Friday, March 18, 2005

Concorde and whatever

Hahah! I am watching a programme with grumpy old women complaining about stuff like women who have to dump out their handbags to find the ringing phone, drivers who don't signal, or why single women love cats. One lady said, "Cats don't give a sh**, they come and get fed and then bugger off again, showing their bums, which is a very rude thing to do." LOL.
However, the previous series Grumpy Old Men was much funnier. Men are funnier than women. Women can't tell jokes. To prove the point, a few years ago I was at Lydia's house and we were giggling in the living room, telling jokes. I had my own repertoire back than, all forgotten now. Lydia had just finished saying that women can't tell jokes because they can never carry off the punch line, when her Mum came in to see what all the laughter was about. We told her we were cracking jokes, so she attempted to tell one and of course to prove the point, it all fell apart at the punchline, which of course had us girls in stitches. I did the very same thing last week, so here is how it goes. We tell the main part of the joke pretty well, but start trailing near the punchline when we realise we can't remember how to make it go together. We end up forgetting the punchline, retelling the joke in a fluster, and then spluttering over the punchline again until we manage to squeeze out a poor semblance of it.
Yea, men tell better jokes.
I will stick to telling them online. Punchlines don't leave me when I'm typing.

Last night Anthony had a great simple one.
----What's Postman Pat called when he's not at work?

Owww. It was funny.

"You don't 'pop round' when you're young. You only 'pop round' when you're old."
(Still watching Grumpy Old Women.)
Old village ladies who clutter up the road while they stand around chirping and chatting with their baskets on their arms.

When I started this blog, the point I'd meant to make was about the Concorde, but that's escaped me now. I wish I had flown on the Concorde. It is an icon of the 20th century, even though it ended up being a benefit to no one.

I can't end this on a serious note, after all that talk about jokes. So here is one:
An Irishman coming home from the pub was attempting to unlock his front door. The local policeman spotted him and went over to ask if he needed some help. The Paddy replied, "Aye, if you could just hold me house steady while I get the key in the lock..."


Jia Li said...

I wish I took the Concord as well

B. Z. Herzel said...

Here's one for you to tell on your next girl's night in.
Two old friends at talking at the local pub.
Mike: "If I'd sleep with your wife, will we still be friends?"
John: "No."
Mike: "We'll be pals?"
John: "No."
Mike: "We'll be enemies?"
John: "No."
Mike: "What will we be, then?"
John: "Even."

Anonymous said...

Good one, bzherzel.