Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Oh no no no

Look at my runny-babbit! It's really a .gif and should be hopping about, but never mind.
Might work on 20six.

Back to the "oh no no no" bit - this is the last week of Yoga before she closes class until the 9th of January!
I don't know what to do. I guess I have to knuckle down and do my own yoga, it's just that when I've tried I never get past the sun salutations before something distracts me and I run off.

Ooh! When Mum comes at Christmas she can show me more Pilates and I can teach her some Yoga!


I've finally given in to my favourite colours:

Epiphany came last month after years of obvious signs:
1. Wandering through a Thai shop, I was drawn to the Jade-coloured ceramics.
2. I walked into a clothing shop to gawk purely because of the fresh colours in the window display.
3. In university Vanessa pointed out that my toiletries were all blue and green. They still are.
4. Hanging on my chair right now are a seafoam green military jacket, mint-green angora cardigan, and a robin's egg blue top.
5. I carry a Chinese jade good luck charm on my handbag, which I got last month for Double Happiness, Love, and Celebration.

Then there is a secondary choice of lavender, mauve, violet, heliotrope.

What are your favourite colours?


merserene said...

Those are beautiful images, Olivia! I've got a little collection of eey candies I've saved up, too (mostly of jewelry), which make me happy when I look at them. But I don't think I can post them here.

Our yoga classes end on December 11th...much sooner than yours and right in the midst of our finals. :( My roommate has taken up to doing yoga by watching DVDs, which seem like a nice alternative.

Jia Li said...

looking in my closet, I have a lot of dark blue, Forest Green...I do like brights...pink, yellow, reds.

Actually I like all colours, but I tend to wear darks...I'm into muted tones lately...you know...you change it up once in a bit.

Although, I do have a Fab Red Tote and a bubble gum pink backpack.

Olivia said...

Mers - oh do let us see your eye candy! Maybe you can blog them on Motime.

Nu-uh, we end before you! Our last day is Thursday and we don't return till January. That's a long time.

Jia Li - oddly, I am attracted to the bright textiles of Asia, but usually on cushions, throws, wall art and other deco.
It took me years to realise I had a favourite colour, and anyway I had colour phases.
When I wanted to join the military, I had an olive green, khaki and navy blue phase (not worn simultaneously of course).
When I first cut my hair I had a black phase because it was a cool combination.
I like red sometimes, and I'll always like burgundy and blue, my old school colours.
I had a classy brown and beige phase once. Now those hues go well with the blue and green of my current phase.

MattJ said...

I'm very much a Forest Green/ Olive Green and Dark Brown guy at the moment. I remember a few months ago stalking around the shops because I wanted a Brown shirt with purple pinstripes. I was very disappointed.

Blue features a lot when i buy towels and bedding and kitchen stuff. I'm currently fighting a 2 month obsession with buying a brown suit.

Olivia said...

Blue is such a clean, fresh colour, which is why it's often used in toiletries.

Matt, I bet you could find a brown/purple shirt at a vintage shop in Camden.

Why are you fighting against the brown suit, other than the fact that not many people your age would wear one?

Randis said...

Definitely like greens. Darker pine greens, that sort of color. Brickish, darker reds, too. I find that I don't look very good in darker colors, though. Bizarrely enough, though, almost everything I own, from clothes to curtains, ends up being blue. What's with that? Don't care about blue.

randis said...

Oh, and you never wrote me back, Liv. What's up?

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I had forgotten about that little observation. Those colors (colours) suit you.


MattJ said...

I'm liking the idea of a chjocolate brown suit with pin stripes. It's nothing to do with who else would wear one, I'm thinking of the length of time it would be in fashion and also the frequency with which I would wear it! lol!

Then of course I would need brown shoes. It's all very complicated.

Olivia said...

Randis - do you have every shade of blue?
I diiiid write you back about the fencing class. Unless you want me to reply to the reply about Diane's boat pic.

Vanessa - hehe, I was temped to put all my colours together yesterday and take a photo.

Matt - go for it, I hear brown is the new black this year. One thing at a time, it's not that complicated.

randis said...

Almost every shade of blue. I could elaborate.

What about where I wished you a happy Thanksgiving? You never replied to that one. Did you even recieve that?

Olivia said...

Randis - I didn't get that one. Where did you send it?

Olivia said...

LOL I can answer that myself: "Into the ether."

MattJ said...

Well to be fair i already have the best Whitely-esque tie. It would be a shame not to have a tie to go with it''s kippered stripey browness.......

I'll see how I feel in the new year :-p best keep the old money for christmas presents for other people, i think they would take umbrage if I splashed it allm on suits and shoes for me! lol!

MattJ said...

oopps, meant a suit to go with the tie! sorry.

merserene said...

I think some people may be frightened if I post pictures of my eye candy on my blog because they're almost always...expensive jewelry. :D I'm more of a form person though - if something looks good in its entire presentation, it often doesn't matter what color it is.

But, I am particular to certain colors - it really depends on the mood, but I tend to go for pastels, especially green, pink, and lavender. Or reds. I also love things that are sparkly, transparent, or irridescent like that pretty opal you have there.

Anonymous said...

why not take a picture?


Olivia said...

Matt - do you mean Richard Whitely? If so, haha!

Merserene - why would people be afraid of your expensive eye candy? We're not buying it for you, so we can still look with impunity ;)

I also appreciate form. This is the first time I have compiled a collection of similarly-coloured objects. It just so happens I like the forms too. Specially the...no I like them all...well I do like the shapes of the jug and urn at the bottom. And the old Saab above them.

We both like opals! Yummy! I will have some one day.

Olivia said...

Vanessa - I will soon. It's an interesting project.