Sunday, February 03, 2008

Stupid Dogbot

First for the "aside"

I was reading a heated discussion between a Californian visiting Houston who thought there was nothing to do there, and a few residents and natives. Three responses made me giggle.

One former Californian said:
Who gives a sh*t if there aren't any mountains, all you ever did with them was look at them or maybe drive up them and look back down.

A native Texan said:
There's this thing in West Texas called the Chihuahuan Desert. It's the largest desert in North America and much cooler than the Sonoran. They even have mountains out that way. Sure, they don't really compare with the mountains in California. While you're out there in West Texas you'll notice other drivers waving at you. No, they don't have designs on your pocketbook, they're just being friendly. Strange isn't it?

And a Houstonian said: know here in Texas we have lots of quaint sayings...and one of them is that the highway you drove in on goes both ways...


Now for the stupid dogbot

Ford is airing an intriguing series of ads for its smart Fiesta. I love that stupid dogbot but am not going to tell you why. Just watch the videos, have a laugh or say "aaahhh", and then tell me why YOU want or don't want him!

Avalanche Dogbot:


Head Trap Dogbot:


Deadly Gramophone Dogbot:


Bringing Down the Moon Dogbot:


Water Hydrant Dogbot:


Hamsterball Dogbot:


MattJ said...

I'm with you! Dogbot over the Fiesta every time, Dogbot Rules! :D

I think I probably identify with poor old dogbot! lol!

The Moody Minstrel said...

Greetings, m'lady!

Those ads are a kick! If only I had a bit more respect for Ford right now...

Anonymous said...

Livvy-girl, I've sent you an award :-)

And I'm looking forward to viewing your dogbots!

panda_eyed said...

I didn't know there were so many dogbot ads - Livs, did you watch a lot of TV while you were ill, by any chance? :) xxx

Olivia said...

TO ALL - What, not telling me why you want a dogbot? ;)


Matt - are you a clumsy little thing then? :P


Minstrel - I'd never own a Ford either, but the ads tickle me every time.


Nikki - Hehe, I hope they give you a laugh or two. Thanks for the award which I will be over to see anon.


Pandy - I know, and these are only half of the ones I found! I think some are shown in other parts of Europe.

Um, yes, lots of telly and YouTube...

Katja said...

I LOVE Dogbot! Fiesta is so smug and horrible and Dogbot is just so cute. I'd not seen the moon or the hamsterball ads before, though, so thank you for finding those.