Sunday, March 13, 2005

Sunday Tangent

Today I went to my aunt's for Sunday roast. With Yorkshire pudding of course. For you Yanks, it is essentially a pancake mix baked in muffin tins. Goes a dream with brown gravy.
Then Mother and I got on the bus to see Choral Evensong at St Paul's Cathedral. The traffic was going nowhere, and the bus inexplicably decanted us at Liverpool Street Station. We were already late, so we decided to go exploring. We went along Bishopsgate where we fell in love with that new office building with shops below, sort of classic modern brass wood shopfronts...
Ended up in Spitalfields Market. The crowd was of the tie-dyed, vegan, incense-burning, body-pierced type. Selling sprouted salads, vintage clothing and furniture, handmade bags, Tibetan furniture...and a REALLY dreamworld shop. I can't even begin to describe it. Um, think of Tim Burton or Alice in Wonderland in rainbow colours, pink being dominant! Little girls who want to be princesses probably have dreams like this! Mostly little rabbit people in gorgeous satiny outfits and beads, and ribbons, and buttons, and birds in snowglobes, and glitter. Even the ground in front of the shop was covered with glittery confetti. Awesome and over the top, but totally what you NEED if you are feeling depressed.

We got a bit lost on exit, and ended up on Brick Lane (the land of now-reputable Indian restaurants, where the spiky-haired army jacket types live in trendy new loft conversions).

It was another day of going in circles, so we ended up at Liverpool St Stn again and parted ways at Oxford Circus.

Well my mind is all taken with the pretty shop front, so as a former princess I'm going to go away and luxuriate in the memory of it...

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