Tuesday, February 26, 2008

If a tree falls

If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, does it make a sound?

And if I stop blogging.....?


I am still around, just not finding the energy for anything, and steadily falling behind on your fine blogs. Sadly, I have nothing to write about, and that looks set to continue with me in this holding pattern...to get out of here...

Plus it's that dead time of year where it's holding its breath between the new year and the start of spring, after which everyone comes out of the woodwork.

I know, I need to pull my socks up and write some of those interesting research-oriented posts you've been waiting for so patiently.


I have started using agave nectar in my tea. I can't stop sweetening my tea because it's disgusting otherwise. You know how drinking pure hot water strips the throat and makes it kind of puckery? It is not a nice feeling at all, so I add sweetness to avoid it and enhance the flavour of the tea.

I'd been on brown sugar for the past 5 years, after feeling guilty about, and subsequently going off, refined white sugar. I moved to cane sugar and it got steadily darker to the point where I am now using fairtrade organic demerara.

But sugar is sugar and what I like about agave is I get the sweetness without the glycemic index, no insulin involved, no sugar highs or lows. Also, it has none of the aftertaste of other sugar substitutes. Tis all about getting older, and thinking about what goes into the body, isn't it?


Today at work we all got new LCD screens! My desk is suddenly spacious.

And tomorrow I finally get an ID photo card, so no more signing in on silly paper visitor slips at the front desk. This comes 5 months from the beginning and 6 months from the end. Ha!

Nite nite all


Selba said...

Have been feeling the same like you these past months... no energy for anything.... like blogging, many things in my thought that I would like spill it out in my blog but then everytime I start to write a sentence then I got stuck, stop then delete it. I feel something is holding me back, not so sure what it is. So now, the idea to quit from blogging has been crossing my mind, well, I guess the official day probably is coming soon.

For a couple of months, I've been drinking tea with creamer and white sugar, it's not as nice to sip coffee but I'm trying to avoid coffee.

Congratulations for having a new LCD screen and also ID photo card, that's cool! Maybe can show it here in your blog ;)

Christopher said...

Good choice in using agave nectar! Have you tried aloe vera juice as well?

MattJ said...

Only builders and freaks sweeten tea - I'm sorry but you can't argue with the Science. :p hehe!


Flighty said...

You do sound rather under the weather which is not surprising in view of your recent ups and downs, especially the shingles.
I hope that you shake off this feeling of despondency soon and get back to being the Olivia that we all know and love.
Take care xx

Olivia said...

Selby - yes, yours started some time ago, but I thought you were over it now.

In the course of the day, I do think of things to blog conversationally with you all, but then when I sit down to write my mind is blank.

I don't want to quit blogging. I'd be sad if you do.


Hey Kissy - I have aloe vera gel, and I've eaten succulent pieces of aloe vera in natural yogurt...mmmm. But I haven't yet got around to drinking it.


Matt - No, you're wrong. "Only builders, freaks and Olivia sweeten tea.

But seriously, how do you drink it without sugar?

BTW...what science???


Flighty - oh dear, and I thought I'd perked up considerably over this past week!

I believe you were around when I was my truly old self, back in the 20six days. Yes, that long ago.

nikkipolani said...

How interesting - all the sweeteners you've tried. I've heard good things about brown rice syrup, but don't know if it's available to the home user. BTW, I don't sweeten my tea and quite often drink plain hot water with no puckery-throat issues.

How about a post about your French adventures! ;-)

Flighty said...

Whoops sorry! Talking about 20six it's just like the old days as I've not been able to access it for the past two days!
I drink my tea strong with a dash of milk but no sugar.

Jessica said...

I usually use a little honey in my tea, but recently bought agave nectar, too. Haven't had the courage to try it yet, but this post urged me to use it in my next cup.

I haven't been inspired to write much lately either. I understand.

Oldgeezer said...

I watched "Seven Days to Noon" on Channel 4 the other day and was looking out for the bit with your father in it. I didn't see it. Have they edited him out?

cafecortado said...

Don't worry about gaps in between your entries - you won't ever be as bad as me!

The Moody Minstrel said...

Either this is just blog slump season, or there is some bizarre phenomenon sapping everyone's blog energy. Maybe it's the same "passing through the galactic plane" that some people are claiming is the real cause of global warming.

Agave nectar tea, eh? Interesting. I haven't been drinking black tea much lately, mainly herb teas or a blend of black, oolong, and herb teas that my wife really likes.

Is your new ID card one of those new types that has all your personal data on an IC so stores can learn all of your shopping preferences as soon as you walk in the door? OH, NO!!! YOU'VE BEEN MARKED!!!!!!!

Olivia said...

Nikki - no I have never seen brown rice syrup so you're probably right about its industrial use.

I used to work for a lady who drank plain hot water. Why do it?

French adventures...good idea. Since it happened 12 years ago, that would make for a nice short entry!


Flighty - am I the only one who uses sweetener? No one at the office uses sugar either.


Jessica - yes but you've made up for it by posing photos!

Have you tried the agave yet?


Oldgeezer - are you for real? I don't think he was in that one, he was in the old Avengers series...


Cafe - oh I know!


Minstrel - doesn't it feel like the same thing happened last year though???

Haven't got the ID card yet. Apparently, it's for when we move into the new office, which I heard was supposed to be in February...

OldGeezer said...

You posted a picture of your father in army uniform or so a go. I thought it was from "Seven Days to Noon". My mistake.

Jo said...

missed you!

I use stevia in my tea. I was thinking about blogging about tea, but now I realize my tea habits are boring. I have to go sort the groceries now... :(

divastar said...

Demerera rules! ;o) xoxoxox

divastar said...

Demerera rules! ;o) xoxoxox

divastar said...

Demerera rules! ;o) xoxoxox

divastar said...

Demerera rules! ;o) xoxoxox

divastar said...

Hmmm, looks like there is a problem with t'internet for me too!