Thursday, November 17, 2005

Yoga Babe

Yoga today was great, and I am finally used to it. Not floppy today - when I left I did feel energised!

We did this:


And this:

Although when on my left foot, I slowly toppled over.

And this since the beginning:

But last week my toes finally touched the floor behind me.

This is easy now:

As is this:

Can't touch the floor with my head yet:


Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

you actually did all that?!
it looks like reaching the impossible itself :S

merserene said...

OMG. *blank stare*

I've only been into yoga since October, and I'm as inflexible as a piece of plank wood, so forget about any of those poses except for the stork one. LONG way to go but at least I've started!

MattJ said...

That's really weird, we used to do a load of those positions as stretches in our Karate warm ups (talkin 7 yeasr ago though! lol!). I could never get my head to touch the floor either.

I'm convinced my torso is too small :p

Olivia said...

Blue - yes, the impossible, and every time we exhale, she makes us twist an extra millimetre.

Mers - I like the warrior poses, and down dog and up dog are easy as pie now. Which is the stork?
I started out naturally flexible thanks to having small bones and being lithe.

Matt - they're really good warmups so your teacher probably adopted them. Then too, I was watching a beginner contemporary dance class at Danceworks the other day, and many of the moves were yogic.

Rox said...

I tried Yoga ages ago but somehow most of the pain afterwards was in my joints. So I tried Pilates and much preferred it as it seemed to be gentler on the joints and tougher on the muscles- and the pain in the working muscles was beyond belief! Haven't done any in a while however. Might start again possibly maybe someday...

merserene said...

I'm probably not calling it by the right name, but it's the one where you stand on one foot with the other resting on your thigh.

I envy people who are agile. My mom is one of them. The agile genes failed to pass on!

Olivia said...

Rox - oh yes do start. (Of course I'd say that.) I tried Pilates with my mother a couple of years ago at her gym, and it was great. In my opinion, just like Yoga only with the resistance of machines and equipment.

Mers - yes I have a pic of that, we did it last time. She called it the prayer pose. Perhaps there's more than one of them...

Rox said...

Machines? Really. Hmm the classes I went to used some sort of bands at the most. No machines just painful stretches. But one thing I do remember is feeling absolutely infused with energy afterwards. Dead but alive if you know what I mean :o)

Olivia said...

My turn to say hmmm. There are many varieties of equipment used in Pilates, including bands and the ball. There are a few kinds of machine, this being the one I am most familiar with. Bands can be tightened to adjust resistance, the seat slides, you hold the bands, etc.
Pilates machine

Rox said...

Yes I see. I suppose it depends on the club too. Maybe the one I go to cannot afford such equipment? There it was purely on the matt with these elastic bands. At any rate your blog made me want to start up again with pilates... at least almost ;o) I am pysically extremely lazy don't ya know.

Olivia said...

Ohhhh that's right. It was a brand new 24-Hour Fitness, a good American chain.

I'm physically lazy too, so if I can do it so can you. 'Course once I'm up and about you wouldn't really know.
(I blame it on the fact that my mother had to spend most of her pregnancy in bed. She is an energetic woman, so it must have driven her crazy.)

Anonymous said...

wish i could be doing these with you!!!!


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