Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Lone Star State

I had a fright yesterday morning. An email from my mother saying as I wasn't finding a job here, my father wants me to return to Texas. (As if it's any better there...)
Then she thought she'd throw in an added incentive: We could move to Palm Springs, Ca. and find me a job there. Woop-de-doo.

I nearly couldn't eat my breakfast...

And an odd letter in the post: A nice letter from Christie's thanking me for my recent enquiry....although they were impressed by my education/skills/accomplishments they have no open positions at this time...will be keeping my CV on file...etc.

I haven't contacted them since August, but I was seriously considering doing so this week. They must have heard my brain waves and anticipated me!

And today I have been writing an app for an Assistant Curator...Hehe, won't say where...(Um, Rebecca? Still friends?)


In yoga yesterday it was as hard as ever. Just when your burning thigh can't take it anymore, you have to stand on it and raise the other leg in the air.

Rearview mirror moment: The lady in the flat across the street watching us as she slowly drew her blinds.

You know you need your own yoga mat when:
1) bits of purple foam come out when you wash your hair
2) the smell of damp socks rubs off on you
3) you can't bear to put your face down when she tells you to


MattJ said...

As soon as I join the Gym I am giving serious consideration to this Yoga Malarky, I plan on getting the most out of the extortionate costs so plan to exploit every lesson they offer! :-) . I will, of course, be blaming all of the pain on you personally.

Jia Li said...

Hey Liv? Why not try in the states? You never know, you might find something...or how about Canada? Then we could meet somewhere...


Olivia said...

Zhiu Jia Li! You're supposed to be on my side.
Me going to Dallas would be like you being back in PAB. Houston, a bit better and V is there.
Oh but no I can't do it, I can't go back to the Texan people, as nice as they are, they get under my skin now.

And then there's the thing where you're back with people who know you went off to get a Master's degree and you come back to do a job like the one you did before you went away. Sucky.
I'd rather do that here than there.

Olivia said...

My God! As for Canada! Do you know how many times I tell my cousin in O'ville that I'm glad I don't live there???

Olivia said...

Ah, Matt, I was so busy fretting I missed your comment.

Go ahead and blame me for the pain all you want, you'll thank me in the end.

merserene said...

LOL at the yoga mat. My yoga clothes always end up smelling like the mat, but I still haven't gotten mine!

California really isn't such a bad place... :)

Anonymous said...

Well, if you came back to Houston then you can drive again and see ME. California? hm! Living accomadation is expensive.


M. said...

That sucks about Christie's... life is like that. But who knows, in a couple of months time or something when you no-longer need it you'll get notified of an ideal opening. Life is like that to.

Eugh! about Yoga mat. That's about all I can say really - but agree, you need to get your own :-)

Anonymous said...

He he he... uh oh... I should push your mother with that Palm Springs idea.

Hey, best of luck!

Besides, I have a back up plan: if all else fails I'm going to bring country music to the UK. I look like I grew up working on a farm right?

Rebecca said...

sorry, that was me

Olivia said...

Merserene - I wouldn't have minded going to Ca - straight from Tx. It took me two years to settle back into life in London. I don't wanna go back.
*stamping foot*

Vanessa - meh!
Did you know Mum is going to move back to The Woodlands? She's totally HAD IT with Dallas.

Neil - what sucks is that I studied there and have been chasing them for a year. It's my business completely if I got a Master's degree and am applying for an admin position.

My mother lightened up last night and suggested things might improve in the new year.

Rebecca - oh no you don't! That applies to 1) bringing country music here and 2) looking like you grew up on a farm.

Rebecca said...

Actually I've seen two positions for Assistant Curator advertised and I've only applied to one, so we may or be not be still friends.

merserene said...

Awww, Olivia. I understand, and frankly, I quite like London myself. But CA is my home so I'm a little biased; I always tell people to come to live here. :) It does help a lot if you have family here, though.

posh_totty said...

SUCKS I too applied for the only assistant curator job I have seen. Man!! Not BOTH of you!! Oh dear! Now I am not sure I want the posish...

Olivia said...

Rox! This is getting funny!