Saturday, March 15, 2008

Another spree

Okayyyy, so I went shopping AGAIN, this time with my mother. (She doesn't know about the first one though, so shhhh.) But I replenished her supply of White Musk!

1) So my hands smell of violets when I wash them...mmmmmmm...Italian toiletries are ace.

2) You know I like buttons. Well, here are some square ones on a sweet top by Nougat. The lacework yoke isn't bad either.

3) One of the Nine West sport luxe collection. I was not looking for boots but they were an unbeatable 71% off (£115 down to £34). You can never have too many boots in a climate like this.

4) Black soap made to an ancient Moroccan recipe of extra virgin olive oil with extracts of cinnamon, eucalyptus and cedar. I cannot stop sniffing at it, the aroma is divine. Cedar gives the pungency of cinnamon a pleasant roundness - cinnamon gives the flatness of cedar a pleasant spiciness - and eucalyptus balances both with its refreshing cleanness.


And look, it's not dark anymore when I leave the office after 6pm!


L B said...

Gah, you've just succeeded in making me miss London yet again!! What a pretty gherkin!

Beenzzz said...

Lovely shopping results! I'm especially curious about the soap.
Isn't it nice when the sun stays up a bit longer? It makes me feel like shutting off that darn hibernation mode.

amillionpieces said...

Hurray for light nights! :)

Mark said...

Yes, the days are getting longer - but it didn't feel like it today. In fact it didn't seem to get light at all. Still, we're promised sunshine this week (although it'll be very cold) so I'm not going to complain!! Regards - Cafecortado

Anonymous said...

What an interesting view! I love your taste in clothes.

Selba said...

I like your 2 last posts about shopping in London, hehehe

Anonymous said...

you know, those boots look very comfy!! and i love your taste in things!

Anonymous said...

oh, looking lovely.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Mmm, I love that top. As for soaps, don't get me started, I hoard them, the exotic ones, then I use them like they're going out of style, as we say here. There's a little shop in town that sells soaps from India, mmm.

Oh, now I know who you remind me of, my cousin Lis, the one I write about sometimes, on the blog. The two of you have exquisite taste...and she studied art too.