Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Il n'y a pas un titre

Oh, I sucked at Yoga today..... *pout*
I was better on the first day than I was today! I couldn't balance, I lacked the strength in my tired right thigh to go "flying", I lost my balance 3 times.
What happened?????


Random Stuff:
1) I watched CSI.
I wanted to be a CSI ages before the series came out. I took a criminal justice class in university. Knew all about sealing fingerprints onto objects with cyanoacrylate fumes, petechial hemorrhaging caused by strangulation, exsanguination, and rehydrating mummified finger skin in order to obtain a print.
In fact, I wrote a homicide report on a case study, and it was more fun than anything I had done in psychology!
Don't you all just love me more now?

2) A guy I knew at university used to joke about us joining the CIA. He wanted to be a field agent, I wanted to be an intel specialist. He called me Q, and used to tell me I'd save his life one day. (V, do you remember when he did a salsa move and flipped me over at The Mug?)
But then I tried to join the State Department and he tried to join the FBI.
He fell in love with Vanessa but she turned him down. He wanted to settle down, she didn't.

3) Come to think of it, everyone was falling in love with Vanessa. Like the cute US Navy recruiter who knocked on the door of our university house one day looking for the previous occupants. We were all in the midst of moving in, and Vanessa and I had been in our room trying to move the chest of drawers, so we "recruited" him instead. He spent the rest of the year hanging out with us, and Vanessa thought he was more comfortable with me. After I returned to London, he broke up with his fiancee and wanted to go out with Vanessa, which is the precise reason she refused him.


Oh yes, Bridget Jones 2.
LOL, when I watched the first one, I was dating a barrister.
But I've gone off 'em now. The BJ movies, that is, not barristers...
Don't watch romantic movies unless you are rolling in clover, otherwise you will be in danger of becoming a flaming cynic. I've locked up my matches, by the way.

5 weeks after Bridget's break-up with Darcy she checks her phone:
"You have no new messages. Not a single one. Not even from your mother."

(Ha, this is exactly what happens! Today, after weeks of silence, they all started coming out of the woodwork.)


Looking for a palm heart salad recipe today, I learned that coconut water is nearly identical to blood plasma. It is a good substitute in emergency situations....like when you're stranded on a tropical island.
It's also an electrolyte. Better-tasting fluid replacement than those nasty drinks.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I remember these two guys....and the salsa move!! I wonder where they are now? hehehe, I am still not ready to settle down!!! I'd love to call them up and see what they are up to but I think I would give them the wrong impression. What do you think?


Jia Li said...

woh Liv! Never knew about that coco nut stuff and maybe your time of month is comming? I alway loose balance around that time, I can't keep my spins in.

Jia Li said...

oh and Vaness! It would give them ideas...well in my case, it always gives them the wrong impression...no matter what you do. I did that once, whent out to dinner with this guy and was like he's a good friend, then I noticed he though otherwise...and I was like, oh no. So then I told him that I didn't see him that way, and he never called me again...

Olivia said...

V - and there you are usually so good at keeping touch with people.
If you really want to know, email them or call them with the excuse that you're too busy, coz you are...

Jia - no it isn't, but I remember the days when it was so bad I'd run stop signs.
Gosh it really sucks to lose friends that way.
I think that happened with my friend in the Air Force. He asked me a couple summers ago if I'd ever had feelings for him. Or maybe he just got lost in Afghanistan...

MattJ said...

You are now appropriately credited on my blog! Apologies, been feeling a bit crappy lately and you know how lethargic colds can make you. Anyway, found this by means of apology:

3 Hearts of Palm

Approx 600ml/20fl.oz. Milk and Water

The juice from 2 Lemons (medium),

2 tbsp White Vinegar,

4 tbsp Vegetable Oil

Salt and pepper to taste


1. Remove the inner tender part of the palm hearts and slice crosswise into thin slices. Immediately place them in the milk and water mixture to prevent them going brown. Set aside.

2. In a large serving bowl, mix together the lemon juice, vinegar and vegetable oil.

3. When ready to serve, remove the sliced palm heart from the milk and water and pat dry on kitchen paper. Add to the lemon juice mixture, season with salt and pepper and toss to thoroughly coat. Eat immediately.

Also found this recommendation:

Serve with "Sauce Rouge Camarons" (King prawns in rich tomato sauce) and crisp bread, as an entree.

Note: It is recommended that sliced onions are not added to the salad to preserve the delicate flavour of the p

I have no idea whatn this stuff is or what it tastes like. Guess i will have to find out.

Olivia said...

Matt - LOL I didn't need an apology!
Thanks for your recipe though. I found a host of good ones on the Hawaiian Heart of Palm website. Talk about a blinding flash of the obvious.

Anonymous said...

O and J, you are right. No matter what you do, you will always give the wrong impression. I give up. Let them get the wrong impression, and I'll start breaking a few hearts. I have already done so without even trying. Apparently, telling the guy you are not interested, does not always work. I won't play games, but i am tired of the guy ASSuMing.


Olivia said...

Yea Vanessa! It's time for guys to get a taste of their own medicine! Go out there and break some hearts!!!

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