Saturday, November 26, 2005

Weekend Waffle

Have just noticed that today's Word of the Day is eidetic - of, relating to, or marked by extraordinarily detailed and vivid recall of visual images.
Some of you, I know, are idiotic. Sorry - I mean eidetic.

At first I thought it a really cool thing to know an eidete (I imagine this would be the epithet), but of course after a while I wondered what they knew that they could hold against me!


Junk food run to the supermarket gained me:
1) a giant variety pack of Nik Naks
2) a bag of pink and white marshmallows
3) a bag of lightly salted charlotte potato crisps (smooth and slightly nutty)
4) a bag of Swedish Krisprolls - go a treat with butter
5) a box of Green & Black's cocoa dusted almonds

I haven't eaten like this since I was writing my thesis! It must be the weather.


It certainly has been a chocolate week for me. I went into Rococo Chocolates on Marylebone High Street on Wednesday (owned by the lady who co-founded The Chocolate Society). I have wanted to try chilli chocolate since watching the film Chocolat. I found some, and it is deelish! Going back for more. Only thing is, it is supposed to be an aphrodisiac, but I think you have to be with someone special in order to prove it. At present I do not enjoy this privilege, so the chocolate had no effect.

I also bought some raspberries. Ate half the first night, the other half the next. There was no mould on them; however, a couple of them may have been on the threshold, as they had the flavour of old cathedrals.


Thursday's Quote of the Day from William Makepeace Thackeray: A good laugh is sunshine in the house.
Little did he know that his great-great-great-great grandson would become a comedian, Al Murray the Pub Landlord.

I watched an interview with Murray the other night. He is nothing like his on-stage persona. He read modern history at Oxford, and his grandfather was a knighted ambassador. But it looks as though humour runs in the family - I can certainly admit to a chuckle while reading Vanity Fair and watching the Pub Landlord diatribes.


BBC's QI Factoids:

  • Florence Nightingale invented the pie chart...!
  • There are more tigers in captivity in the USA than there are in the wild in Asia, the highest concentration being in the Houston area.
The oldest woman in the world died in France last year, aged 125. When asked at her 121st birthday the secret of her longevity, she answered that she eats olive oil with every meal and rubs it on her skin. "I have only one wrinkle," she declared, "and I am sitting on it."


Jia Li said...

ewww old and odd tasting berries...and there is a chocolate society...where do I sign up???

Anonymous said...

you bad girl for buying all those junk food.

I was wondering, what is the website where you get your word for the day?

olive oil is the secret to longevity? Another french couple said to eat well, drink wine and not to argue.


Anonymous said...

Hey~~ It's Sunyoung.
You also like the film 'chocolat'
Hummm.. I think we are so much in commen. So, if you can't find right man, do consider me! :D
And you know what? I got a job finally!!! at an auction house in korea. Tommorow is the first day at work. I'll send you a proper e-mail a week later. I have lots of things to tell you.
-Sun XXX

Olivia said...

Jia Li - just follow the link on my post! Lots to learn.

Sunyoung! Where have you been??? I look forward to your email!

Jia Li said...

heyyyyyyyyyyy liv
I need ur addy
Email it to me so u can get ur xmas card on time!!!

Rebecca said...

Yup. Definitely idiotic. But I carry it with great elegance!

They have chilli chocolate ice cream in the Italian ice-cream parlor by our house. Giu tried it and went througha series of sensations. He came out smiling, but it may be because his facial muscles froze.

Bute Street, check it out if you're ever in the area. The ice cream is yum.

Olivia said...

Rebecca - if it's Italian ice cream, then I look forward to it....but until next June, I think I will stick to warm chocolate ;)