Wednesday, February 06, 2008

My Cave

Behold, my little space at the top of the tower:

Stairs, kitchenette area, sitting/eating area, Aston Martin on TV

Ceiling and skylight, sleeping area, dressing area and bathroom, sunrise at the top.

It's ok, but my posture certainly isn't improving!


Selba said...

You know what? all this time, I was thinking that your new place looks like those english houses (like in the movies), hehehe... but now, it apperantly looks quite modern... nice :) But how come I don't see any windows?

Anonymous said...

I'd been curious to see what your new place looked like. Nice to have a skylight, but I can certainly see why you are having to pare down your belongings. Is your mom's space much the same? Are there other renters in this house?

amillionpieces said...

I think your new space looks good - cramped a little but you have it nice.

I know what you mean about posture, I live in a similar space, only I only have the rear half of the loft, your bed is exactly where mine is; Pushed in the corner under the t-fall. In fact if you made the duvet blue and the skylight above that could be my room right now.

Flighty said...

Being somewhat of a minimalist I'd be happy in a place like that. However the stairs would be a problem as I have dodgy knees! xx

MattJ said...

Hmmmm, it seems I may very well have a new cave of my own at some point after discussions with mr mortgage man! lol!

I like what you've done with it, I would be terrible, with stuff everywhere! That is a suspiciously Bravia looking TV there, very swish! :D

Anonymous said...

nice car! Bit darker than mine though...

lunaliar said...

That's not too bad Liv! Where does your mum stay, though? downstairs?

L B said...

I love the ceiling spotlights.. It has a very nice ambience, you know? Cosy and cuddly! I lived up in an attic for a long time, in Belfast, and it was a good thing I was usually asleep up there!

Olivia said...

Woah, where did all these comments come from???


Selby - I used to live in a very English room, but this room wasn't decorated by English people.

I live in the roof of the house, so you can't have too many windows, it would be too bright! On sunny days I have to cover it because the sun comes right in. It's going to be hot hot hot in the summer, guaranteed. If we have a summer, of course...


Nikki - I know, you've been asking since I moved to Harrow, even, so I was thinking of you when I wrote this post.

My mother has a simple double room with a wall of closets, some wall shelving and a TV on a chest of drawers, and a king bed that she wishes was much smaller so she could have more floor space.

Note: the brown furniture in my room is mine. The white is not.

The ground floor is the landlord/lady's living area and kitchen. The garage and back extension are a separate flat for two other girls whom we never see as they have their own entrance on the outside.

On the same level as my mother, a Korean girl has the single room, then there is the kitchen-in-a-closet/walk-in kitchen ;)
Also on that level is the entrance to my loft - I open an outer glass-paned door into a teeny tiny vestibule barely big enough for me to turn around in. On the right of the vestibule is the bedroom door of landlord/lady, and in order to open my door the outer one must stay open, and in order to close my door I must take two steps up my stairs.

It's going to be a long summer.


Pete - yeah, I guess it is a bit cramped...but it looks more so in the pics. Do you mean your room is smaller than mine? I was wondering this morning if this house was a pyramid since the downstairs is so large and my room is so much smaller.


Flighty - I get them out of the way by running up them. If I don't, I feel as though I might fall backwards! xx


Matt - I think mine is a mess right now, there is a pile of stuff to give away/sell.

The TV is a Samsung, which is lovely but has some issues - the DTV goes pixellated and freezes and sometimes reboots. Annoying. Ironically when I was home sick it worked fine, and now I don't have time it's playing up again so I can't get around to calling customer service.


Anony - funny, I imagined yours would be lighter, but then light blue has been your colour 3 times in a row now. I haven't forgotten, when the weather improves I'll be seeing you!


Jo - she has a double room downstairs (see reply to Nikki).


LB - I made it cuddly by adding microfibre blankets and big cushions to the sofa, which is a minimalist cream IKEA thing with wooden arms (OW!)

AmitL said...

Hi,Olivia,and,'Sigh,Olivia'- I can't see the pics..guess they're on flickr??:)email em,pls,to jollygood23atgmail

rebecca said...

Yes, low ceilings, but it does look nice. Great view.

The Moody Minstrel said...

So that's your tower, is it, m'lady? I promise: no Rapunzel jokes!

It looks small but cozy and livable. I was thinking that it looks like a classier-than-average student flat, but with a much better view than any such place ever had in my college town!

Nabeel said...

nice pictures.. i like the white everywhere. However I notice that you cannot get up on the wrong side of the bes, as you can only get up on one side .. the left :)

Anonymous said...

this is the new place, its cute


Mikeachim said...

Nice. I've always liked attic/loft spaces, especially with a nice big window. And its own bathroom, to boot.
My ideal room, I think, would be one of those, with a reeeeally big window on either side. So I could sit and look straight upwards during a storm.

(You have a good eye for colour, too).

But I've never actually had a loft/attic room. Lucky devil, you. *shakes fist in uncontrollable envy*
I had a girlfriend who had a loftspace and it was fun. We also liked it because it was the most soundproofed room in the house.

Oops, did I just say that out loud? Hurrrm.

Anonymous said...

Your place looks cozy and clean. I like the crisp white paint. And what a gorgeous sky shot!

Anonymous said...

I love it. It's super cute!!!! Just my kind of place.

AmitL said...

Hi,Olivia-how've you been?I've been a tad busy,courtesy work.But,blogging away nicely today,when I took a day off.

Ascent seems to be a nice book-will read it some day.

And,wow to your dream which you remembered-of being part of a team of astronauts.

And,brr to the other dream during teens,and,seeing 'the vivid orange glow'...TC