Sunday, March 20, 2005

A bit of a whine

"Oh dash it!" as Bertie Wooster would say....

Once again dating plans fall through as the Fig's father is visiting this weekend from Paris and didn't leave as early as he'd thought.
I know I have complained before about no one having time to have a life. I have time and still don't have a life - probably because I'm too busy waiting for everyone else to get lives. Irony.

Speaking of nicknames, it's a tonne of fun nicknaming people. AleB (Rebecca), whose blog you will find in the list, apparently calls her guy E (for Eurotrash, though he's nothing like that) but I read her blog again today and she is now using his real name, Giuseppe.

I won't do it for my friends, as you have seen. But I may take to it for mentioning certain people. Like the Fig above. Look, now that nickname's stuck!
I never intended to speak about the Fig but...sometimes these things become so intertwined with my blogs that I can't help it.
(If you want to know what Fig stands for, there are 3 nationalities in those 3 letters, and two of them love figs. Care to hazard a guess?)

And so, I am ready to go out but with nowhere to go. I might visit Ed's Diner at the O2 Centre to 'prong a moody forkful'* of their excellent Atomic Fries. I gotta tell you about those! Mmmmmmmm. Great fries with little bowls of dips: chili, salsa, guacamole (all the best I've tasted so far in London), nacho cheese, and sour cream. I spent the first few minutes dipping individually, until it got so yummy that I dumped it all in and stirred. Looked plug ugly but tasted deeeeeee-vine.

My mouth is watering and on that note, "Ed's Diner, here I come!"

* Another Bertie Wooster quote


Jia Li said...

Liv I think we were seperated as childern. How many things do we like? I love the Ritter Sport with corn flakes too!

Rebecca` said...

Ha ha, I just saw this, about my nicknames for my adorable boy... he he, don't get the wrong idea: he is so not eurotrash, he's perfectly down to earth and doesn't wear pointed shoes!
But yes, he deserves a full name now, I don't know why. Of course if I called him by his usual nickname he would skin me alive!

But yes, especially with something like blogs... nicknames... I don't know, add something to the tone, no?

Anonymous said...

Not all man look for mystery. sometimes, they rather have the girl right up front so they are not playing any games. It all depends on the guy. There's all types out there. Your best bet is to be who you are.