Sunday, November 11, 2007


Have I just invented a new Tag? If so, YOU are tagged! :)

Christopher, thank you for the inspiration.

TASK - You have to post items in colours you find yourself instinctively attracted to. Items you would touch in a shop, things you'd want to take home with you, so they have to appeal aesthetically too.

These pics were originally seen in my blog nearly 2 years ago: Oh no no no
My penchant for these colours were pointed out years ago by Vanessa when we were living at university. So my taste is constant, but I wish I had time to add some fluffier things.

My favourite colours include
mint, sage, robin's egg blue, seafoam green, heliotrope, mauve, lavender, turquoise, jade...Behold:


L B said...

Hahaha, great tag! But I just wanna touch the iPod touch, and the iPhone... and bring them home.

Selba said...

Those are beautiful colours.

As for me, I love dark blue, pink, red, and purple.

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes, some things never change!!

nikkipolani said...

They are the colors I associate with you :-) Mine would be deep red, pink (just about any shade), translucent greens, and white.

PinkPanther said...

Wow...[whew], my eyes are gazed steadily by your photos. Those colors are very soft and aristocratic impressive style. :-)
Turquoise is one of my favorite colors too!

Christopher said...

Oh Jesus Christ, NOW adding insult to injury she saddles me with HOMEWORK? Since I only exist to please Livvie, I will do it. xoxoxo

Christopher said...

OK!! I did it, and only in a way that I could. What a fabulous idea you had! I had fun finding the pictures!

Flighty said...

Blue for me! I like that powder blue Corvette, an original model no less!

Olivia said...

LB - ah, you and the iThings! I guess they put a sort of colour into life too.


Selba - is this why you were asking me about all those colours yesterday? ;)


Vanessa - you didn't share your favourite colours!


Nikki - cool :)
I think of pinks for you too. You have chosen the colours of flowers, of course.


Pinkpanther - thank you for commenting! I am glad your eyes are happy now.


Christopher - you go girl! Wasn't it better than staring out the window at the skeletal tree?

Anonymous said...

oh, right. Sorry.
Well, the colors depend on the night or day and the mood.
Red for some love, passion and tango.
Blue for a light and sporty day.
Green when I need a refreshing change.
Black when I don't know what color to pick.
Purple when I am feeling gay.
Orange when I am feeling nutty.
Yellow when I am thinking about my sister.
Turquoise if I am shopping for Olivia and going to the beach.
Brown when I am feeling down to earth.
hehehe, what can I say, i like all colors!!!!
It used to be all dark colors but more and more I am getting colorful and going for all colors.....with taste and class. :)


The Moody Minstrel said...

Those are all good colors! I especially like that green Fender Jaguar.

You need more BLUE, though.

Um Naief said...

oooh, i just love many of these same colors. mint being one of my favorites and sea foam blue.

what a great tag!

i wonder what it is w/ colors. have you ever done a color test to find out what it says about your personality? the only thing is that the color wheel is basic in nature. but maybe that's the whole point.

i saw on my blog where you've been beating christopher w/ your heels. i think he likes it! ;) actually, i'm pretty certain he does. you can tell by the way he goes on about it! ;) ;)

great pictures... aaah, makes me want to go out and buy some new things. (le sigh)

Beenzzz said...

I really like the colors you chose. Very tranquil, yet royal at the same time. If I did this, I would end up with everything being black or red. No imagination there, huh?

Olivia said...

Vanessa - of course you like all colours, you're the least fussy girl I know. I love how you said "class and taste"


Minstrel - well, you can talk about the BLUE then!


Um Naief - not sure about my personality and colour, but I took a sort of test once that said cool colours suited me. And they do. I don't like pink or salmon, though I do like burgundies.

I have to keep an eye on my shoe closet with Christopher!


Beenzzz - nothing wrong with black. It goes with everything.

nikkipolani said...

Hm. I guess I'm an easy read!

Oliver said...

Unusual greens and subtle yellows float my boat!

Your site is looking great, by the way.

AmitL said...

Hi,Olivia..whew...I was busy for a week and I missed so many posts?Let me read each one,one by one.:)

Couldn't see the pics yet..will refresh and see.

Your favourite colours are nice..from mint to robin's egg blue(I didn't know that's a colour

What do I want to touch??let me think now.:)

AmitL said...

Olivia,why don't you join our cozy group- At least drop in and have a look.:)

The Poet Laura-eate said...

Lush piccies.