Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Gene Kelly and VW

All you Gene Kelly fans out there have GOT to check out the very cool VW ad for the new Golf GTI.
It's worth watching, that's for sure...

We have a new tenant at the house, he moved in on Sunday. A Japanese banker who has just married a concert violinist back in Japan. They were engaged for two years and he's never heard her play!
He is the loudest stair-climber I've ever heard. Fortunately, it's not too bad once he's in his room, above mine. OK I take that back as I type. What should I nickname him?

Anyway, I'm thinking, I know someone who plays the violin and I can't wait to ask him to play!

Did I tell you? I've been promised a new TV/DVD player for my room, and my current TV will be moved into the smallest bedroom upstairs. Oh, goodie goodie gumdrops!
If that's the case I might invest in Freeview. And I can borrow DVDs from the library. It should offer hours of diversion, now that everyone else is so busy I can't go out in the evenings.

And oh golly can he slam the kitchen door. I guess it's only Japanese girls who know how to be quiet.
And me, the first morning after I'd returned from the US, I came down to make breakfast. Suzy was in the kitchen and she heard me coming and said, "Oh, tippy-toes!"

Let's name the banker Clogs. Hope I remember I said that...


Rebecca said...

YES - that VW ad is pure brilliance isn't it? I makes my blood velvet whenever I see it! I kept meaning to mention it on my blog too but always forgot.

And how has that man not heard his fiancee play? Different cultures, eh?

Jia Li said...

mmmmmm, Clogs, sounds good

Jia Li said...

and I think he may be a special Japanese guy, I used to live with a few and they were always very quiet. Well I couldn't hear them going up and down, or maybe they were the exceptions?

Anonymous said...

The japanese do have strange ways of doing things. i cannot believe he never heard her play after two years. And now, what is he doing in london? is she with him? Or did he leave her behind? Maybe that's why he never heard her play, he was never in the country????