentle.

See you tomorrow (hopefully I'll be "quieter" than I was today!) x

Kathryn said...

Hi Olivia!
I was in London for business recently and stopped by the Texas Embassy. Not really good Tex-Mex, but better than what we get here in Oslo. Hope you feel better and enjoy your Thanksgiving with your mom!
Oh...I married a very tall Viking and that is how I ended up in Norway!!!!
Oy vey.

panda_eyed said...

Livia! I scrolled down your comments, skim reading, and your 'And I fart in your gennerrrrallll direction!' caught my eye! What are you like..?? Lol, I'm shocked!

Get well soon, my sweet!

Olivia said...

Kathryn - thanks for stopping by! You're right, the Texas Embassy is not that great. The best Tex Mex food I've had in London was homemade, though having said that I had some great stuff in a little place ... either near Canterbury or York a few years ago.

A Viking huh? Looks like you're really stuck there now!


Pandyyyyyyyy!!! I know I see you in real life ALL THE TIME, but I have missed you round the blogs.

Oof, I am coughing like a maniac now, and buttercup syrup is not cutting it :(

Anonymous said...

I hope you are feeling better.

Dan said...

Colds suck. Feel better Olivia!

It's Thanksgiving in the US tomorrow. Do you celebrate in the UK? Happy Thanksgiving!

lunaliar said...

American Thanksgiving is tomorrow!!!

Olivia said...

Hey Dan - I was about to describe the dinner earlier, but then remembered I was going to blog about it!

The only people who celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK are American expats :)
It's a holiday purely dedicated to the settling of the new country.


Luna - I hope you had a wonderful cosy homey one!

Guyana-Gyal said...

That reminds me of the sugarcane stalks and the strange shadows they threw on a cupboard in my room the other day. I'm fascinated by the play of light and shadows, I find it soothing.