Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Hot List

OK. For the girls (and one or two boys (as far as I know)):

My current four faves:

Josh Lucas (1971, Little Rock, Arkansas) - has been on my list the longest. Check out those piercing blue eyes. Looking great in uniform - I first noticed him in this movie (Stealth - very cool jet fighter).

Chris Evans (1981, Boston, Massachusetts) - the one with the most official body shots, for a very good reason. Polishes up well for GQ, though. Lovely long eyelashes and soft eyes. The newest addition to my list and the baby of the bunch.

Tom Welling (1977, New York City) - the cutie boy next door with gorgeous eyes and an air of mischievous innocence. Despite being a former model, has the least body shots. I'm 16 days older than he is.

Jensen Ackles (1978, Dallas) - had to get a Texas boy in there. Hm, he does look a bit like the one in the baseball team who asked me to the high school Prom. I refused to give him my number. *kicks self*


Do you see a theme here?


Anonymous said...

Um, how is this a "girls-only" blog?

-Memoria (of course)

L B said...

Gah!! LOL, girls only?

Josh Lucas was cool in Poseidon..
Chris Evans was hot as the Flame..

Come on! Where's Scarlett Johanssen?

Selba said...

Wooohoooo.... they all look so gorgeous!!!

I love blue eyes like those cat's eyes, hehehe...

John - the pilot (remember him?) has also very beautiful baby blue eyes :)

Planethalder said...

"Girls only"? I think a fair few boy readers will find some or all of these rather cute too!

I dare not put my cutie faves on my blog for fear of turning away all my readers - I'm barely into my thirties but most of the men who send ripples of pleasure down my spine (apart from M of course who is younger than me by 4 months!) are old enough to be my father at least. David Bowie - 60s; Leonard Cohen - 70s; Pierce Brosnan - old enough. Aargh, my girlfriends and blog readers would run a mile!

Happy Easter O!

Olivia said...

Memoria - when I published this I had a feeling you'd say something. So should I equalise it by posting the female actresses I think are pretty? OK!


LB - well, most straight men aren't into discussing the physical hottttness of male actors, are they? Not from my experience.


Selby - would you believe I didn't always like blue eyes, even though I always enjoyed looking into my father's blue-green-hazel eyes? Silly me., I only remember a doctor...


Planet - ah, your heart is with another generation. I too have a list of somewhat older guys, including the ones I liked in the 90s, but I can't find it. My brain is a sieve with these things. At least this list is now on record and easily accessible ;)

You should share with us, surely the house won't take all your time when you start your maternity leave...?

Olivia said...

Memoria, you are the only person who can make me edit my blog...!

MattJ said...

Never mind your bloody drooling, where can I get that suit the human torch is wearing?! It is the mutt's nuts! :D (thought I would lower the tone for you ;))

The Moody Minstrel said...

Do you see a theme here?

How about "testosterone"?

Oh, come don't see me posting girlie pics on my blog, do you m'lady?

Of course, I am afflicted with that chronic condition known as "marriage"...

nikkipolani said...

MM, but think of all the time you save not looking/posting girlie pics!

Liv, yes, definitely a theme :-) Nice choices.

The Moody Minstrel said...

Nikkipolani, I said I didn't post girlie pics, but I never said anything about looking. ;-)

Olivia said...

Looks as though I'll have to do another one of these posts sometime soon :)

nikkipolani said...

MM: *gasp*

Planethalder said...

Olivia, I have responded to your post with my own on my boy and girl crushes! Now I want to hear about your girl crushes and your older man crushes :-)

MorenaTejana said...

Olivia, my good friend, thank you for making an attempt to rectify the problem of over-generalizing people's sexual or amorous preferences. Nevertheless, your title still states "for the girls," and some so-called "girls" (I prefer "women" or "ladies" since we are no longer prepubescent), prefer women instead of men. While the the men on these pics could hardly be considered ugly or grotesque, I do not get even close to some sort of excitement upon seeing their "blue eyes or rugged look." I would much prefer to see a beautiful woman gracing your blog :D. I am not requesting that you post pics of sexy females(although that would be a nice gesture hehe); I just wanted to make sure you correctly address the right population or at least explicitly acknowledge that only some females and males would be highly interested in the pics of these men. Also, don't forget that there may be lurkers you don't know who visit your page! I still love you, though! :)

AmitL said...

Hi,Olivia-haha at the first line of the post.(OK. For the girls (and one or two boys (as far as I know)).

Now, what about a list of top 10 ladies as well,whom you'd rate as 'world class bombshells'?(Now,if you give that title to your post,I can imagine the rush of adrenaline,err,readers flocking to read the post,err,see the pics.:)

How're things otherwise?I get a bit too tied up with work and homework(on holidays)to blog regularly...but,then,since I still AM able to blog,that's enough to be happy about,I guess!!TC

Palm Springs Savant said...

Oh my. that's quite the list. All really hotties too. thanks for the drool material~

Anonymous said...

*Fans herself* Damn.