Thursday, March 31, 2005

Umm, out of titles for once

Good thing I had to wake up early today - Clogs nearly came through the ceiling I believe, waking me up at 6.30 rather than 7.30.

Although my interview was in St John's Wood ("Oh, it's just up the road from my house!"), it took me half an hour to walk from one end of the 'hood to the other. Actually, it's called The Wood. Oh irony, we used to live in The Woodlands (TX). Anyway at least if I do work there, I will be healthier! I would not take the bus...unless I had to.
Abbey Road is loooong, but the famed Beatles studio is at the top of it. People write messages and signatures on every street sign, and ALL over the gated wall in front of the house. For a house it is, actually the house once lived in by the composer Edward Elgar - he of Pomp and Circumstance fame, you know, the music played at every graduation in America...
So back to the signatures, the first message I read said, "I hate The Beatles."

As for the interview, it's postponed until tomorrow as the interviewer was off sick today. At least I know to allow myself more time.

So back to Clogs, when he came home tonight, we were all in the kitchen - Suzy with final preps on dinner for her and Michael. Clogs to start his dinner. And me to wash my dinner dishes and make my pot of tea.
Clogs was thoughtful enough to apologise for making noise and perhaps waking me up. I said, "Yeees, what happened did you fall over???" Suzy laughed and added, "You can't get away with anything upstairs with Olivia in the room below."
I wondered how we would get around to the window-rattling disturbances. And when we did, at least everyone was present.
After that, Clogs and I had a very nice conversation.

I watched the original Japanese version of The Ring last night. Only because I happened not to switch it off, and then, rather like the people in the movie, found I could not switch it off. I was annoyed at myself for that.
Blood and gore I can handle, but when that girl crawled out of the TV I had to watch from behind my fingers. The famed video itself is not even scary, it's just weird and incomprehensible and that is how it throws our psychological switch.

I'm glad I can end this on a funny note. One time, Suzy and I were talking about which Requiems we like (Mozart, Faure, Gounod), and she told me that Michael didn't know what a Requiem was until he met her - he had thought it was a liqueur.

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B. Z. Herzel said...

That's kind of funny, about The Ring. Most people have told me they found the original version far less frightening than the American one.
Oh, and I know someone who doesn't know what obelisk means. Even after I told her, I think she still suspects that there's no such word.