Monday, March 31, 2008

The Cute List

This follows on from the Hot List I posted last week.

As you will see, my taste in females is more eclectic, though it seems I'm consistent with the almond-shaped eyes. There would have been more, only I can't remember enough to find them.

Clockwise from top left: Kristin Kreuk, Katherine Heigl, Aishwarya Rai, Thandie Newton

Kristin Kreuk hails from Vancouver, BC. She is half Dutch, half Chinese and Jamaican. She is ever so cute in Smallville. I wish her character had fallen in love with with Clark instead of Lex. Despite not watching the show, two cast members have made it to my list. (See Hot List for Tom Welling.)

Katherine Heigl is German and Irish from Washington, DC. Not usually the look I go for, but she usually comes across as a transplant from the 1940s silver screen. Unfortunately it was difficult saving those pics. And she does a great job being Izzy in Grey's Anatomy.

Aishwarya Rai, the Bollywood princess from Mumbai. Her eyes are legendary; it's too bad I hear she's not a very nice person. I would have liked to stick to principles and leave her out for that reason, but then you wouldn't have had a list of four.

Thandie Newton is a Londoner with a Zimbabwean mother and English father, and has been on my list since I saw her in MI:2. She is such a chameleon that she looks different in every photo. Her style is impeccable and she is a real doll, perfect for dressup. So obviously, I love all her outfits!

Sorry I couldn't put up more images but it was almost past my bedtime when I started this post!
Memo - *awaiting the verdict*
Matt - adding any to your list?

This is not the end of my lists. Coming soon are the oldie classic guys and gals for Planethalder.


Selba said...

I like Kristin Kreuk a lot!!! She might not a hot chick babe or sexy or bla bla bla according to men but for my eyes, she looks so perfect... her hair, color of hair, eyes, propotion of her face, body, etc.

Have you seen her movie "Snow White"? No one can take her place... she is the perfect one as described by the author for the cast of Snow White! :D

pete said...

Aishwarya Rai is gorgeous, I hadn't heard that about her but it is a shame. I quite like Diane Kruger too.
Can't wait for the old school ones, I love old hollywood.

MattJ said...

Yeah kristin looks very pretty, and Aishwarya is beautiful but I am a bit weird, unless I hear them speak I find it very difficult to get emotionally invested in a celebrity obsession - it is a constant source of consternation and frustration amongst my female friends lol! I know full well that's not the point but I've long since given up fighting the way my brain chooses to function! :p

L B said...

Oh, your taste is exceelnt!!! Gah, I cant type, for all the citment... LOL!! *sulks off due to no Scarlett Johanssen*

Olivia said...

Selby - oh yes, I can imagine her as Snow White because of her fresh, innocent face. She is very much "the girl next door".


Pete - I'm surprised at your choice of Diane Kruger (have just looked her up). Very much a guy's choice. I think you will like the oldies.


Matt - gah! You and Memoria are my toughest customers. Don't worry, I used to be a bit like you until I got fed up of people asking who I liked and having no answer at hand, so I started paying attention. I now find it rather fun because lately I have started opening up to things I wouldn't normally, like Harry Hill's TV Burp, and Walker's Crisps...


LB - thank you. Scarlett Johanssen, well, another typical guy choice. Look at that, Selby beat you to it, she's number one and you're all the way in fourth place, come on!


*Anyone who dares mention Cameron Diaz will face banishment from my blog by the way.*

The Moody Minstrel said...

I definitely like your choices! I admit that, being somewhat media-deprived (and rather proud of it, actually), I wasn't familiar with a couple of those actresses till now!

I've always thought Aishwarya Rai dreamily beautiful and, like Pete, wasn't aware of the dark side of her character. Oh, and pleasantness do tend to be inversely proportional in a lot of people.

Take, for example, Cameron, um, I mean...

Some guy in armor said...

[readies rubber chicken]

Jo said...

Love your choices. Can't wait to see your vintage collection.

I hope it's not just traditional Hollywood babes and guys. Hopefully you'll include some pinups! (Bettie Page?) Gretchen Mol did such a great impersonation of her in The Notorious Bettie Page!

Beenzzz said...

I reallty dislike Ashwariya. The other girls are definitely cute though. Your "hot list" was nice too. ;) You know, I think I might put a list like this together for my blog!

Olivia said...

Minstrel - Hm, did you mention *her* or not...I can't decide, so you can stay.

i have a story for you. I was making a cuppa tea at the office one day when the kitchen lady said, "You've lived in America. I have a question for you. Why do they go on so much about their celebs?"

A shocked pause from me AND the receptionist before I replied, "Actually, they go on about them more here." The receptionist agreed, and I went on to explain that when I lived in the US my knowledge of pop culture was selective. I only found out the latest gossip if I watched Entertainment Tonight or peeped at Hello! type mags at the supermarket checkout. I said that over here, I have no choice but to know who is who and what they're doing because it is in my face, all over the TV, radio and newspapers ad nauseam.


Some Guy in Armor - [brandishes baseball bat]


Jo - glad you like. See, after all that time, now you mention Betty Page, I've just thought of someone who should have been on that list of mine: Dita von Teese. I would have liked to put her there rather than Heigl or Aishwarya.


Beenzzz - I am much happier with my Hot List but I guess from now on I will try to remember names.

AmitL said...

Hi,Olivia-nice pic...why just 4,though?:)

Re. Aish-yep,she's a beauty,but,after marriage,I believe a number of her followers have shifted their attention elsewhere.hehe.Re. her not being nice-well,I'd say'aren't most people from the movie line supposed to have hi n mighty behaviour?:)But,yes,I feel she's somewhat artificial-the way she talks,especially,is pretty much 'made for the media'.

Haven't noticed the other 3,,I can't comment.

The Moody Minstrel said...

Speaking of selective knowledge of pop culture, all the comments concerning Ashwariya Rai aroused my curiosity (No, really!) so I did a bit of Googling and Yahooing. It turns out that her reputation depends a lot on who you listen to.

Generally speaking, she seems to have a bad rep mainly among Westerners, particularly in the U.S. and Canada. This is mainly because of a series of interviews she did, the most notorious being a disastrous appearance on the David Letterman show. It left a lot of people feeling that "Ashu" is arrogant, anti-Western, and has a serious attitude problem.

However, interestingly, the attitude among many if not most Indians seems to be that she has been misunderstood. They say that the problem is that Westerners expect her to act and talk like a Westerner and get upset when she doesn't. I read many specific citations by Indians of that David Letterman appearance, and they said that neither Ashwariya nor Letterman were really prepared for the event, i.e. it was a case of culture clash gone seriously amok. He tried to be sarcastically witty, she took it personally, she slogged some defensively pointed sarcasm back, viewers took it personally, and we ended up with a nasty situation.

What really surprised me was reading Indian websites that said, although widely considered "kooky" in her home country, Ashwariya is actually seen as having very traditional, conservative Indian mores (barring that notorious onscreen kiss) and behaves far more diplomatically and decently than most Indian celebrities. Of course, on the other hand there was also a recent news story of a fellow Indian actress who was an old and dear friend of Ashu's trying to greet her at a party and getting coldly blown off. I suppose princesses will be princesses, eh? I have any reason to look up any dirt on the other three?

Mikeachim said...

Ashwariya Rai - it's interesting that she still hasn't managed the transition to Hollywood in a critically-acclaimed sense, but she's already a celeb.
(But then, why should i be surprised?)

Mark said...

Hi, I'm afraid I'm another one who goes blank when asked this question. It all seems a bit um superficial to me. There again, I'm not the world's greatest looker so perhaps that's why!
Now top ten websites - that would be a different matter!

Olivia said...

Amit - just 4 simply because, well, I can't think of any more names.

Nowadays i find that the public (at least in the West) respect celebs more if they act like normal people.


Minstrel - thanks for the background info. It's obvious that some people are just born to be divas. London is going on about Mariah's attitude at the moment because she's visiting.


Mike - I wonder how much of it is becuase she is new and exotic. If she wants critical acclaim she will have to develop in a way that Bollywood has not prepared her for.


Mark - 3 years ago, or even last year, if you had told me I would do this, I would have sworn blue against it and said you were talking nonsense!

But hey, anything for a laugh these days I say.

Guyana-Gyal said...

No no, I've actually heard that Aishwarya Rai is a nice person, that despite fame, fortune, etc, she's kept a level head. I've never read one catty word about her in the Bollywood mags, and oh boy, they can dish out cattiness.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Ashwariya Rai, that is, I don't know the correct spelling.

She's dabbling a bit in Hollywood, but I hope she doesn't stay there, I think Indian actors are right to try to build their own industry, and shouldn't need Hollywood as the Holy Grail.

Palm Springs Savant said...

ok, nice balance to the list of boys. these girls are equally interesting, and you are right, all almond shaped eyes.

MorenaTejana said...



:D I love Aish...well aesthetically. I too heard about her personality from many Indians. I also saw her interview with David Letterman; I love how she handled his ignorance, I still like her inside and out. I think some Indians are put off by her assertive, assured attitude...which may come off as pure arrogance. She looks breathtaking in "Devdas."

The only person I had heard of in your list was Aish, but I think Thandie is really cute. The other two look boring IMHO. I think there are many other hot females out there...but you did a good job for a straight female who is very into fashion hahaha. I love how you talk about Thandie's style and outfits. I would have NEVER thought about that.

Jo said...

Liv, OHMYGOSH, Thandie is going to play Condoleeza Rice in the George W. Bush movie!!! AHHHH!

P.S. I love Dita Von Teese, and I've seen her burlesque show, which is awesome, but I lost a little respect for her when she was with Marilyn Manson. Gross!

She makes pale skin look otherworldly!

eve's lungs said...

I like your list - I suppose 4 makes for symmetry but you could have added Scarlett Johanssen . I dont like Aishwarya - shes a media product and cannot act for nuts

Olivia said...

Welcome Eve's Lungs - unfortunately I'm not too keen on Scarlett's snub nose...